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Wirelessly power up your iPhone on the go with this travel charger [Review]

A wireless charger for your iPhone is very convenient, and now you don’t have to miss out when you’re on the road. The mophie Charge Stream Travel Kit includes a travel-size Qi wireless charger and

2018 iPhone with 6.1-inch LCD might boast slender screen bezels after all

There’s good news and bad news about the more-affordable 6.1-inch iPhone supposedly in development. The good new is it may have bezels almost as thin as the iPhone X. The bad news is it’s not expected

Dashlane, Menace Synth, Shhlack and other awesome apps of the week

This week we get all private, with a new version of Dashlane, the official password manager of Cult of Mac, plus the Shhlack privacy tool for encrypting your Slack chats to keep them safe from your

Today in Apple history: Mac Centris 660av is an audio-visual masterpiece

July 29, 1993: Apple releases the Macintosh Centris 660av, a computer packed with innovative audio-visual features. These include an AppleVision monitor with microphone and speakers, and a port that

Keep a watchful eye on your home when you’re away [Deals]

Whether it’s wrangling kids or avoiding break-ins, home security cameras are a must for many situations. Some security cams are a complex mess. But others, like this new smart Wi-Fi camera from Sinji,

2018 iPad Pro might make a change you’ll hate

The next-generation iPad Pro is going to have some nice improvements, like smaller screen bezels resulting in an edge-to-edge look. But not every change is likely to go down well with fans. Apple is

Philips Adore mirror brings HomeKit automation into the bathroom

Think about how nice it would be to dim the lights without having to get out of the tub. That’s one of the promises of the Adore Bathroom lighted mirror as it can be controlled from your iPhone or

Bling out your WordPress site with these premium themes [Deals]

Most of the web runs on WordPress. Anyone can use the ubiquitous publishing platform, but not everybody is a professional web designer. So trying to make a site that looks and works the way you want

Today in Apple history: Apple acquires the company behind Touch ID

July 28, 2012: Apple buys biometrics company AuthenTec, acquiring the technology that will power future authentication and secure payments initiatives. With a price tag of $356 million, the deal gives

Apple wants to turn all its devices into wireless chargers

What if your every Apple device could wirelessly charge almost every other one? Engineers came up with plans to put wireless chargers in MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones so they could charge each other,

Apple looks to turn Time Bandits into TV show

Terry Gilliam’s fantasy film Time Bandits is set to be turned into a TV series by Apple. The iPhone-maker is reportedly closing in on a deal that would give it the rights to make a TV series based on

How to get YouTube’s incognito mode on iOS right now

Android’s YouTube app is getting a sweet incognito mode to keep videos out of your history, but iOS and the Mac already have even better built-in tools, which also protect your from YouTube

Trump administration takes a first step toward regulating Facebook, Google

The Commerce Dept. is reportedly talking to social networking companies and consumer advocates about rules to protect online privacy. Also included are possible protections for companies that have

Huawei could beat Samsung and Apple to a foldable phone

Both Samsung and Apple are reportedly working on foldable phones, but China’s Huawei could be the first to get one on the market. Phones that can unfold to the size of small tablets have the potential

Apple offers free repairs to victims of Japan floods

People in Japan hit by the recent massive floods are getting a little help from Apple if their iPhones, Macs or iPads were damaged as a result of the floods. In a message posted on its regional

On Instagram, everybody shoots the same pretty pictures

If you think there’s a nagging sameness to the photos on Instagram, here’s your Exhibit A. It’s an Instagram feed of collages that showcase the repetitive subjects and compositions of photos shared on

Apple slapped with second lawsuit over Siri

A company named SpeakWare is suing Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft, claiming that all three are infringing on one of its patents. Specifically, it claims that the tech trio are illegally using

Orlando Bloom doesn’t want to see your iPad at his show

Apple’s normally happy to get a public shout-out for one of its products from a celebrity. It’s unlikely to be quite so chuffed about a recent incident involving actor Orlando Bloom, however. Bloom

Pick the best Bluetooth speaker for your summer soundtrack [Deals]

Summer trips are always better with the right playlist. So we’ve rounded up some of the best speakers for outings of all kinds. That includes a speaker that’s not much bigger than an iPhone, a super

Telegram now securely stores your most important documents

Secure messaging app Telegram now lets you save copies of your most important documents so that you always have them with you. Telegram Passport can hold your driving license, passport, other forms of