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How Apple Watch apps’ death spiral nearly killed my iPhone app

Two years ago, my partner and I launched an Apple Watch app to complement our iPhone fitness app. Little did we know that our embrace of Apple’s smartwatch would threaten the very existence of the gym

Get a jump on learning to code for iOS 12 with this 6-course bundle [Deals]

With tomorrow’s Apple announcement, the public will definitely get to see first-hand the improvements and new features of iOS 12. Apple’s new operating system is designed to hit on three marks: speed,

Apple’s self-driving car fleet lags behind Waymo and GM

Apple’s fleet of self-driving cars is expanding at an astonishing pace after starting with just three vehicles a year ago. New records posted by the California Department of Motor Vehicles reveals

Why iPhone XS is a brilliant name for Apple’s new phone

You might be pronouncing the name of Apple’s next smartphone incorrectly. And this goes beyond the confusion resulting from people not calling the iPhone X the “iPhone 10”. But it’s related. It turns

Don’t expect new Beats headphones at Apple’s iPhone event

Apple’s huge iPhone keynote tomorrow won’t give any stage time to the company’s Beats-branded headphones. Despite being the largest headphone brand in the world and inking a sweet new deal with the

Leaked iPhone Xr SIM card trays reveal new color options

The 2018 iPhone lineup is shaping up to be the most colorful Apple ever put out, based on new leaked images of alleged SIM card trays destined for the iPhone 9 (or iPhone Xr or Xc — whatever Apple

California Apple Store is robbed twice in less than 24 hours

The Apple Store crime spree continues in California. While another Apple Store robbery in the state may not be a shock, the number of times this particular store has been robbed certainly is. Monday’s

Instagram tests user tagging feature in videos

Instagram is testing a new feature which lets users tag their friends in video posts, instead of simply still photos. The feature is currently being trialled with a small number of users, although

How to watch Apple’s big ‘Gather Round’ keynote live on Sept. 12

Apple’s biggest event of 2018 is just a day away. We’re expecting a long list of exciting announcements, including a new iPhone lineup, upgrades for the iPad Pro, and an Apple Watch Series 4. Apple

iPhone X and iPad Pro imports risk being banned in South Korea

A number of Apple devices, including the iPhone X and iPad Pro, run the risk of being banned from South Korea, the home of Apple’s long-time frenemy Samsung. The Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry

Today in Apple history: Steve Ballmer freaks out and stomps an iPhone

September 11, 2009: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer reportedly snatches an iPhone from a Microsoft employee during a meeting and pretends to destroy it. This isn’t the first time Ballmer behaves in a

Apple video continues to push devs to use app subscriptions

Apple’s efforts to encourage developers to use in-app subscriptions continued this week with a new video published to its developer portal. “Developer Insights” highlights the benefits of a

Apple Pay now accepted at 7-Eleven stores across the U.S.

You can now use Apple Pay (and Google Pay) at 7-Eleven stores across the United States. “Most stores” will be accepting Apple’s mobile payments service by the end of this month, the retailer says.

Facebook’s ban of Alex Jones was prompted by Apple

Apple’s decision to boot five of far-right conspiracy theory website InfoWars’ podcasts off its platform was the trigger for Facebook doing the same with several of host Alex Jones’ pages on the

Apple’s big and bougie store on Paris’ Champs-Élysées opens in November

There are few streets more ritzy than the Champs-Élysées. That’s likely why an Apple Store is opening there this fall. At the same time, the company is closing its location in the Carrousel du Louvre,

New chip gives Google smartwatches a battery boost

After teasing it for months, Qualcomm today unveiled its processor designed for Wear OS smartwatches. The Snapdragon Wear 3100 is intended to put Google’s smartwatch platform on the map, instead of a

Stop waiting for iOS 12

The full release of iOS 12 is right around the corner. If you just can’t wait, it turns out you don’t have to. The last beta version Apple introduced is extremely stable. And it’s available now. You

Why AT&T customers could have a first shot at a 5G iPhone

Anyone eagerly awaiting a 5G iPhone probably should be an AT&T subscriber. This wireless service provider will have mobile 5G service in a dozen cities before any of its rivals have it in even

Smark translation device feels strangely retro in iPhone age [Review]

The Smark modular translator is something like Star Trek’s universal translator, a device able to instantly convert spoken words from one language to another. In the 1960s, this was pure sci-fi. But

Trump tariffs may jack up Apple Watch prices by 20%

Trump’s latest round of proposed tariffs will negatively impact Apple’s revenues but according to some numbers crunched by an Apple analyst, investors shouldn’t worry about the company’s profits being