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Face ID can’t stop boom in fingerprint-scanning displays

Apple may have opted for Face ID over in-display Touch ID for the iPhone X, but plenty of lower cost handset makers aren’t in a position to use facial recognition in their handsets — and they’re

Today in Apple history: Dev defends I Am Rich, his totally useless $1,000 app

August 10, 2008: The developer of I Am Rich, a pointless app that sold for a whopping $999.99, defends his notorious creation as “art.” Apple removed I Am Rich from the App Store in the wake of

Ex-New York transit official charged in $60,000 iPhone scam

A former official with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority official has been indicted in an apparent scam in which he purchased almost $60,000 worth of iPhones with taxpayer money — and then

Apple Pay usage grows strongly outside the U.S.

Most people are still leery about giving up their wallet. Only a small percentage of smartphone owners use their mobile to make purchases at brick-and-mortar stores. But attitudes are starting to

Former Tesla VP returns home to work on Apple Car

Doug Field, a former Vice President of Mac Hardware Engineering at Apple, has returned to the company after spending several years at Tesla. The interesting part? At Tesla, Field was employed as the

Samsung’s AirPower knockoff might be ready to ship before Apple’s

Samsung might finally beat Apple at its own game when it comes to wireless charging. During its Galaxy Note 9 keynote today, Samsung revealed that it has created a knockoff version of Apple’s AirPower

Video game developers are set to shine in Apple comedy show

Another day, another Apple TV series. The company continues to build a library of shows, despite having announced no plans what it will do with them. The latest is a comedy set at a video game

How Apple’s AI gurus made Siri an expert in local businesses

Siri is quite good at recognizing what we say, but used to run into difficulties with the names of small businesses. That was until Apple developers found a way to make her much better at this task.

Magnetic connector gives new MacBooks that old MagSafe feel

MagSafe connection is no more, but Magtop Pro brings back that feature on new MacBook Pros with Type-C charging. Magtop maybe the tiniest of Mac accessories, but there’s nothing small about its place

Get a MacBook Air for as little as $399 [Deals]

MyPhones Unlimited, the company behind our successful iPhone buyback program, is offering Cult of Mac readers $50 off refurbished MacBook Airs. These laptops come in the original box with the original

How to connect an external keyboard to your iPad

Hooking a hardware keyboard up to your iPad is easy, and brings all kids of cool features otherwise unavailable. Heres how to connect a keyboard to your iPad. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

Brand new Macs at risk of hacking during setup process

Apple’s rock-solid supply chain might be churning out new Macs that are already hacked. Getting a brand new Mac usually means you’re getting the freshest, most bug-free system possible, but security

Samsung preps rivals for Apple Watch and HomePod

Along with its newest smartphone, Samsung just unveiled two more products designed to take on some of Apple’s. The Galaxy Watch isn’t the Korean company’s first Apple Watch competitor, but this is the

Write catchy songs in your browser with Hookpad 2

Hookpad 2 brings the awesome music composition and study tool to the iPad and iPhone. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Google’s new Cameos app gives celebs a bigger voice on the internet

Google is giving celebrities a new way to answer some of the most popular questions asked by fans thanks to a new app called Cameos. The search giant launched Cameos on the iOS app store this morning.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 prepares to face the 2018 iPhones

This spring’s Galaxy S9 hasn’t sold all that well, so Samsung is pinning its hopes on the Galaxy Note 9, just announced this morning. This 6.4-inch Android device will have to compete with the iPhone

Fortnite beta lands on Android, but only for Samsung users

Epic Games has finally delivered its first Fortnite beta for Android. Fans have been waiting to get their hands on the game since it made its debut on iOS back in March. You’ll need one of a handful

iPhone rival snaps stunning photo of the Milky Way

A jaw-dropping photo of the Milky Way shows just how powerful a smartphone with three cameras can be. Photographer Daniel K. Cheong made the stunning picture below using the new triple-lens Huawei P20

Apple is cracking down on gambling apps

Apple is cracking down on gambling content in the App Store. The problem is that some of the apps caught in the crossfire don’t have very much to do with gambling at all. Several developers have noted

Apple may be forced to back down in India privacy clash

Apple may have “won” its standoff with the FBI over privacy, but it’s unlikely to be able to repeat the same feat in a clash with the Indian government on the same topic. A new article published by