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Alex Jones ‘patriots’ rush to App Store to download Infowars app

Fans of Infowars radio host Alex Jones have flocked to the Apple App Store to grab what’s left of his voice on social media. The iOS app Infowars Official was ranked the fourth most popular news app

macOS Mojave plays nicer with Outlook than ever

The tool Apple built to help Windows users switch to a Mac underwent significant improvements in the latest beta of maxcOS Mojave. It can now transfer accounts and documents from Microsoft Outlook.

One app keeps all your cloud storage under control

This post is presented by iMobie. These days, cloud storage is pretty much a must. It’s so common that many of us use at least two cloud services — maybe iCloud for photos and music, Google Drive for

iOS 12 beta 5 isn’t just for developers anymore

Developers got access to the fifth iOS 12 beta last week, and now anyone who’s interested can install this pre-release version on their iPhone and iPad. While work is still progressing on iOS 12, and

Load any audio file into Castro by dropping it into an iCloud folder

Supertop's Castro podcast app now lets you add any audio file, just by dropping it into an iCloud folder. You can also pre-select the chapters you want to hear. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

Fortnite 5.20 update adds new shotgun, Steady Storm mode

Prepare to do battle with a brand new shotgun in Fortnite Battle Royale. Epic Games’ latest update is available now with the double-barrel shotgun, a new Steady Storm game mode, and a whole host of

Why $1 trillion milestone changes the way Apple is valued

How high can Apple’s market value go? Less than a week after it became the first company to hit the $1 trillion mark, venture capitalist Gene Munster predicts that Apple’s value will continue to

Instapaper’s new Premium plan goes live on return to Europe

Instapaper has finally returned to Europe following a GDPR blackout, and users can now subscribe to its new Premium plan to unlock additional features. The service was pulled in the E.U. following the

Some U.S. citizens will be able to vote via app in midterm elections

In a possible glimpse at the future of elections, a small number of voters in November’s midtermS will be able to vote via mobile app. The app will predominantly be used by West Virginian military

Get deeper into the mix with this accessible DJ app [Deals]

These days, anyone with a Spotify account can call themselves a DJ. But making a room move is about more than pressing play. If you want to get you hands deeper in the mix, this adaptable, accessible

Military bans personnel from using location-tracking tech

Whether it’s our phones, our fitness trackers, or even something as innocuous as a dating app, much of the technology we use on a regular basis tracks our physical location. Knowing the potential

Apple Music adds new Friends Mix playlist

You don’t want to be that guy who’s never heard the track all your friends are raving about. But if you use Apple Music, you don’t have to be. The new “Friends Mix” playlist makes it easy to enjoy the

Today in Apple history: Original Mac Pro packs serious Intel power

August 7, 2006: Apple unleashes the Mac Pro, a high-end desktop computer that complete’s the company’s transition to Intel processors. Built for computation-heavy tasks like 3D rendering and

EU may force iPhone to switch from Lightning to USB

Apple has its Lightning connector and everyone else has USB. But EU regulators are considering whether they need to force a common standard for phone chargers. The idea is to cut down on the 51,000

Apple chipmaker is back up and running after malware attack

After being knocked out of commission over the weekend by a computer virus, iPhone chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) was back up and running on Monday. According to the

Privacy is the secret sauce that makes Apple Pay Cash special

From Apple Pay Cash to Venmo, there’s a growing number of peer-to-peer payment services that allow you to send cash to your friends. But which one is the safest to use? Respected product testing

Logitech’s new wireless iPhone charger solves an annoying problem [Review]

Having a wireless charging pad on my nightstand means never having to fish around in the dark for a Lightning cable plugged into the wall. However, there’s a tradeoff: Switching to wireless charging

Android Pie spotlights Google’s broken upgrade system

Google released Android 9 (Pie) to the public today, which should completely thrill the tiny percentage of Android users who can install it. For many, the wait for an upgrade will be months. For

Inexpensive LCDs could stay in Apple’s iPhone lineup until 2020

LG has reportedly been contracted to create LCD panels for an iPhone model that will be released next year. If true, it means that Apple is definitely planning a phone with a traditional LCD in 2019,

How to work when it’s really, really noisy

Roadworks? Construction? Screaming kids? Today we see how to get work done when there's nothing but annoying noise all around you. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)