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Pro tip: Quickly look up a word in iOS without an app

In iOS, you can look up words, and even translate them to other languages, all from the Spotlight search bar. Here's how. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Next MacBook might take unfortunate performance hit

After waiting years, Apple is reportedly given up on using some of Intel’s long-delayed processors in the budget MacBook expected this fall. Instead, the device will include chips that debuted last

Feast your eyes on the iPhone X Plus and new LCD iPhone

Want a possible early glimpse at what appears to be this year’s fancy new 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus and 6.1-inch LCD iPhone? Renowned Apple leaker Ben Geskin is here to help! Geskin posted the images on

Apple Pay will continue to dominate its Google and Samsung rivals

By 2020, Apple Pay could make up one of every two mobile wallet users globally, a new report suggests. At the time, the estimated total number of people using contactless payment solution created by a

5 key details to watch for in Apple’s Q3 2018 earnings report

When Apple unveils its latest earnings report Tuesday, some analysts think the numbers may be even better than expected. Q3 is usually Apple’s weakest quarter of the year as the iPhone sales cycle

Annotable makes annotation and markup powerful and easy [50 Essential iOS Apps #43]

Annotable for iPhone and iPad adds pro-level annotation and markup tools to highlight or hide whatever you want in an image. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

U.S. government agencies may finally listen to Jobs’ advice on Flash

Whether it was imagining a computer in every home in the 1970s or talking about selling software online before the internet was a thing, Steve Jobs was way ahead of his time. The latest example? That

Fortnite’s controversial guided missile is making a comeback

If you thought you had seen the last of the controversial guided missile in Fortnite Battle Royale, think again. Epic has confirmed the weapon is making a comeback in a future update. This time,

This Lightning cable combines tangle-free with extra reach [Deals]

Apple’s standard Lightning cables are the lifelines for our iDevices. But they’re not perfect, prone to frays and tears, getting tangled, and coming up short with reach. So this extra long,

Leaked iPad Pro schematics reveal mysterious new connector

Apple is expected to make drastic improvements to the iPad Pro this fall to introduce edge-to-edge screens and Face ID. But there could be some unexpected changes, too. Leaked schematics that give us

Today in Apple history: Apple launches ill-fated Lisa project

July 30, 1979: Apple engineers begin work on the Lisa computer, the company’s first to come with a graphical user interface and mouse. Incorporating technology Steve Jobs saw at Xerox PARC, the Lisa

Watch Tim Cook address LGBT community at LoveLoud festival

Tim Cook made an appearance at Utah’s 2018 LoveLoud festival over the weekend, sharing a few thoughts with the crowd before introducing the band Imagine Dragons. LoveLoud is a music festival

Apple may cave to government demands to keep iPhones in India

Faced with the threat of having the iPhone out of India altogether, Apple has supposedly agreed to implement a government-sanctioned Do Not Disturb app on its platform. Apple had previously refused to

Wirelessly power up your iPhone on the go with this travel charger [Review]

A wireless charger for your iPhone is very convenient, and now you don’t have to miss out when you’re on the road. The mophie Charge Stream Travel Kit includes a travel-size Qi wireless charger and

2018 iPhone with 6.1-inch LCD might boast slender screen bezels after all

There’s good news and bad news about the more-affordable 6.1-inch iPhone supposedly in development. The good new is it may have bezels almost as thin as the iPhone X. The bad news is it’s not expected

Dashlane, Menace Synth, Shhlack and other awesome apps of the week

This week we get all private, with a new version of Dashlane, the official password manager of Cult of Mac, plus the Shhlack privacy tool for encrypting your Slack chats to keep them safe from your

Today in Apple history: Mac Centris 660av is an audio-visual masterpiece

July 29, 1993: Apple releases the Macintosh Centris 660av, a computer packed with innovative audio-visual features. These include an AppleVision monitor with microphone and speakers, and a port that

Keep a watchful eye on your home when you’re away [Deals]

Whether it’s wrangling kids or avoiding break-ins, home security cameras are a must for many situations. Some security cams are a complex mess. But others, like this new smart Wi-Fi camera from Sinji,

2018 iPad Pro might make a change you’ll hate

The next-generation iPad Pro is going to have some nice improvements, like smaller screen bezels resulting in an edge-to-edge look. But not every change is likely to go down well with fans. Apple is

Philips Adore mirror brings HomeKit automation into the bathroom

Think about how nice it would be to dim the lights without having to get out of the tub. That’s one of the promises of the Adore Bathroom lighted mirror as it can be controlled from your iPhone or