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Fortnite update brings Tomato Temple, Rift-To-Go, Score Royale

This week’s Fortnite Battle Royale update has landed — and it’s a big one! Players can explore the new Tomato Temple area and take advantage of the Rift-To-Go to escape tricky situations. Epic Games

Apple has already created at least 3,500 jobs in India

Apple has so far created 3,500 jobs at its offices in Hyderabad, India — and it plans to hire 1,500 more people, bringing the total to 5,000. That’s in excess of the 4,000 jobs Apple initially

Today in Apple history: iPad takes to the skies with United Airlines

August 23, 2011: United Airlines says it will hand out 11,000 iPads for its pilots. It’s the largest rollout yet of Apple tablets as a replacement for the weighty flight bags previously carried by

Check out Apple’s spectacular new Kyoto store

Ahead of this Sunday’s opening of Apple’s first store in Kyoto, Japan, the company has published a few images of the store — showing the interior of what looks to be a stunning addition to Apple’s

Apple forces Facebook VPN out of App Store for stealing user data

Facebook has removed its Onavo Protect app from the App Store after reportedly violating Apple’s data-collection policies. The VPN service was being used to gather information about how people use

Apple’s plans for flagship store in Oz suffer another setback

Apple’s ambitions to open a new “global flagship” Apple Store in Melbourne, Australia, are at risk — thanks to the granting of a new heritage protection order that will let the government deliberate

5G iPhone will cost Apple a pretty penny

There’s no doubt Apple will eventually make a 5G iPhone. The high-speed standard was finalized a few months ago, and wireless service providers are building 5G networks. The next step is for the

Box of crystal meth shuts down Apple Store

The life of an Apple Store employee isn’t always easy. Sometimes they get punched in the face by irate customers, there are robberies, plus they have to put up with being mocked by Samsung. And then

Walmart horns in on the $1.1 billion e-book market

While brick-and-mortar bookstores have almost disappeared, the number of e-book stores grew today with Walmart throwing its hat into the ring. This is clearly an attempt to take on arch-rival Amazon

Apple raises cash for victims of India’s killer floods

Customers shopping the iTunes or App stores are being asked to consider monetary donations for flood relief in Kerala, India. Banners seeking donations began appearing on both sites Wednesday and

Everything you need to know about white balance for your iPhone camera

White balance is one of the most important settings on any camera. It can make the difference between vibrant colors and a muddy mess. It's also the setting least likely to be tweaked manually by

Office 2019 will force procrastinating Mac owners to upgrade

Microsoft clearly expects Office 365 for Mac users to keep their computers at least generally up to date. The company requires users to run macOS Sierra or a newer version to have access to additional

Turn your old Apple Watch into real cash in time for an upgrade

This year’s Apple Watch refresh could be the biggest yet. With rumors surrounding a new design and a larger edge-to-edge display, every smartwatch wearer is going to want to upgrade. To help you pay

EU may finally allow Apple to buy Shazam

Apple has been trying to buy Shazam since last December, but the deal has been held up for months by regulators in the EU. That’s reportedly just about to change. It’s likely Apple wants this

Photo fakery in smartphone ads shows genius of ‘Shot on iPhone’

Within a week’s time, two of the Apple’s biggest rivals got caught using misleading photos in ad campaigns that promoted the quality of their smartphones’ built-in cameras. The embarrassing screwups

Day One journaling app gets a major upgrade with audio notes

Super-popular journaling app Day One gets a big update, with a new editor view, photo grids, and audio notes. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Mystery iPhone spotted in Apple code hints at surprising refresh

Apple is expected to introduce three new smartphones this fall — all of which will include some of the best features of iPhone X. But it seems it could have another surprising refresh up its sleeve.

Cavalier Maverick may be the most stylish smart speaker yet [Review]

Boasting superior sound quality and a high-quality finish that ditches metal and plastic for distressed leather and fabrics, Cavalier Maverick is one of the best smart speakers we’ve tried. It’s a

Beware the vulnerabilities in this popular macOS mail app

Airmail 3, a popular email client for macOS, ships with big security vulnerabilities that could put users’ personal data at risk. Researchers uncovered an exploit that allows attackers to steal users’

Tim Cook could find himself $120 million richer this Friday

Tim Cook is set to rake in around $120 million in Apple stock this week, thanks to another year well done as Apple CEO. Cook will receive a maximum of $560,000 shares on Friday. This is split into two