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App Store revenue could take big hit if developers fight Apple’s cut

The App Store is a big money spinner for Apple, but that could change if more developers, helped by regulatory intervention, push back against the commission that Apple currently takes. In a note to

Today in Apple history: FireWire wins Apple its first Emmy

August 22, 2001: Apple takes home a technical Emmy for developing FireWire, the high-speed serial port that allows users to transfer data quickly between a Macintosh and another device, such as a

Microsoft confirms plan to kill Office Sway app for iOS

Microsoft has confirmed plans to discontinue its Office Sway app for iOS. The service will no longer work on iPhone and iPad as of December 17, 2018. Sway will be removed from the App Store two months

Apple TV veteran leaves the company to join ‘social broadcasting’ startup

Jen Folse, the former Apple TV executive who is best known to Apple followers for her on-stage presentations at Apple events, has left the company for the startup Caffeine. Caffeine is a social

Apple HR couldn’t care less if you have a college degree

The traditional life plan includes four years of college then a good job. But not everyone takes this path, and sometimes the lack of a college degree keeps some people from getting a job they are

Tim Cook gives almost $5 million of Apple shares to charity

Tim Cook has long talked about how he plans to give his entire fortune to charity — and a recent SEC filing shows that he’s living up to his word. Recently, Apple’s CEO gave 23,215 Apple shares to an

Apple apparently gives up owning its own flagship stores in India

It’s going to be years before Apple India can hope to open flagship retail stores. So the company is allowing local franchisees to open huge Apple stores in major cities to take their place. India

Say goodbye to Back to My Mac in macOS Mojave

There’s bad news for anyone who’s still a fan of Back to My Mac: Apple is killing off this suite of remote-access applications. The good news is that Apple’s doing so because all the functionality has

Indiepaper, an open alternative to Instapaper and Pocket

Indiepaper is a read-later service built for the open web. Save your articles, and never again get locked out by a proprietary service like Instapaper. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

Apple lands TV series on one team’s effort to stop climate change

Apple is adding a highly anticipated climate change drama series to a burgeoning roster of original television content that may one day rival Netflix. Apple reportedly fought off aggressive

Ditch costly phone plans with this international calling app

This post is presented by KeepCalling. With cellphones, international calling got more complicated. Depending on your provider and your plan, dialing up your friend or loved one abroad could be free —

iOS App Dock could migrate to the iPhone’s edges

Apple is considering bending an iPhone display around the sides of the device, making additional room for buttons and status notifications. This isn’t a new concept, as rival devices have does

iPhone sales could take hit in one of the most Apple-mad countries

The Japanese government is considering a move to block carriers from bundling the cost of smartphones into monthly services fees. This comes after regulators last month said Apple violated anti-trust

Dark Sky weather app gets a complete redesign

Dark Sky 6.0 brings a complete redesign, and even adds -- wait for it -- multiple locations! (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple scraps a bunch of Watch bands ahead of September event

Apple has removed a bunch of Apple Watch bands from its online store while many others are sold out ahead of its annual September event. It seems likely Apple will introduce new band designs and

Woz wades into murky cryptocurrency waters

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has lived the risk-to-riches story. He built computers in a garage with a good partner and we all know how that turned out. But red flags are waving as the Woz takes an

Apple could fix Tesla’s crippling production problems

Tesla is struggling to get its cars into customer’s hands. Apple is quietly developing its own self-driving car. The two should team up, according to one investor. Apple would provide its long

Parallels 14 brings macOS Mojave support, big speed boost

Parallels, the popular virtualization software for Mac, just got a massive upgrade. Version 14 comes with macOS Mojave support and a significant speed boost, as well as welcome storage optimizations.

Netflix wants to stop paying Apple a cut of its earnings

Netflix is among the highest-grossing apps in the App Store, but that might not be the case for much longer. That’s because the video streaming company is supposedly looking for ways to bypass iTunes

App Store isn’t just about games any more

Apple’s worth a crazy amount of money these days, but what really separates it from previous eras is that it no longer lives or dies by one product. Look at any part of Apple’s business and you’ll