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Today in Apple history: Flash controversy results in banned iPhone ad

August 27, 2008: The U.K. bans an iPhone ad for apparently misleading consumers. The misleading bit? The ad overhypes the iPhone’s internet-surfing abilities. It does this by not mentioning that the

Day One, Hello Weather and other awesome apps of the week

This week we check the weather with two great updates to old favourites, and record our thoughts on the never-ending 2018 summer in Day One's great new voice notes feature. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates talk ‘future of the PC’

August 26, 1991: In their first joint interview, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates trade barbs and debate “the future of the PC” in Fortune magazine. The spirited discussion marks 10 years since the first IBM

Learn the secret to reading better and faster on your iPhone [Deals]

Do you find yourself re-reading the same sentence over and over again? Or accidentally skipping lines in a paragraph, momentarily losing your place? You can fix these issues with the right reading

Score an 11-course education in computer science [Deals]

Coding, app development and computer science in general are some of the most marketable skills you can earn. So it’s easy to wish you’d studied computer science in college. But if you didn’t, this

Today in Apple history: Unique Apple-1 computer sells for big money

August 25, 2016: An ultra-rare Apple-1 computer raises $815,000 in a charity auction, one of the highest prices ever paid for one of the machines. Bidding actually reaches $1.2 million in the

How to use your iPhone when the screen is broken

Broken iPhone screen? Busted home button? Don't worry -- you can still use your iPhone, and even take photos using Siri. Here's how. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Why some people dump iPhone for Android

Most people would rather have a root canal than switch from iPhone to Android. In all fairness, the reverse is somewhat true, though people are far more like to switch to iOS than away. A new survey

Apple drops second round of iOS 12 betas this week

Apple is really moving on iOS 12. It has introduced new pre-release versions for both developers and the general public just a few days after the last ones. For developers, this is the tenth beta

Ikea expanding its HomeKit accessory lineup with smart plug

Ikea is looking to expand its lineup of Trådfri smart home accessories to include a pair of smart plug accessories that would allow your to control "dumb" devices with your smartphone or connected

How to bag a free Fortnite emote and stop hackers

Epic Games is giving Fortnite players even more of a reason to enable two-factor authentication by offering up a free emote. It won’t take you long to claim yours, and it’s the easiest way to prevent

Hands on with Nyloon’s Moai band for Apple Watch Series 4

Nyloon makes one of the best nylon NATO Apple Watch bands out there, and now offers a brand-new unboxing experience. Your shiny new Series 4 deserves a band made with really high-grade materials and

Get a nimble FPV drone without breaking the bank [Deals]

Drones are awesome. They’re also expensive, and tricky to fly, so it’s easy to feel stuck in the amateur league. The Spectre drone from TRNDlabs offers a way into the action. It’s got all the power,

Alleged iPad Pro case boasts a mysterious rear cutout

A mysterious cutout on an alleged leaked next-gen iPad Pro case suggests that Apple could be relocating the Smart Connector position on its new tablet — or even introducing a new connector or sensor

You can now run Windows 95 as an app on your Mac

Take a trip down memory lane by loading up Windows 95 on your Mac. Play classic Solitaire and Minesweeper, and soak up the experience once enjoyed by nearly 70 percent of computer owners in the late

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

August 24, 2011: With his health worsening, a cancer-stricken Steve Jobs steps down from his role leading Apple. Tim Cook assumes the role of Apple’s seventh CEO. “I have always said if there ever

iPhone Upgrade Program welcomes T-Mobile customers online

T-Mobile customers can now sign up to the iPhone Upgrade Program online — just in time for Apple’s big 2018 upgrades. Online enrollment was previously available to those on AT&T, Sprint, and

Police release video of yet another Apple Store robbery

Yet another Apple Store has been targeted by thieves in the latest in an ongoing spate of snatch-and-grab robberies targeting Apple retail stores. The robbery took place midday on Wednesday at an

Lisa Brennan-Jobs says she didn’t trust Steve’s official biographer

Lisa Brennan-Jobs, the firstborn daughter of Steve Jobs, has added her name to the list of people who weren’t fans of Jobs’ hand-picked biographer Walter Isaacson. Isaacson wrote the mega-selling

Tesla blames lack of cash on employee exodus to Apple

Apple has hired away numerous Tesla employees since the end of last year — and not just to work on its Apple Car efforts, either. According to LinkedIn data, 46 former Tesla employees have joined