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Apple Watch Series 4 goes big with edge-to-edge display and ECG

The Apple Watch received its biggest update yet this morning with the announcement of Apple Watch Series 4. Not only does it pack a bigger display, but Apple is also adding new health sensors and new

Live blog: Apple unveils its biggest iPhone lineup ever

Apple’s most anticipated keynote of 2018 is finally here and thanks to a bevy of leaks, it might be short on surprises. Details about the entire 2018 iPhone lineup have already surfaced online, even

Ring in Apple’s big announcement with our top iPhone accessories [Deals]

Today, Apple adds another generation to its line of mobile devices and operating systems. iOS 12 and iPhone Xs come with a whole new set of features that you can read about elsewhere, but one thing

Apple Watch Series 4 will come in 40mm and 44mm sizes

Apple Watch Series 4 will be the biggest Apple Watch to date. A huge Apple leak has today confirmed all kinds of juicy details about its new products hours before their official unveiling — including

Today in Apple history: iPhone 5 brings big changes, new EarPods

September 12, 2012: Apple introduces the iPhone 5, with a super-slim form factor that makes it the thinnest smartphone in the world. The new iPhone also brings impressive upgrades such as a greatly

Big Apple leak contains no sign of new Macs or iPad Pros [Updated]

If you were hoping to see new Mac and iPad Pro models during today’s Apple keynote, it looks like you could be sorely disappointed. A huge Apple website leak that has confirmed the names of its

Huge Apple website leak confirms new iPhone names and colors

The names of Apple’s next-generation smartphones have been leaked on the company’s own website hours ahead of today’s big keynote. iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPhone Xr were all mentioned in a

Be right back: Apple Store goes down ahead of today’s event

As expected, the Apple Online Store has gone down hours ahead of today’s special event. When it returns later on (read: shortly after the conclusion of Apple’s keynote), we expect to see new iPhones,

Don’t expect 2018 iPhones to pack rear-facing 3D sensors

Apple won’t integrate rear-facing 3D sensors in this year’s iPhone lineup, according to one reliable analyst. Earlier predictions suggested the company would make the upgrade in an effort to deliver

Netflix picks up Steven Soderbergh’s latest movie shot on iPhone

Netflix has bought the global distribution rights to Steven Soderbergh’s latest movie High Flying Bird — which, true to the iconic director’s previous word, was shot on iPhone. This is the second

Get ready to splash some serious cash on this year’s iPhones

We’re less than 12 hours away from Apple unveiling its new iPhones, and analysts are taking a last stab at predicting the prices of the company’s new handsets. The bad news? Provided their estimates

How to recycle, reuse, give away, or sell your old iPhone

What do you do with your old iPhone when you buy a new one? You can sell it, recycle it, reuse it, or just give it away. Here's how. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple, Samsung crush a troll’s hotspot patent

It’s not every day that Apple and Samsung can find grounds for cooperation, but even these arch rivals can agree about stomping on a patent troll. The two companies managed to convince a federal court

Readdle’s awesome productivity apps hit 100 million downloads

If you use a lot of productivity apps on iOS, the chances are one of them was made by Readdle. The Ukrainian company has built some of the biggest and best software for getting things done, including

2018 iPhone keynote will be streamed on Twitter for the first time ever

Apple is offering more ways than ever for fans to tune into the 2018 iPhone keynote and apparently Twitter is in the mix too. In a tweet this morning, Apple announced that the entire keynote will be

eBay’s new tech controls your iPhone with head movements

The TrueDepth camera on the iPhone X is what makes FaceID and Animoji possible. But a brilliant intern at eBay used to tech to create head-tracking software that can be used to control the iPhone.

Gorgeous concept video shows off beautiful iPhone XC colors

There’s less than 24 hours to go until Apple’s official trailers for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XC are available for the masses to view. Until then, this concept trailer is the next best

Phoneslinger is a fancy fanny pack for iPhone photogs

The serious iPhone photographer has forsaken their DSLR and the weight of a bag full of gear. But they’re running out of pockets. That’s because mobile photographers, much like a DSLR shooter, are

Sell your old Apple devices now to get the best price

There’s still time to sell your old iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch and get the best price before new devices are unveiled at tomorrow’s big Apple event. Cult of Mac’s buyback program makes it incredibly

Redesigned MacBook Air is coming, just not tomorrow

Apple is about to refresh much of its product line, with new iPhones, iPad Pros, and Watches anticipated. However, an updated MacBook Air announcement tomorrow isn’t likely. The company is expected to