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Apple display maker slashes its budget after second quarterly loss

Apple display maker LG Display supposedly faces an “uncertain outlook” after posting its second quarterly loss, based on falling prices for its services. As a result of the disappointing earnings, LG

Steam fights Discord with new Chat service, coming soon to iOS

Steam is taking the fight to Discord with a new Chat service that makes it easier to communicate with teammates. Chat can be used for voice and text, negating the need for third-party services, and

YouTube tests ‘Explore’ tab to help you find new content on iPhone

YouTube is testing a new “Explore” tab on iPhone that will help viewers “broaden their horizons” and discover new videos and channels. Only 1 percent of iPhone users will see it for now, but if it’s

Today in Apple history: Windows scores big victory over Mac

July 25, 1989: Apple suffers a major setback in its copyright-infringement lawsuit against Microsoft for allegedly stealing the Mac’s “look and feel” to create Windows. Apple sued Microsoft on 189

New iPhone display causes problems for Apple suppliers

Mass production is gearing up for Apple’s 2018-era iPhone refresh, but as per usual it’s not without its problems. According to a new report, the 6.1-inch LCD handset is causing Apple particular

Yet another grab-and-run theft hits Apple Store

The recent spate of Apple Store robberies has continued, as five men stole iPhones and iPads valued at $29,000 from an Apple Store in Southern California this week. The robbery took place on Monday

Bluetooth security flaw requires updating to recent iOS, macOS versions

Many people are slow about updating the operating system on their phone or laptop, sometimes from fear of bugs. But a security flaw in Bluetooth requires updating to recent versions of iOS or macOS to

These are the six colors rumored for this year’s LCD iPhone

Apple’s 6.1-inch LCD iPhone is likely to be the least exciting of the company’s 2018-era handsets from a features and hardware perspective. However, it’s also bound to be the cheapest of Apple’s new

iPhone sales expected to remain strong throughout 2018

Apple might be about to post another better-than-expected earnings report next week driven by strong iPhones sales and Apple’s booming services business. With Apple’s earnings call for the third

Learn to code like a wizard with this Harry Potter wand kit

You can’t go to Hogwarts to learn magic, but the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit teaches programming as if you’re in the Wizarding World. It comes with a wireless wand, and you flick and swish through

AT&T’s 5G coverage dominates competition (for now)

Verizon just reveled that Houston will be the third city getting its super-speedy 5G service before the end of this year. But there’s huge caveat: this is fixed service, only for homes and businesses.

Stop your boss from reading your private Slack chats with Shhlack

Your boss may be reading your private Slack chat messages. Here's how to encrypt those messages using a tool called Shhlack. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Huge PUBG Mobile update adds War mode and lots more

PUBG’s mission to fight back against Fortnite continues today with a massive update that brings a whole host of awesome new content to mobile. Players can enjoy a fast-paced War mode and a brand new

The future of high-speed broadband is in your iPhone X

That nifty little laser in the iPhone X that scans your face to create a custom animated emoji could also connect cities with ultra high-speed broadband. That’s what a team of researchers in Europe

Kase ultrathin iPhone cases and Lightning cables prove simplicity is sexy

This post is presented by Kase. One of the main reasons to get an iPhone is the sleek, minimalist design. But plenty of the other necessaries — protective cases, replacement charging cables, etc. —

How to beat Fortnite’s special birthday challenges

Fortnite celebrates its first birthday today, and Epic Games is giving away some special rewards to celebrate. But there’s a catch! You’ll need to complete in-game challenges to claim each one. Here’s

This iOS synth is a Menace II musicality [Review]

Are you a fan of harsh yet rich-sounding chaos? Do you love yellow? Then Menace Synth will be right up your dirty alley. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple issues thermal throttling fix for 2018 MacBook Pros

Ever since the debut of the 2018 MacBook Pro, there’s been controversy about the top-tier version suffering thermal throttling. Apple today apologized for this problem, and released a fix. It also

Watch this itsy-bitsy spider get stuck inside an iMac screen

Apple’s iMac computers make a surprisingly good home for spiders. Or at least one really tiny spider that found its way in between one shocked owner’s LCD panel and front glass. The spider can be seen

Future iPhones may pack moving camera sensors for external lenses

A lens attachment can extend the view of your native iPhone camera. It can also botch an otherwise nice image if not attached properly. Apple is suggesting hardware and software changes to the iPhone