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Today in Apple history: PowerBook 100 series is a smash hit

October 21, 1991: Apple launches its PowerBook 100 series. The lightweight laptops quickly become one of the most important tech gadgets of all time. These devices almost single-handedly turned

Logitech Crayon is a more affordable Apple Pencil alternative [Updated Review]

iPad is a great educational tool, no matter the age of the student. But some children are too young for a keyboard. That’s where the Logitech Crayon comes in. It’s a digital pencil designed for

Cult of Mac Magazine: Meet the hardware hacker who built an iPhone from scratch

Millions watched Scotty Allen build an iPhone from parts mined from Chinese electronics markets. While he loves the wild enthusiasm his iPhone-hacking videos spark, he says his Strange Parts series is

Today in Apple history: iMac goes big with 27-inch display

October 20, 2009: Apple goes big with its iMac redesign, introducing the first 27-inch all-in-one Mac. The aluminum unibody design looks so good that the iMac will remain virtually unchanged for

This minimal laptop stand takes a play from Apple’s design playbook [Deals]

A laptop stand is probably one of the few laptop accessories with the highest ROI. Ergonomically speaking, a laptop helps users alleviate neck and back pain from having to hunch over while laptop

How to rock out with a GarageBand Jam Session

GarageBand Jam Sessions let you connect up to four iPhones, wirelessly, and jam. It’s a lot of fun. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Jony Ive explains why Apple Park is a game-changer for designers

Jony Ive says he is “truly proud” of Apple Watch, which he describes as a powerful computer filled with sophisticated sensors that we strap to our wrists. And we can expect Apple to continuing

Tim Cook calls on Bloomberg to retract Chinese spy chip claims

Apple CEO Tim Cook is fighting back against a story from Bloomberg that claimed Chinese hackers put spy chips in Apple and Amazon’s servers. In a recent interview, Cook went on the record for the

Apple urges devs to get macOS apps notarized as free of malware

There’s a new method to let Mac users know that the software they’re installing isn’t loaded with malware. It’s called notarized apps, and Apple urges developers to use it. Right now, getting apps

You can still snag almost any iPhone XR on launch day

Apple began taking pre-orders for the iPhone XR early this morning, and there are still plenty of them left hours later. Contrast this with the iPhone XS launch which saw some configurations sell out

Meet the guy who built an iPhone from scratch

Millions have watched Scotty Allen build an iPhone from parts mined from the electronics markets of Shenzhen, China. DIYers and hackers write Allen, eager to repeat his geeky feat. So do people from

Apple wanted to bring the best of iMessage to every phone

Apple will never bring iMessage to third-party platforms like Android, but there was a time when it tried to convince carriers to adopt a standardized version for everyone. Former iOS chief Scott

Bullish analyst thinks Apple stock is going nowhere but up

When Apple passed the $1 trillion valuation earlier this year, you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve missed your chance to invest. Not so, claims tech Dan Ives of Wedbush Securities. According to

Scan text into your computer or phone, Star Trek-style [Deals]

Digital documents and cloud storage have been great for note-takers. The information is available anywhere there’s an internet connection, so there’s no risk of losing your notes or leaving them at

New AirPods, AirPower and Macs? Catch our ‘More in the Making’ hardware predictions on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: Waiting for new AirPods? Need that AirPower charging mat? Don’t you dare miss our “More in the Making” hardware event predictions, cause we bring out the crystal ball, and

Chinese consumer watchdog thinks Apple should pay up for phishing hack

After Apple acknowledged that a small number of its users in China had their iCloud accounts accounts hacked through a phishing scam, a Chinese consumer watchdog thinks the company should pay up. The

Today in Apple history: The forgotten first Mac with an internal CD-ROM

October 19, 1992: Apple launches the Mac IIvx, the first Macintosh computer to ship with a metal case and, more importantly, an internal CD-ROM drive. The last of the Macintosh II series, the Mac IIvx

Apple starts selling USB-C magnetic charger for Apple Watch

Apple is now selling a USB-C charger for Apple Watch. The 0.3-meter Magnetic Apple Watch Charger is identical in price and design to the USB-A version that’s been available for a while, but adopts the

Apple posts new iPhone XR ads to promote preorder day

Apple has posted its two new iPhone XR ads to YouTube to promote the device on preorder day. “Introducing iPhone XR” and “Spectrum” run for less than a minute each, but do a good job of highlighting

Evidence mounts that iPad Pro will ditch Lightning for USB-C

On paper, it sounds kind of surprising, but the reports claiming that Apple will include a USB-C port instead of its proprietary Lightning are certainly racking up. Recently, notable Apple analyst