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iOS concept brings Touch Bar to the iPhone

Apple’s Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro hasn’t been as big a hit as the company would have wished for, but it could make a comeback at an unlikely location: the iPhone. A concept artist has imagined what

Save $200 on an iMac and/or $14 on AirPods [Deals & Steals]

In today’s edition of Deals & Steals, we show you where you can get a brand-new iMac for a phenomenal savings. And, in a similarly enticing Apple deal, you can save $14 on the rarely discounted

iOS 11.4.1 and macOS 10.13.6 are nearly ready for release

The wait is nearing the end for the next iPhone and Mac operating systems. However, these aren’t the big upgrades announced last month. Instead, iOS 11.4.1 and macOS 10.13.6 will fix bugs in the

Fortnite’s Playground should return this week, but maybe not

Fortnite’s long-awaited Playground mode made its official debut last week, but it didn’t last long. Almost immediately after Playground went live, Epic Games was forced to close it down due to a host

2018 iPhone getting a big RAM boost

Someone testing a 2018 iPhone prototype inadvertently uploaded benchmark results for this device. Among the other details revealed is an indication that this will be the first iPhone with 4GB of RAM.

TickTick helps get your to-do list finished [50 Essential iOS Apps #33]

In 2011, Apple announced iOS 5, and one of it’s highlights was a new app – Reminders – to help you keep track tasks. Since that time, Reminders hasn’t evolved much, but the type of task manager people

Waiting for a triple-lens iPhone? This smartphone reportedly packs 9.

An iPhone with a third lens is in the pipeline, rumor has it. But why just three, when you can have a smartphone with nine lenses? Light, maker of a futuristic camera with 16 lenses, reportedly plans

Apple’s new USB-C fast charger for iPhone leaks out early

Pictures of Apple’s rumored USB-C iPhone fast charger have leaked out ahead of its official debut. The images claim to show a prototype version of the 18-watt power adapter, which is expected to ship

Get 4 apps to boost your programming productivity [Deals]

Anything that saves time and energy while coding is welcome indeed. Saving keystrokes or screen time can be done with good habits, and with good apps. So we’ve got a roundup or workflow-improving apps

Apple could snub Qualcomm with new iPhone modem supplier

Apple is considering a new iPhone modem supplier as it looks to reduce its reliance on Qualcomm. The company is yet to decide whether it will add MediaTek to its supply chain for its next-generation

Today in Apple history: Apple admits Antennagate is a thing

July 2, 2010: Apple opens up about “Antennagate,” addressing iPhone 4 reception problems for the first time publicly. In a letter to customers, Apple admits to being “surprised when we read reports of

WhatsApp’s newest feature fixes group chat notification chaos

WhatsApp’s group chat function can be incredibly useful for all kinds of things. But when a bunch of people are talking, your phone gets bombarded with notifications and they suddenly become

Apple’s CarPlay is less distracting than your car’s built-in infotainment system

Many new cars come with in-dash navigation and entertainment systems created by automobile makers. For safer, less-distracted driving, they should use Apple CarPlay instead. That’s the result of a

Synth One, Edit, Pokémon Quest and other amazing apps of the week

This week we go to school with Apple’s Schoolwork app, then take time out cooking up delicious recipes for pixelated Pokémons. Then we enjoy a beautiful soundtrack on maybe the most impressive synth

Get a grip on your business with a polished plan [Deals]

No matter how clear your business vision is, communicating it to others can be a challenge. When it comes to dealing with doubters and haters, that’s no big deal. But when it comes to getting funding,

Today in Apple history: MobileMe gets to R.I.P.

July 1, 2012: Apple shuts down its MobileMe web service, pushing users to switch to iCloud. Launched in 2008, MobileMe was a subscription-based suite of online services and software created by Apple.

Supreme Court deals a blow to Apple Pay

The Supreme Court handed down a number of high-profile rulings this week. One that didn’t get much attention will have a negative effect on Apple Pay. The SCOTUS decided that retail store owners who

Magical Hogwarts Mystery rakes in $40 million and counting

An RPG set in the Harry Potter universe is a huge hit. Hogwarts Mystery only debuted two months ago and has already made its developers $40 million. There are a couple of reasons for this success. The

This all-in-one emergency kit includes FM radio, lamp, manual power and more [Deals]

You never know when the big one is going to hit. So whether it’s an earthquake, power outage, flood, or some other unforeseen calamity, it’s smart to prepare. There’s a lot to do to prepare for an

Cult of Mac Magazine: Everything you need to know about the iOS 12 beta, and more!

In this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine: The public beta of iOS 12 is out now, so anyone can download it and install it on their device. But what does the new version of iOS actually do? Apple introduced