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Today in Apple history: The Beatles beat Apple in court

October 9, 1991: A court orders Apple to pay $26.5 million to Apple Corps, The Beatles’ record label and holding company, for trademark infringement. It is the second time Apple is forced to pay The

Big 2018 iPad Pro details spilled in new leak

It is looking increasingly likely that Apple will deliver a new iPad Pro lineup before the end of 2018. A new report, citing a number of sources familiar with the company’s plans, reveals some things

TrueDepth camera will reveal who to trust in new Game of Thrones game

One of the cool things about iOS gaming has been seeing how developers incorporate Apple’s new technologies into the games that they offer. At first, it was features like the accelerometer and now,

Security researcher named in China spy chip story voices doubts

One of the sources named in Bloomberg‘s recent report on alleged Chinese spy chips in motherboards used by Apple and other companies has cast doubts on the story. Speaking on a podcast published this

iOS 12 users can’t downgrade to version 11

Be warned: anyone who upgrades their iPhone or iPad to iOS 12 no longer has the option to downgrade. It’s not possible to go back to any version of iOS 11. Not that there’s much reason to want to.

Google+ gets the axe after exposing users’ private info

Google took a one-two punch to the chin today by having to admit its once ballyhooed Facebook competitor is a dud. There’s so little interest in Google+ it’s being killed off. That would normally be

iPhone XS Max display is scientifically healthier for your eyes

Apple may have downplayed one major feature for the display of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Based on testing from Tsing-Hua University in Taiwan, it turns out that the new OLED displays are

Dieter Rams has a new challenge for Apple

Dieter Rams, a god-like figure to industrial designers around the world, usually speaks very glowingly about the design of Apple products. But in a new documentary with the aptly minimalist title

How to change background blur in iPhone XS and XR photos

The iPhone XS and XS Max let you adjust the portrait mode blur after shooting a photo. Here's everything you need to know about Depth Control on iPhone XS. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through

Say good-bye to the Lightning to 30-Pin Adapter

Back in the distant mists of 2012, everyone needed an adapter to plug their collection of 30-pin charging cables into Apple’s new Lightning port. Fast forward to today and this once crucial accessory

iOS 12.0.1 fixes serious Wi-Fi and charging bugs

Anyone with iOS 12 — and we know that’s most of you — should download a small update that fixes bugs that have affected some users. A Wi-Fi slowdown problem was only bothering iPhone XS users, but a

Forget Twitter, Fiery Feeds is the best way to read the news

Fiery Feeds RSS reader now has Siri Shortcuts, iOS 12 support, and native Pinboard integration. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Microsoft will stream high-end games to your iPhone

Microsoft plans to start streaming high-end games to your iPhone, iPad, and other devices. Its new service, dubbed “Project XCloud,” will remove the need for dedicated games consoles and pricey PCs —

Facebook wants to put a camera in your living room

Do you trust Facebook to put a camera and microphone in your living room? If not, you’ll want to avoid Portal, its new smart displays focused on video chat. Portal and Portal Plus make it easy to keep

Protect your new iPhone XS series in style [Deals]

New iPhone, new reason to stress out over drops and dings. There are all sorts of cases of all different shapes and sizes to choose from, but sometimes simple is best. The iPM Silicone iPhone X Series

Apple has a plan to get Apple TVs into more homes in the U.K.

Apple is reportedly in talks with U.K. telecommunications company BT, regarding a possible partnership in which Apple TV boxes are provided to subscribers. As per the Daily Telegraph, both groups are,

iPhone users’ lawsuit against Google thrown out of court

A lawsuit against Google, claiming to represent 4.4 million iPhone users, has been thrown out of court by a U.K. judge. The Apple-using coalition, a group called “Google You Owe Us,” was asking for up

Today in Apple history: Apple’s sapphire dreams shatter

October 8, 2014: Apple says it is “surprised” after GT Advanced Technologies, the supplier rumored to be manufacturing ultra-strong sapphire glass displays for the new iPhone 6, says it will file for

Apple sends letter to Congress about alleged China spy chip

There are plenty of stories published about Apple that I’m sure it would rather not floating around the internet. But when it is accused of having had its motherboards — along with those used by

Department of Homeland Security backs up Apple’s China spy chip claims

The Department of Homeland Security says that it believes Apple’s denial of claims that Chinese spies had inserted malicious chips into its computer system. Based on current evidence, at least. In a