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Microsoft scarcely tweaked the design of its iPad Pro competitor

Microsoft today unveiled a new generation of its Surface Pro 2-in-1. This has a faster processor than its predecessor but other than that remains practically unchanged. The long hoped for USB-C port

Tim Cook talks privacy, Alex Jones and China in new interview

Tim Cook went on the offensive toward competing companies like Amazon and Google in a new interview tonight on privacy. Appearing on Vice News Tonight on HBO, the Apple CEO was asked if his company’s

Apple to reveal first iPhone XS sales numbers on November 1

The last Apple earnings call of 2018 has already got an official date. Investors will get their first glimpse of iPhone XS sales numbers during Apple’s Q4 2018 earnings call that has been slated for

Tile Bluetooth tracker finally adds replaceable batteries

Tile offers some of the most popular Bluetooth trackers, but these had a significant drawback: non-replaceable batteries. Getting a fresh battery required buying a whole new tracker. That finally

Use Shortcuts to download YouTube Videos on iPhone

Apple's Workflow app can download videos from YouTube and save them to your Camera Roll, your Dropbox, or any app you like. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple Watch Series 4’s processing power will blow you away

The new S4 chip in the Apple Watch Series 4 is an absolute beast when it comes to processing power. Apple didn’t brag too much about the S4 during its September keynote other than saying the chip is

Fresh iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS betas head to developers

Apple is plugging away at updates for all its operating systems, and just came out with no less than four new betas exclusively for developers. These are the second pre-release versions of iOS 12.1,

Power up Apple Watch & iPhone with this all-in-one charging stand

Instead of waiting for the yet-to-be-determined release date of Apple’s AirPower charging mat to fire up your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously, consider the HiRise Duet charging stand. This

Check out the 70 new emoji coming soon to your iPhone

A fresh batch of new emoji are coming soon to your Mac, iPhone and iPad. This morning, Apple posted a teaser of over 70 new emoji that are being included in iOS 12.1 once it launches to the public.

Bag a MacBook Air for $490, iPhone 7 for $330 [Deals & Steals]

Apple’s gorgeous new MacBook Air is the upgrade we’ve all been waiting for, but it’s incredibly pricey. If you need a more affordable notebook, you can pick up an older model at a great price from

NightOwl switches on Mojave’s Dark Mode at sundown

NightOwl switches Dark Mode on and off, automatically. It's the kind of app macOS Mojave should come with in the first place. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Google is bringing high-end games to Chrome this week

Google is making it possible to play high-end games on even the cheapest computers. Project Stream is a new service that will bring the most demanding PC titles to Chrome this week, starting with

Apple donates $1 million to Indonesian disaster relief

Apple contributed $1 million to help survivors rebuild after a devastating earthquake and tsunami struck the Indonesian island of Sulawesi last week. A 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit central Sulawesi

Easily and quickly back up your iPhone and Mac with this discounted cloud solution [Deals]

In this day and age, if you don’t have cloud storage, what are you even doing? It’s an easy way to back up your most important files and keep them accessible anywhere. But it can also be expensive, so

Apple’s Business Chat platform goes international

Apple has rolled out its Business Chat platform in new countries, including Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Singapore, the U.K., and Hong Kong. The platform is designed to make it easy to exchange

Apple Wallet can now be used for campus ID at 3 U.S. universities

Starting today, students at three U.S. universities — including Tim Cook’s alma mater, Duke University — can use their Apple Watch or iPhone for their campus ID. The feature, also available at the

Ka-ching! Apple Pay Cash could arrive in Europe soon

Apple Pay Cash could be ready to make its debut in Europe. Screens invited users to set up Apple’s peer-to-peer payments service have started popping up on devices on the other side of the Atlantic

Opera Touch is a speedy browser built with iPhone XS in mind

The fast and simple mobile browser from Opera is now available on iOS. Opera Touch was built with gesture-based devices like the iPhone X and iPhone XS in mind, and it’s optimized for one-handed use

Today in Apple history: IBM and Apple shake and make up

October 2, 1991: As the Cold War comes to an end, hell freezes over a second time as Apple and IBM agree to put aside their differences. Having been bitter rivals for the past decade, the two tech

Apple faces new challenges in India

There’s more bad news for Apple’s fortunes in India. According to a new report, the iPhone XS and XS Max have seen lower sales in the Indian market than previous devices after the first weekend.