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Watch this itsy-bitsy spider get stuck inside an iMac screen

Apple’s iMac computers make a surprisingly good home for spiders. Or at least one really tiny spider that found its way in between one shocked owner’s LCD panel and front glass. The spider can be seen

Future iPhones may pack moving camera sensors for external lenses

A lens attachment can extend the view of your native iPhone camera. It can also botch an otherwise nice image if not attached properly. Apple is suggesting hardware and software changes to the iPhone

Trump may not spare iPhone from trade war

Tim Cook was reportedly assured that the iPhone wouldn’t been among the items to be hit with an import tariff as part of the United States’ burgeoning trade war with China. However, according to a new

Foxconn is hiring to ramp up production for iPhone refresh

This year’s iPhone refresh could be the super cycle Apple’s been waiting for — and manufacturer Foxconn is taking steps accordingly. As per a new report, the manufacturing giant, which employs around

Jump into a comprehensive crash course in Excel [Deals]

Microsoft Excel is well worth learning for professionals of all kinds. But it also goes deep, with many uses and possibilities that make learning it intimidating. So this massively discounted bundle

WhatsApp is bringing media previews to iOS notifications

WhatsApp notifications on iOS are about to get a lot more useful. The popular messaging service is now testing media previews that let users view images and even animated GIFs before opening a

eBay promises Apple Pay support in 2018

eBay is giving shoppers the ability to purchase items with Apple Pay this fall. The service will become a primary payment option on the eBay website and in the mobile app. A small group of Marketplace

Chinese users reportedly being bombarded with iMessage spam

iPhone users in China are reportedly being bombarded with iMessage spam, many of them promoting illegal gambling. Much of the iMessage spam in question links to WeChat account or gambling websites.

Today in Apple history: Mighty Mouse goes wireless — with lasers!

July 24, 2006: The world gets it first glimpse of Apple’s new wireless Mighty Mouse, a multibutton Bluetooth device with super-accurate laser tracking. Photos of the accessory come to light through an

Apple’s stunning new Milan store is an elemental masterpiece

Apple is set to add another architectural marvel to its roster of stunning Apple Stores when it opens its new location in Milan, Italy next week. To celebrate the occasion, Apple has released some

Fortnite 5.10 brings new weapons and challenges, iOS improvements

This week’s Fortnite 5.10 is rolling out now, adding new weapons, new challenges, and some nice improvements for players on iOS. The brand new compact SMG makes its official debut, and there are a

Verizon wants to team up with Apple or Google for 5G TV

Verizon wants to hook up with either Apple or Google to provide TV services when it launches its super fast 5G service to customers in Los Angeles and Sacramento, a new report claims. The idea is that

Apple will answer HomePod owners’ burning questions during live Q&A

The HomePod is a new product and Apple wants to be sure owners of this smartspeaker are getting all the benefits. That’s why the company scheduled a live chat with HomePod specialists for later this

Consumer Reports says MacBook Pro thermal throttling is a feature not a bug

The top-of-the-line MacBook Pro with an Intel Core i9 processor has gotten some bad press. The new laptop reportedly is subject to thermal throttling, which is a fancy way of saying that its CPU gets

Samsung accidentally leaks its next Apple Watch competitor

Samsung is planning to take on Apple Watch with a totally rebranded smartwatch of its own — and we already know what it will look like. Samsung leaked photos of the upcoming smartwatch on its own

How to make your iPhone videos sound as good as they look

How do you make your iPhone videos sound as good as they look? Today we check out s few ways to add pro-level audio to your own movies. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Fortnite’s Playground mode returns alongside birthday rewards

Fortnite’s hugely popular Playground mode is making a comeback this week with support for squad battles, the all terrain kart, and “lots more loot.” Epic Games has also promised birthday rewards when

Leaked Apple repair videos cough up some secrets

Editor’s Note: Not surprisingly, these internal Apple videos are now gone from YouTube. The iPhone maker undoubtedly asked that they be removed. What appears to be a collection of Apple’s internal

Bag this Apple job and Jony Ive will be your boss

If you have design chops and believe your ideas belong in the same room as Jony Ive, Apple has an opening on the team that creates some of the world’s most important tech. Apple is currently accepting

This great stand turns your iPad into a tiny iMac [Review]

This no-name Chinese iPad stand is the best I've ever used. The cheap iPad stand is perfect for desks and kitchen counters. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)