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Apple cuts price of BeatsX headphones

The good news is that Apple just significantly cut the official price of BeatsX wireless headphones. The bad news is that half the color options also just went away. These in-ear headphones compete

iPhone XS first week sales solidly outpace iPhone 8

The iPhone XS and XS Max debuted last month, and some versions sold out almost immediately. But that doesn’t automatically mean they’re a huge hit. Still there’s new evideance that sales are strong.

Wi-Fi version names finally make sense

802.11ax will soon get a public release, but you won’t be left trying to remember if it’s better than 802.11ac or 802.11n. That’s because every version of Wi-Fi is getting renamed with a simple system

Cult of Mac’s 50 Essential iOS Apps [The complete list, sorted!]

After testing hundreds of iOS apps in a variety of categories, here is our complete (and sorted) list of our 50 essential apps for your iPhone or iPad, as well as some reader suggested alternatives.

iPhone XS Max camera takes second place in DxOMark rankings

The iPhone XS Max camera is one of the best mobile cameras ever tested by the digital camera testing lab DxOMark. It’s just not as good as Huawei’s triple-camera P20 Pro, the tests show. The XS Max

Hundreds of people are dying from selfies

Think twice before you take your next selfie because it could be your last. Selfie-related deaths are on the rise, according to a new study that found there were over 250 reported deaths from October

Everyone can get the latest iOS 12.1, macOS, watchOS, tvOS betas

Apple isn’t wasting time getting out the next versions of all its operating systems. Yesterday, it introduced fresh betas of iOS 12.1, macOS 10.14.1, watchOS 5.1, and tvOS 12.1 just for developers,

Brass grip gives iPhone camera feel and control of a DSLR

Each new iPhone and its ever-improving camera tends to stir up talk about the demise of the DSLR. Yet, there are just some key features of a conventional camera’s form factor that relegates the iPhone

Apple could ditch LG UltraFine displays as availability shrinks

Buying an LG display from Apple is becoming more and more difficult. Availability of the UltraFine 5K model is shrinking at Apple Stores around the world. It could indicate that Apple’s new desktop

iPhone XS lineup is great, but not as great as Samsung’s Note 9

Respected consumer testing publication Consumer Reports has released its full review of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. While neither Apple handset quite dethrones Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 as the

Twitter brings useful data saver feature to iOS

The official Twitter app for iPhone and iPad can now help you cut down on your data usage. Its new data saver feature takes steps to reduce the amount of data required to load tweets in your timeline.

Upgrading your iPhone? Get iMazing and kick iTunes to the curb [Deals]

iTunes isn’t always your best friend. When it comes to managing mobile data and backups, you can do better. Luckily, there’s a straightforward iTunes alternative — iMazing. Our own Leander Kahney

Apple joins other tech giants opposing proposed anti-encryption law

Apple has joined Alphabet, Amazon, and Facebook in opposing a proposed Australian law requiring tech companies to let law enforcement access private encrypted data in suspected criminal

Apple Music is getting exclusive Ministry of Sound playlists

Apple Music is teaming up for an exclusive playlist deal with the popular Ministry of Sound music label. The first playlist is set to debut on Thursday, October 4. The move isn’t just about helping

Today in Apple history: CEO Michael Spindler denies Apple is a ‘lame duck’

October 3, 1994: Apple CEO Michael Spindler reassures the world that Apple “is not a lame-duck company.” Why would anyone suspect that it is? The answer lies in Apple’s collapsing Mac sales, massive

Fortnite 6.0.1 update adds Chiller trap, new Playground options

This week’s Fortnite update is now available across all platforms, including iOS. Version 6.0.1 isn’t quite as exciting as last week’s big season six launch, but it does bring some new content to

Preorder iPhone XR using Siri Shortcuts and the Apple Store app

The Apple Store app has been updated to support Siri Shortcuts. It provides shoppers with an “even faster way” to preorder the iPhone XR later this month, Apple says. Here’s what you need to do to get

True Surf for iOS puts realistic surfing sim in the pocket

Okay, so the new iPhones are more waterproof than ever, but if you don’t fancy taking your Apple handset for a dip, the next best thing is a new game that landed in the App Store today. Called True

Feds test nationwide emergency alert system today

Your iPhone could send out a pair of alerts this afternoon, but they aren’t ones you’ve set yourself. Instead, they’re from the U.S. government, and both are test messages. The goal is to try out a

Samsung hands out free phones to Appel fans

The Appel community is all over Samsung these days. And, no, before you accuse us of failing to properly proofread these articles, we’re talking about Appel, a hamlet in the Netherlands with a