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Now you can use olloclip lenses with all your devices

Rarely is a mobile phone lens attachment one-size-fits-all. But olloclip’s new Multi-Device Clip may come the closest. Announced by the California-based company this morning, the new clip brings flush

Apple explains latest MacBook Pro update

Apple pushed out another supplemental update for the 2018 MacBook Pro lineup this week. Its release notes didn’t tell us much about the release, but the company has now explained exactly what users

Capacious portable battery pulls triple duty [Deals]

On camping excursions, road trips or just long walks, it’s important not to lose use of your most important devices. Without a backup battery, that’s no guarantee, so why not get a battery that can

Apple faces lawsuit for allegedly suppressing conservative viewpoints

Apple is one of five tech companies — along with Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter — targeted in a new lawsuit accusing them of displaying bias against right-wing news outlets. The lawsuit comes

Apple Pay’s latest promo gets you free delivery on Postmates

Apple users can get free delivery on their first Postmates order when they use Apple Pay at checkout. The offer is valid until 11:59 p.m. on September 5, and you’ll need to use the Postmates app on

Tim Cook has made $701 million since taking over as Apple CEO

Want to know how much cash Tim Cook has raked in since taking over as Apple CEO in 2011, during which time he has almost quadrupled the company’s share price? It’s perhaps both more and less than you

Today in Apple history: App Store hits quarter-million apps for sale

August 30, 2010: Just two years after opening its virtual doors, the iOS App Store passes a key milestone: one-quarter of a million apps for sale. It’s a massive demonstration of success for a service

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt actress signs on for Apple TV show

Actress Jane Krakowski, perhaps best known for starring in Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and NBC’s 30 Rock, has reportedly signed on to join an Apple original TV series. Krakowski will join the

Hacker sentenced for ‘Celebgate’ iCloud phishing scam

The fourth hacker responsible for leaking nude images from hundreds of iCloud accounts, belonging to Hollywood celebrities and others, has been sentenced to prison. Connecticut-based George Garafano

UE Boom 3 crams ‘magic’ new features into iridescent package

Like a cute iMac G3 blossoming into a “simply breathtaking” iMac G4, Ultimate Ears’ Boom and Megaboom speakers just morphed into something even more wonderful. Sporting an updated design and loads of

Presidential iPad proves Trump is an Apple fanboy

Perhaps Pres. Trump is more tech savvy than many people would expect. He fires off his tweetstorms from his phone, and today we learned he uses an tablet. Specifically, we learned he uses an iPad.

People can’t wait to get their hands on the 2018 iPhone models

Apple hasn’t even announced its next generation of smartphones, and millions of people already want them. In fact, interest in upgrading to any iPhone is extremely strong. A survey of iOS users found

Square finally updates its card reader for Lightning era

Square, the payments company that makes it easy for small businesses to accept credit card payments wherever you go, is finally catching up with the times today by updating its tiny card reader.

Small phone screens go the way of the dodo

The iPhone 8 display is 4.7 inches. Over the next few years, phone screen sizes are expected to grow to the point that only a tiny fraction will be that small. Fortunately, it appears Apple is keeping

Sonos Amp gives old audio systems a brain boost

Got a bass-bumping home audio system but also got serious smart-speaker envy? The new Sonos Amp is here to save your old speakers by integrating them into Sonos’ ecosystem and adding a few new tricks

How to use iOS 12’s cool new selfie filters and AR stickers

The iOS 12 Camera app adds new filters, a full-screen camera, and even 3D face-tracking stickers. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Nifty Zagg Flex portable keyboard works with phones, tablets, and TVs

Many portable keyboards are designed for just one device. The new Zagg Flex works with any computer with Bluetooth, including tablets, smartphones, and most smart TVs. The keyboard comes in a

Everything we think we know about the 2018 iPhone lineup [Updated]

Apple is set to unleash its newest iPhones on the world in just a couple weeks and based on the rumors, these will be the most lust-worthy phones to ever come out of Cupertino. Not only will the 2018

Foxconn teams with Wisconsin university for $100 million lab

Foxconn has pledged up to $100 million to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to fund a new research facility for its College of Engineering. This facility will collaborate with Foxconn’s planned

Hot new basketball app uses AI to improve your shooting

Basketball star Jeremy Lin didn’t make the NBA with the help of an iPhone or iPad. But Lin could help the next generation raise their game thanks to an AI-powered iOS app he helped launch with a