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Foxconn scores generous benefits package for first U.S. factory

Wisconsin will be the site of a new display factory built by Apple manufacturer Foxconn — but local residents will be paying for it. According to a new report, Wisconsin residents will be coughing up

Future-proof your iPad keyboard case with ZAGG Nomad Book

The ZAGG Nomad Book is a keyboard case designed to fit around range of tablets 10.5 inches or smaller. That means it can be used with every iPad released for the past several years except the very

For serious workouts, you need tough earbuds [Deals]

Whether you’re a casual weightlifter or a committed gym rat, workouts are better with music. But if you go hard at the gym, chances are you burn through earbuds like you do calories. Most personal

Huge Fortnite update adds Playground, Final Fight, dual pistols

Clear your schedule for the evening because this week’s Fortnite update is a big one! Epic has given us two new game modes to enjoy — including the long-awaited Playground mode — plus Battle Royale’s

Amazon brings voice control to Alexa’s iOS app

If you’re an iPhone owner who’s opted for one of Amazon’s Echo smart speakers over Apple’s own HomePod, there’s some good news: Amazon is finally adding voice control to its iOS Alexa app. The

Today in Apple history: Terrible quarter marks the end for Gil Amelio as CEO

June 27, 1997: The last day of another disappointing quarter brings an end to CEO Gil Amelio’s 500 days running Apple. The $56 million quarterly loss contributes to an overall deficit of $1.6 billion

Pokémon Quest takes you on a free, cube-shaped adventure

Polish off those Poké Balls and prepare yourself for battle because Pokémon Quest is finally available on Android and iOS. The new free-to-play game from The Pokémon Company takes us on an all-new

Wi-Fi is about to get way more secure

Part of the reason public Wi-Fi is so risky to use is that the security built into this short-range wireless networking standard hasn’t had a significant upgrade since 2004. But that’s about to

Xiaomi wouldn’t exist without this book about Steve Jobs

Xiaomi founder Lei Jun gained attention for his company by dressing like Steve Jobs and releasing a string of iPhone-alike devices. Now we know the reason: Because it was Jobs’ story which prompted

Popular YouTuber helps Apple develop in-car VR entertainment

Apple has recruited popular science YouTuber Mark Rober to work as part of its top secret special projects group, developing a VR on-board entertainment system for self-driving cars. Rober has been

This tiny cable can charge both iPhones and Android devices

Keeping enough cables around to keep your iPhone and Android-toting friends charged up can be a big tangled pain, but there’s now one cable to rule them all. inCharge debuted its new tiny charging

Apple’s Tim Cook has no time for short-term investors

Apple stock price has dropped steadily throughout June. That likely bothers short-term investors, but not Tim Cook. Apple’s CEO thinks long-term, and says planning no farther than the next quarterly

How to install iOS 12 public beta on your iPhone or iPad

The iOS 12 public beta is now available to anyone. Here's how to download and install it, along with the main problems you might encounter. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Instagram adds group video chat and redesigned explore tab

Communicating with your friends on Instagram just got a lot more fun with a new update today that brings group video chat to the photo-sharing social network. Instagram previewed the new video chat

Top Apple analyst drops a ton of details on Apple’s 2018 product pipeline

The best Apple analyst in the game just dropped a huge report on all the new products coming out soon and there’s a lot for Apple fans to be excited about. If you’ve been desperately waiting for Apple

macOS Mojave public beta finally here

Those in the general public eager to try out Apple’s next Mac operating system can now do so. The first macOS Mojave public beta was just released. This appears to be the same version introduced last

Everything you need to know about iOS 12

The public beta of iOS 12 is out now, so anyone can download it and install it on their device. But what does the new version of iOS actually do? This post gathers together all our iOS 12 how-tos so

Fire up Apple Watch with this on-the-wall charger

For those of us seeking space for yet another Apple Watch accessory, fear not. I’ve found a modern, minimal wall charging stand that powers up Apple Watch directly via socket. Talk about a discreet

Amazon tops Apple as most valuable U.S. brand

When Tim Cook wants to know how Apple is doing, it’s doubtful he turns to some research group’s published rankings of brands and companies with the most value, most love or most intimacy with its

Android users still flocking to iPhone at an impressive rate

Android owners are still ditching their handsets for an iPhone at an impressive rate. New research reveals that up to 20 percent of iPhone buyers each quarter are switching from Google devices. The