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Productivity app Evernote lays off 15 percent of its workforce

Weeks after a report stating that it is in a “death spiral,” productivity app Evernote has reportedly laid off 15 percent of its workforce — amounting 54 people in total. The news was shared with

Today in Apple history: iPhone 6 is bigger and better than ever

September 19, 2014: The iPhone undergoes its biggest upgrade — both figuratively and literally — since the original, with the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets. The iPhone 6 brings a

Do not install the iOS 12.1 beta if you preordered an iPhone XS

Be sure to avoid Apple’s latest iOS 12.1 beta if a shiny new iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max will be turning up at your door on Friday. Updating too early could just cost you all your precious data! The

Apple makes last payment on $16.7 billion in Irish back taxes

Apple has now transferred all €14.3 billion it has been ordered to pay Ireland for back taxes. The cash will stay in an escrow fund while Ireland tries to convince the EU that Apple should get its

iOS 12.1 confirms new iPads are on the way

The September Apple event came and went without any mention of the iPad Pro models that had been the stars of so many rumors. But there’s still hope! Buried deep in the just-released iOS 12.1 beta 1

iOS 12 accidentally removes select Apple Watch Activity badges

A new Apple support document tells us certain “limited edition” Activity challenges are missing from Apple Watch Awards after users update to iOS 12. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

iPhone XS camera design proves even more impressive than we thought

The new camera sensors on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max could be worth a $1000 upgrade all their own. Early reviews of the new cameras are overwhelmingly positive. Even though we already knew Apple

Google Maps finally works with CarPlay

Apple Maps is no longer the only option for navigation through Apple’s CarPlay system now that iOS 12 is out. With an update released today for Google Maps, CarPlay users can now choose between Google

iPhone’s controversial notch may get smaller next year

The 2018 iPhones aren’t even out yet and we already have our first rumor about next year’s models. If you’re hoping for big changes in the 2019 iPhones, better temper your expectations. It seems the

The AnyTrans update brings back the good stuff iTunes threw out

This post is presented by iMobie. Last year, iTunes 12.7 launched as a version “focused” on music, TV shows, podcasts and audiobooks. The redesign was aimed at cutting bloat, so functions like the App

5 essential apps that work beautifully with iOS 12

iOS 12 adds some great features that can only be exploited by iPhone and iPad apps. Check out five of the best new iOS 12-ready apps available today. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

Dead batteries won’t kill NFC on iPhone XS and XR

It’s irritating when your iPhone runs out of battery. But it can actually be life threatening if you depend on your phone’s NFC feature to get into your dorm room or onto a train. That’s why the

The first iOS 12.1 beta is already here

Apple is not wasting any time making improvements to the huge iOS 12 update that was just released to the public yesterday. Developers received the first beta for iOS 12.1 this morning along with new

This is the proper way to type the new iPhone names

The official way to type the names of the 2018 iPhone lineup have finally been confirmed by Apple nearly a week after the company revealed the phones at its Gather Round keynote. All three of the new

Apple’s famous hyperbole factory works overtime

When you compare the iPhone 4 to the iPhone XS, virtually everything has changed. All except the script Apple uses when introducing its new handsets to the public. This is the tongue-in-cheek

First iPhone XS and XS Max reviews: Great phone, but not revolutionary

Early reviews for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have already come in and while most of the people that have tested the new device are impresssed, this years models aren’t as big a leap as the iPhone

You’ll never guess what’s inside the iPhone XS boxes [Unboxing videos]

The average joe won’t get their hands on the new iPhone XS until Friday, but a fortunate few got early access. That’s led to the first unboxing videos of Apple’s new flagship smartphone. These offer

No really … iPhone XS is a total steal, says Tim Cook

Apple’s latest iPhone lineup is its most expensive yet, with prices starting at $999 for the iPhone XS and $1,099 for the iPhone XS Max. But Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn’t see a problem with that. In an

Countdown to inbox zero begins with this email manager [Deals]

It’s way too easy to lose control of your inbox. Even if you practice good email hygiene, all the updates from work, friends, and advertisers makes for a constant struggle to stay on top, so many

Twitter brings back the chronological timeline

Twitter’s chronological timeline is back. The algorithmic timeline that was first introduced in 2016 remains the default, but users can now revert to the non-algorithm sorting method that Twitter