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Galaxy Fold debacle nears its end with US launch coming Friday

Samsung’s demonstration on the dangers of letting one’s reach exceed one’s grasp is almost over. The Galaxy Fold, the first mass-market phone with a foldable display, will reach US customers’ hands on

Can’t figure out how to update apps in iOS 13? Here’s how.

Can't find the app update page in the iOS13 App Store? Don't panic. It's still there, but it's hidden, and much harder to use. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

EarthNight is an endless runner set on the back of a frikkin’ dragon [Review]

An endless runner with gorgeous hand-painted graphics, in which you sprint on the backs of enormous flying dragons? Welcome to the world of EarthNight, one of the plentiful launch titles for Apple

iPhone 11 is first phone to survive this brutal torture test

We know Apple’s new iPhone 11 lineup is its toughest yet. And a number of rudimentary drop tests have already proven that. But what do more scientific torture tests tell us about its strength?

iPhone 11 Pro Max wins highest-ever A+ score from DisplayMate

The experts at DisplayMate positively gushed about the quality of the screen in the iPhone 11 Pro Max, saying it’s “almost certainly considerably better than your existing Smartphone, 4K UHD TV,

Apple will make the new Mac Pro in Texas

Apple today confirmed that its brand new Mac Pro will be manufactured in Austin, Texas. It will soon enter production at the same facility where the last Mac Pro was assembled. The move is part of

Got a new Apple Watch? Now get the best price for your old one

Now that you have your shiny new Apple Watch Series 5, it’s time to make back some of the money you just spent by selling your old model. But don’t take it to the Apple Store. Apple will offer you

Price of iPhone 11 with space history is out of this world

Caviar is a Russian jeweler that routinely applies precious gems and gold-plating to iPhones to sell to the rich. Now it is working with new materials – pieces of the Titanic and the first manned

Drop test confirms iPhone 11 is a tank

Apple advertised the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro’s toughness as one of the new devices’ big selling points. But just how durable are Apple’s latest handsets? Reviewers seemed unwilling to test this out, lest

Apple chipmaker may start volume production of 5nm chips in March

The iPhone 11 and 11 Pro is just making its way into customers’ hands. But work is already underway for next year’s handset refresh. According to a new report, Apple chipmaker TSMC is gearing up to

Protect your online privacy and security with a VPN [Deals]

If you’re not already using a VPN, you’re leaving yourself exposed to tons of online threats. From trackers to hackers to snoops and content restrictions, there are lots of online headaches and

Oprah’s Book Club finds new home in Apple Books

Oprah’s Book Club has landed in Apple Books, connecting readers worldwide to “stories that truly matter by today’s most thought-provoking authors.” Its arrival comes weeks before Oprah’s new TV show

Apple spammed Emmy viewers with ads for Apple TV+

Apple has its eye on dominating next year’s Emmy Awards with its original content. But Apple TV+ wasn’t exactly hiding in the shadows at this year’s event. Apple bombarded people who tuned in to the

Apple will get an early indication of its EU tax case outcome this week

Apple could get an early indication about the likely outcome of its giant European Union (EU) tax case early this week. Apple was in court last week protesting its 13 billion ($14.4 billion) tax bill

Wicked bike wreck shows importance of Apple Watch hard fall detection

Bob Burdett was mountain biking near Spokane, then the next thing he knew he was waking up in an ambulance. He’d had a crash so severe he was knocked unconscious for a considerable amount of time.

6 reasons iPhone 11 is Apple’s best new smartphone [Review]

Everyone shopping for a 2019 iPhone faces a conundrum: the new Pro series models are loaded with top-of-line features, but they cost much, much more than the iPhone 11. Is it really necessary to pay

The week’s best iOS 13 apps (and one Mac app)

This week we get grooving with EG Pulse, take control of Mission Control, drag stuff around with Yoink, and wonder why we need Pocket Casts. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Access a universe of mind-expanding documentaries [Deals]

There’s no shortage of streaming video content to consume. But on most platforms, compared to TV shows and popular movies, there’s a shortage of quality educational and documentary content. To deliver

iPhone 11 makes powerful first impression [Cult of Mac Magazine 315]

The new iPhones and Apple Watch are out, and they’re racking up rave reviews. Our hands-on iPhone 11 first impressions show it to be a pretty, powerful photographic phenom. Meanwhile, other reviewers

Sail off to light hack-and-slash fun with Oceanhorn 2 [Review]

One of the highlights of the just-launched Apple Arcade is Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm from Cornfox & Bros. It’s a familiar dungeon crawl through a bright world to solve a noble quest,