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How to use Photos’ amazing new search in iOS 12

iOS 12 adds super-powerful search tools, that are even easier and quicker to use than the current search. Let's see how to use it. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Secret ingredient in new MacBook Pro? Glue. Lots and lots of glue

Apple makes no attempt to have MacBook Pro models easy to repair. The ones released just a few days ago are no exception. We all have to hope that the redesigned key mechanism fixes the previous

Pocket-sized breath analyzer promises to hack your metabolism

Figuring out the perfect weight-loss diet might soon become as easy as breathing into a tiny breath analyzer. Lumen, a digital health and wellness company, revealed its debut product that connects a

Ghostek Rapture headphones bring expensive sound at affordable price [Review]

Brooklyn brand Ghostek manufactures some really interesting phone cases, backpacks, speakers and headphones. One of its latest offerings, the Ghostek Rapture Bluetooth headphones, are some of the

Apple no longer offers free repairs for faulty iPhone 7 speakers

You now have to pay to have faulty iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus speakers repaired by Apple. The company’s unofficial repair program, which offered free fixes for those who were unable to activate the

Best add-on lenses for your iPhone

For a huge percentage of mobile photographers — from amateur snappers to creative artists — the iPhone is the camera you always have with you. Every iPhone packs an undeniably great camera. But, as

Here’s how Apple execs stack up with their Memojis

If Jony Ive was going for that Wanted Poster look for his executive profile picture, he now looks like an adorable puppy thanks to Memoji. Never has the leadership page on Apple’s website been so fun

Microsoft Edge for iOS to get visual search and more

Microsoft knows that Edge is nowhere near as popular as its rivals, but it has no plans to stop making its browser as good as can be. Its next big update will give those on iOS the ability to search

Apple seeds iOS 12 beta 4 to developers

A fresh new version of iOS 12 is waiting for developers to download, bringing with it a fresh batch of fixes and some UI tweaks. Apple released iOS 12 beta 4 this morning for both iPhone and iPad. The

Apple wants to embed stretchable displays in your clothes

It sounds like science fiction, but Apple has created a method for making stretchable displays. This means that, instead of your computer being in your pocket or on your wrist, it could be made into

Fortnite fights intensify with brand new submachine gun

The mammoth Fortnite season five update gave us stacks of awesome new content to enjoy, but it seems it wasn’t enough for Epic Games. This week, players can enjoy a brand new submachine gun which is

Dedicated Apple fan creates needlework Mac masterpieces

So you’ve got your perfect Apple geek room: Steve Jobs biographies on the bookshelves, iMac Pro on your desk, and maybe a couple of rare vintage Macs locked in a display cabinet. Looking for something

Lead your team to victory by mastering scrum project management [Deals]

There are many ways to manage teams around big projects, but few as proven as scrum. The agile framework is ideal for everything from software development to marketing and beyond, so learning it can

Today in Apple history: iMac G4 gets super-sized screen

July 17, 2002: Apple ships a new super-sized iMac G4, offering a 17-inch widescreen LCD display that becomes the envy of most computer users at the time. “The best consumer desktop just got even

2018 iPhone screen protectors reveal a nasty surprise

It turns out the more affordable 6.1-inch iPhone that Apple has planned for 2018 won’t quite be the iPhone X lookalike we were expecting. The brand new handset will certainly borrow a lot of the

Apple pulls controversial conspiracy app from the App Store

Apple has removed QDrops, a $0.99 paid app designed to promote a conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton and a supposed child sex ring, from the App Store. Despite its pro-free speech position, Apple

Ex-employee accused of stealing Apple Car plans pleads not guilty

The former Apple employee arrested for allegedly stealing plans for the Apple Car has pleaded not guilty to his charge. Xiaolang Zhang was indicted on one single charge of trade secret theft. He’s

Apple App Store revenue almost double that of Google Play

In the battle of the mobile software stores, Apple has a huge lead. Consumers spending in the iOS App Store during the first half of this year was almost double that of rival Google Play. But there’s

Apple seeds fourth macOS Mojave beta to developers

The fourth beta of macOS Mojave is already here after Apple seeded a new update of the upcoming Mac update to developers this morning. macOS Mojave is the first of Apple’s big 2018 software updates to

How to scan QR codes from the lock screen in iOS 12

iOS 12 adds a dedicated QR Code scanner that can be accessed from the lock screen using a Control Center widget. Here's how to use it. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)