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Zane Lowe discusses future of radio DJs in age of streaming

Beats 1 Radio host Zane Lowe says he’s excited that Apple Music’s competitors are starting to rip off his live streaming radio show. Lowe, who left the BBC’s Radio 1 to lead Beats 1 Radio, said in a

Busted! Samsung uses stock photos as proof of camera quality

When Apple wants to show off the camera quality of its latest iPhone, it mines social media for user photos by searching the hashtag “Shot on iPhone.” Apple then has plenty of actual iPhone images it

Google is getting ready to debut its own smart speaker with screen

Google is planning to take on Amazon with its own screen-equipped smart speaker, a new report claims. Amazon introduced its Amazon Echo Show in June 2017, followed by the smaller, cuter Amazon Echo

23 Prince albums just landed on Apple Music

If you’re a Prince fan and an Apple Music subscriber, today is your lucky day! That’s because the Prince Estate and Sony’s Legacy Recordings have released 23 of the Purple One’s albums, covering the

Prepare the perfect cocktail with Highball [50 Essential iOS Apps #50]

Mixing cocktails is an art form, and Highball is the perfect inspiration for your next classic masterpiece. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Save pages you want to read for later straight to your iPhone and Mac [Deals]

Being online means finding content that you’ll want to read later or share with friends. But depending on the device used, browser plugins, and other factors determine whether it’ll load correctly, or

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs’ stolen iPad turns up in clown town

August 17, 2012: Steve Jobs’ stolen iPad winds up in the hands of a clown called Kenny, who performs kids shows in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s a bizarre story all around, and fortunately winds up

Here’s what we can expect from next month’s Apple event (maybe)

Apple could introduce three new iPhones, two new iPads and an entry-level MacBook at its September event, according to a new report based on supply chain info. In addition to new details about the

Speed up MacBook Pro to 10 Gbps with this adapter

Don’t be jealous of the 10Gbps Ethernet port in the iMac Pro. OWC introduced an adapter for your MacBook’s Thunderbolt 3 port to connect to networks at the same massive speeds. Just be warned, the OWC

Apple reassures customers after teenager hacked its servers

Apple has reassured customers that none of their private data was compromised after a 16-year-old teenager plead guilty to hacking into the company’s servers. An Apple spokesperson said that, “[We]

Twitter calmly explains why it broke your favorite apps

Despite protests, Twitter made changes today that break some features of popular third-party apps. The company’s CEO explains that all Twitter is doing is finally enforcing a 9-year-old policy. Rob

How to block any website on iPhone and iPad

It's easy to block any website on your iPhone or iPad, to stop your kids from accessing it, perhaps. Here's how. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Hilarious Jimmy Kimmel video mocks fear that iPhones spy on us

Apple takes a firm stance on iPhone privacy, with strict rules. Nevertheless, many people remain nervous that their phone is spying on them. Comedian Jimmy Kimmel, on his eponymous TV show, pokes fun

See Turks smash iPhones to protest Trump’s tariffs

iPhone owners in Turkey are taking to the streets to smash their iPhones in protest against the country’s strained relationship with the United States. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on Turks

Cycle might be the world’s most relaxing music app

Cycle is a relaxing, meditative music app for iPhone and iPad. Just try to stay tense while playing it. Just try. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

iOS 12 public beta 6 improves markup tools, kills Group FaceTime

The wait for a new pre-release version of iOS 12 is over: the sixth beta can be downloaded now by anyone who wants to try it. The markup tools have been greatly enhanced. Sadly, the other major change

Tim Cook pays ‘Respect’ to Aretha Franklin, the late Queen of Soul

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s tweet mourning the death of soul singer Aretha Franklin was among countless remembrances flooding social media this morning after news of her passing began to spread. Cook’s

What’s in store for Apple Watch Series 4? [Wish List]

In just a few weeks, Apple looks set to unveil the biggest upgrade yet to its popular wearable. While the external appearance of Apple Watch has not changed much since its launch, recent leaks suggest

New clue points to Apple Pencil coming to iPhone

Both of this year’s OLED iPhones will support the Apple Pencil, a new report suggests, citing “industry insiders.” If true, this would represent the first time in Apple history in which the iPhone

Build and host a website with this economic Squarespace alternative [Deals]

Almost anyone has use for a personal or professional website. But building and hosting a site can be expensive, so deal hunting pays off. But if you think you’re getting the best deal with