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Google tracks you even if you tell it not to

Google’s claim that it allows users to completely turn off all location tracking is completely false, according to research conducted by the Associated Press. Whether you’re using an iPhone or Android

Save your ideas, thoughts, and memories with Day One [50 Essential iOS Apps #48]

Day One offers a feature-rich, modern journaling experience, and gives you the ability to keep track of, write about, or create a virtual archive of almost anything. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and

Spotify listeners in the U.K. can now access BBC’s vast back catalog

If you live in the UK and are a fan of the BBC, Spotify has some good news for you — since it’s just added “thousands of episodes” of BBC content to its app. “The BBC is one of the largest content

South Carolina man sues Apple over exploding iPhone 6

An iPhone user from South Carolina is suing Apple because he alleges that his handset exploded in his pocket two years ago. The incident occurred in fall 2016, when concerns about lithium-ion

Google could miss out on $50 million following Fortnite snub

Google could miss out on a $50 million payday this year alone as a result of Epic Games’ decision not to distribute Fortnite for Android through the Play Store. Android users must download the game

Easily create super-sharable video and GIF presentations [Deals]

There are plenty of uses for customer-facing videos, whether to show off new products or give tutorials. Not everybody has the editing chops to create solid video content, though, so this simple tool

Apple downplays asset value in pursuit of tax rebate

Apple plays down its financial milestones these days, and there’s a good reason for that: tax. According to a new report, Apple is one of a few companies which are “particularly aggressive” in

Fortnite challenges leak out early for season five, week six

If you’ve already completed your Fortnite challenges for season five, week five, you’re probably itching to find out what Epic Games has in store for us in week six. Thanks to a recent leak, now you

Today in Apple history: Power Mac G4 gets a mirrored redesign

August 13, 2002: Apple introduces the final design of its Power Mac G4, the so-called “Mirrored Drive Doors” model. The distinctive computer borrows visually from the previous “QuickSilver” G4,

Castro, Hookpad 2, Ribn, and other awesome apps of the week

Adobe's Lightroom CC for iPhone has a fantastic camera built-in; listen to any audio file in the Castro podcast app by dropping it into an iCloud folder; make a catchy song in your iPad's web browser

Today in Apple history: Apple’s war with IBM commences

August 12, 1981: The launch of the IBM Personal Computer ignites a long-running Apple-versus-PC rivalry. Secure in the Apple II’s technical superiority over the new PC, Apple welcomes International

Cult of Mac Magazine: iOS 12 vs. Android 9 Pie, and more!

In this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine: How does Apple’s upcoming mobile operating system compare to the new Android platform? We give you a blow-by-blow comparison of all the best (and worst) features.

Learn how to make that podcast idea a reality [Deals]

Podcasts have exploded into one of the most vibrant and powerful media forms. It’s hard to think of a format that is as accessible for content creators and consumers alike. So if you’ve had an idea

New mophie battery pack is truly built for iPhone [Review]

External batteries are widely available but surprisingly few of them are really designed with Apple users in mind. That’s because all too many require a microUSB cable to get power. The mophie

Today in Apple history: Happy birthday, Steve Wozniak!

August 11, 1950: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is born. While Steve Jobs may be the most admired Apple figure, Woz might be the most well-loved by fans. In addition to his most famous creation, the

Bliss out with noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones and save 69% [Deals]

When you put your music on, most of us want the outside world to stay out. You also want great sound quality, long life and wireless convenience. And guess what: We’ve found all that in one set of

Philips’ new Hue lights are ready to take over your home

Philips wants to cover your home from the inside to the outside with its new lineup of smart lightbulbs that debuted today. The new collection includes the smart vanity mirror that leaked last month

Samsung can’t believe Apple Pencil doesn’t work with iPhone

Samsung continues its “Ingenious” negative marketing campaign against the iPhone. The latest ad shows a customer confused that the Apple Pencil can’t be used on the iPhone. While Samsung’s ad makes a

How to delete all your tweets

Do you want to delete all your Tweets and move on from Twitter? It's not easy, but it can be done. Here's how. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

iPhone ads appeal to young people, confuse their elders

Apple’s latest TV ads are fast-paced and colorful. But a study by a market-research firm finds that Baby Boomers feel these ads aren’t aimed at them. The analysts theorize this is because Apple isn’t