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Apple Music adds new Friends Mix playlist

You don’t want to be that guy who’s never heard the track all your friends are raving about. But if you use Apple Music, you don’t have to be. The new “Friends Mix” playlist makes it easy to enjoy the

Today in Apple history: Original Mac Pro packs serious Intel power

August 7, 2006: Apple unleashes the Mac Pro, a high-end desktop computer that complete’s the company’s transition to Intel processors. Built for computation-heavy tasks like 3D rendering and

EU may force iPhone to switch from Lightning to USB

Apple has its Lightning connector and everyone else has USB. But EU regulators are considering whether they need to force a common standard for phone chargers. The idea is to cut down on the 51,000

Apple chipmaker is back up and running after malware attack

After being knocked out of commission over the weekend by a computer virus, iPhone chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) was back up and running on Monday. According to the

Privacy is the secret sauce that makes Apple Pay Cash special

From Apple Pay Cash to Venmo, there’s a growing number of peer-to-peer payment services that allow you to send cash to your friends. But which one is the safest to use? Respected product testing

Logitech’s new wireless iPhone charger solves an annoying problem [Review]

Having a wireless charging pad on my nightstand means never having to fish around in the dark for a Lightning cable plugged into the wall. However, there’s a tradeoff: Switching to wireless charging

Android Pie spotlights Google’s broken upgrade system

Google released Android 9 (Pie) to the public today, which should completely thrill the tiny percentage of Android users who can install it. For many, the wait for an upgrade will be months. For

Inexpensive LCDs could stay in Apple’s iPhone lineup until 2020

LG has reportedly been contracted to create LCD panels for an iPhone model that will be released next year. If true, it means that Apple is definitely planning a phone with a traditional LCD in 2019,

How to work when it’s really, really noisy

Roadworks? Construction? Screaming kids? Today we see how to get work done when there's nothing but annoying noise all around you. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Developers get their mitts on iOS 12 beta 6

Apple is moving along through the beta phase of releasing iOS 12. The first version was released back in June, and today sees the debut of iOS 12 beta 6. With the release just happening, we don’t yet

If you aren’t sleeping with buckwheat under your head, it’s time to wake up

This post is brought to you by Hulltex, maker of the Hullo buckwheat pillow. I’ve been using a buckwheat pillow for a week now and there’s no turning back. My buckwheat pillow never needs to be turned

dotEPUB is the best way to save and annotate websites in iBooks

dotEPUB takes any web page and turns it into a beautiful ebook so you can read it later, mark it up, or just save it. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Even a fat Apple paycheck won’t buy an overpriced Bay Area house

Your fantasy about working in Cupertino probably leads you to believe the pay is good. You would be correct, but according to more than half of the developers and supervisors at Apple, even their fat

T-Mobile’s cheap new unlimited data plan is always throttled

T-Mobile just added a third unlimited data plan for your iPhone or Android. This one costs less than the others, but also offers less. And it comes wit a big caveat: it’s always subject to slowdowns.

Escape emails and get work done with Slack [50 Essential iOS Apps #45]

If you're sick of internal emails, inter-office memos, and useless meetings, it's time you try Slack. It's be best messaging app for teams, and can be a great productivity booster. (via Cult of Mac -

In-car AR system could let you FaceTime other vehicles

Here’s an idea that, on the surface, sounds totally dangerous: an in-car display that let you make FaceTime calls to people in different vehicles. I mean, keeping your eyes on the road is 2017, right?

Google’s new Pixel 3 will fight iPhone from October

Google is gearing up to deliver its next-generation Pixel 3 smartphones in October, a leaked marketing ad confirms. The devices are expected to fight the iPhone with even larger edge-to-edge displays

Score your own digital animation studio for 50 bucks [Deals]

Few things are as fun as animation. And few things are as effective at getting a message across, whether for stories, ideas, or brands. So learning how to create your own animations is a valuable

$1,000 iPhone X just the start of rising smartphone prices

Apple’s bet on a $1,000 smartphone has paid off in a big way, and that’s bad news for iPhone fans. As the iPhone X continues to be Apple’s best-selling smartphone, analysts warn that it will encourage

Apple’s new iPhone strategy for world’s second-biggest market

Apple may be kicking all kinds of butt on the global stage, but it’s struggling in India, where the iPhone currently ranks 11th in the overall list of smartphones. To put that in perspective, Apple