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iPhone vs. Android could be ruining your dating life

Do you find it hard to score a hot date? Well, using an Android phone could be one of the reasons your dating life is in the trash. A recent survey of U.S. singles found that 70 percent of eligible

Instagram tests feature that lets you remove followers

Got a follower on Instagram that’s annoying af but you don’t want to totally block them? Pretty soon you might be able to remove certain followers without completely blocking them or taking your

Discover new music you’ll love with Spotify [50 Essential iOS Apps #39]

Spotify is a streaming music platform with over 35 million songs. Focused on music discovery, it allows users to see what their friends are listening to, share playlists, follow artists and

Attaching a tablet to your steering wheel is world’s most idiotic hack

The great thing about mobile devices is that you can take them anywhere. The bad things about mobile devices is that you can take them anywhere. That has the potential to lead to plenty of dangerous

Boost your charging game with these superior cables [Deals]

Got a drawer full of charging cables, or are your old cables are showing their age? Either way, this pair of replacement cables can help you out, offering the choice of super toughness and super

iOS 12 beta 4 fixes Fortnite crashes, adds other new bugs

iOS 12 users can finally enjoy Fortnite again after Apple’s latest beta fixed random game crashes. A problem with downloading Netflix titles has also been eliminated, but a number of new bugs have

Chinese iCloud data now controlled by state-owned company

When Apple moved iCloud data for Chinese customers over to Apple partner Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry earlier this year, a lot of privacy advocates were worried about the implications. They might

Today in Apple history: Multimedia Macs take on the world

July 18, 1994: Apple launches the Quadra, Performa and LC 630 Macintoshes, three similar computers with slight differences tailored for the professional, home and educational markets. Buyers can

Apple’s new fast charger could be exclusively for 2018 iPhones

Apple is expected to ship faster charging adapters with this year’s iPhone lineup to take advantage of newer technology that allows for increased charging speeds. But you won’t be able to get one

Google slapped with $5 billion fine for Android tactics

Update: The European Commission has confirmed the fine, while also ordering Google make changes to rectify the problem. Google is bracing itself to be hit with a 4.3 billion euro ($5 billion) fine as

Samsung predictably takes shots at iPhone X in latest Galaxy S9 ad

Apple is known for strikingly original ads which have changed the course of advertising history, and are studied by creatives decades after they first aired. Samsung is known for ads that rip on

9 things you didn’t know about Apple’s new Seattle store

Chamfered edges. Hidden gardens. Bathroom secrets. Apple’s new Seattle store has it all, according to The CultCast host Erfon Elijah. He recently made a journey to the new store and was blown away by

Samsung’s new RAM chip will make future iPhones even faster

Samsung developed a type of RAM that’s 1.5 times faster than what’s included in smartphones today. And, even though Apple and Samsung are arch rivals, it’s very likely to be in iPhone someday. The new

Sharecuts will be the place to swap Siri Shortcuts

Siri users looking forward to a new app called Shortcuts will have a place called Sharecuts to suggest and swamp custom voice commands for the Apple-based digital assistant. Sharecuts creator,

mophie battery packs ease iPhone, iPad charging with Lightning ports and connectors

Accessory-maker mophie launched a family of external batteries designed specifically for iPhone and iPad. They’re among the first to be charged through a Lightning port. Even better, some models have

iPhone gains on Android in U.S. smartphone activations

Apple gained ground on its Android competition in the U.S. last quarter when it comes to smartphone activations. The iPhone accounted for 36 percent of total smartphone activations from April to June,

How to use Photos’ amazing new search in iOS 12

iOS 12 adds super-powerful search tools, that are even easier and quicker to use than the current search. Let's see how to use it. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Secret ingredient in new MacBook Pro? Glue. Lots and lots of glue

Apple makes no attempt to have MacBook Pro models easy to repair. The ones released just a few days ago are no exception. We all have to hope that the redesigned key mechanism fixes the previous

Pocket-sized breath analyzer promises to hack your metabolism

Figuring out the perfect weight-loss diet might soon become as easy as breathing into a tiny breath analyzer. Lumen, a digital health and wellness company, revealed its debut product that connects a

Ghostek Rapture headphones bring expensive sound at affordable price [Review]

Brooklyn brand Ghostek manufactures some really interesting phone cases, backpacks, speakers and headphones. One of its latest offerings, the Ghostek Rapture Bluetooth headphones, are some of the