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HomePod voice calling feature confirmed in iOS 12 beta 5

HomePod’s rumored voice calling feature has been all but confirmed in iOS 12 beta 5. A new “Personal Requests” setup screen now displays an additional icon where the Phone app will sit, and reads

New videos reveal 2018 iPhones in all their glory

One day after Benjamin Geskin’s dummy photos of the forthcoming iPhone X Plus and new LCD iPhone hit the internet, a pair of videos showing Apple’s 2018 lineup have emerged, too. Like Geskin’s iPhones

Today in Apple history: World’s first iPad newspaper starts to crumble

July 31, 2012: The Daily, the world’s first iPad-only newspaper, lays off almost a third of its staff, signaling the demise of a bold publishing experiment. The deep cuts — The Daily fired 50 of its

WhatsApp brings group video calling to Android and iOS

WhatsApp’s new group video calling feature is now available to users on Android and iOS. Users can chat with up to three others simultaneously, regardless of their location. WhatsApp says the feature

Fortnite’s latest update brings the boom!

Fortnite’s controversial guided missile is back in today’s big content update. You can enjoy it in regular Battle Royale matches, as well as in the brand new Fly Explosives game mode, filled with

Apple lists good deeds to avoid Cupertino ‘head tax’

Apple is the reason why most non-locals know the name Cupertino. Just in case free international advertising wasn’t enough, however, the company just sent a letter to the Cupertino City Council,

MacOS is a hellstew of error messages, says new Chromebook ad

Tensions between Google and Apple may have cooled since Steve Jobs declared “thermonuclear war” on the search giant, but that doesn’t mean hostilities have ceased altogether. In its latest Chromebook

The Primus Apple Watch band debuts in bold, Italian leather [Review]

The company we know as Strapple (a company featured in Cult of Mac’s Watch Store) sounded a bit too much like the maker of Apple Watch. The tiny brand speedily changed its name to Strapa and

Apple adds a virtual reality expert to its growing team

The rumors of an Apple virtual reality headset just got a boost. The company hired the developer of a VR painting application. An app that can’t run on any device Apple currently offers. It’s not easy

iOS 12 beta hints at wireless AirPods charging case launch

Last September, Apple unveiled an AirPods case that can be wirelessly charged. We’re still waiting for it almost a year later — but there’s fresh evidence that it’s coming soon. Buried in the iOS 12

Luxury Adam and Eve iPhones will tempt you in the best way

Every time Vladimir Putin so much as sneezes, Russian luxury brand Caviar commemorates the occasion with a gold-plated iPhone sporting the president’s intimidating mug. But the designers and

How to make your iPhone videos look like Hollywood movies

Think your iPhone shoots great movies? With these iPhone video tips, apps and gadgets, you can take your iPhone moviemaking to the next level. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

Dropbox gives some subscribers more storage for free

Dropbox just added terabytes of storage to some of its offerings without increasing their cost. This makes its plans stronger competitors against iCloud. The company is doubling the amount available

Apple drops fifth betas for iOS 12, macOS Mojave, tvOS 12 and watchOS 5

Apple’s new betas for iOS 12 are coming out like clockwork with the fifth beta build arriving this morning nearly two weeks after the last beta dropped. Developers received iOS 12 beta 5 this morning

Gmail might add a simple feature everybody wants

Gmail got a lot of awesome new features during its recent redesign, but there’s a big one that’s still missing. Email scheduling has never been an option for those who choose Google as their email

$10,000 gold AirPods aren’t a sound decision

Lose one of your AirPods and you might be mad that you have to pay the Apple Store for a replacement. But basic anger and $69 won’t begin to cover the loss of an AirPod when the set was purchased

Pro tip: Quickly look up a word in iOS without an app

In iOS, you can look up words, and even translate them to other languages, all from the Spotlight search bar. Here's how. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Next MacBook might take unfortunate performance hit

After waiting years, Apple is reportedly given up on using some of Intel’s long-delayed processors in the budget MacBook expected this fall. Instead, the device will include chips that debuted last

Feast your eyes on the iPhone X Plus and new LCD iPhone

Want a possible early glimpse at what appears to be this year’s fancy new 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus and 6.1-inch LCD iPhone? Renowned Apple leaker Ben Geskin is here to help! Geskin posted the images on

Apple Pay will continue to dominate its Google and Samsung rivals

By 2020, Apple Pay could make up one of every two mobile wallet users globally, a new report suggests. At the time, the estimated total number of people using contactless payment solution created by a