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Handy Shortcuts app launches alongside iOS 12

The full version of iOS 12 is now available for everyone. One of its cool new features is Siri Shortcuts, but those who want to automate functions on their iPhone also need to download a separate

DearMob giveaway: Back up your iPhone before iOS 12 upgrade — without iTunes

This post is presented by DearMob iPhone Manager. Apple has launched another new raft of iPhones and a shiny new mobile operating system, iOS 12. That means some cool new features, but also the pain

iPhone XS preorder volume fails to impress analysts

Apple started taking pre-orders for both iPhone XS series models on Friday. One analyst says sales of these new models weren’t as strong as the first weekend of the iPhone X. It seems that interest in

watchOS 5 and tvOS 12 can now be installed by everyone

Apple TV and Apple Watch owners received some new software goodies this morning in the form of tvOS 12 and watchOS 5, coinciding with the public launch of iOS 12. While tvOS 12 only contains a couple

Download iOS 12 now to make your iPhone and iPad faster

The biggest iOS update of 2018 is finally here. After months of beta testing, Apple finally released iOS 12 to the public, making it available as an over-the-air update. The new iPhone and iPad

iPhone XS camera put to the test by globe-trotting photog

Austin Mann is one of those lucky photographers who gets a new iPhone before the rest of us. Apple knows he will take it to some colorful location and make the kind of pictures that show off the

WebKit exploit can crash Macs and iOS devices

A security researcher discovered a new Safari vulnerability capable of crashing your Apple device. The vulnerability exists in the WebKit engine used to render pages in Apple’s web browser. The crash

Apple Music and Spotify make up 80 percent of U.S. streaming subs

Streaming music has come a long way! According to a new report, the number of people now paying a monthly music streaming subscription in the U.S. is around 51 million. That’s close to double the

Make your daily tasks into fun flow charts [Deals]

We all know adulting is hard, and staying on top of day-to-day tasks is a big task unto itself. Paper and pen are great for staying organized and capturing ideas. But we live in the digital age, so it

Cult of Mac Magazine: New iPhones, New Apple Watch, and much more!

In this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine: New iPhones (loads of ’em). New Apple Watches that could save your life. While some big leaks spoiled this week’s Gather Round event, we still got some surprises.

Apple’s MIA AirPower charging pad is seriously messed up

Last week’s Apple event marked one year to the day since Apple showed off its AirPower wireless charging mat for the first time. Since then, however, Apple hasn’t mentioned anything more about the

Today in Apple history: Apple stock smashes through $700 barrier

September 17, 2012: On the back of record iPhone 5 preorders of 2 million in 24 hours, Apple’s stock price hits a new all-time high. For the first time in history, AAPL breaks the $700 mark in

Apple employees tell fascinating stories about One Infinite Loop

One of Apple’s pre-eminent historians, tech journalist Steven Levy, dropped an Apple history treasure trove over the weekend. Published by Wired, the oral history of Apple’s Infinite Loop campus

Apple Watch Series 4 and iPhone XR are this year’s big winners

The iPhone XR is likely to be the most popular new iPhone this year, followed by the iPhone XS Plus, and, in last place, the iPhone XS. That’s according to highly respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Sunlit, HomeCourt, SynthDrum Kick, and other amazing apps of the week

This week we kick back with a kick drum synth, post some selfies on Sunlit, and shoot some hoops (or whatever the kids call it) with HomeCourt. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

Why Apple makes it nearly impossible to fix your own iPhone

Whenever a new iPhone or iPad is released, Apple gets criticized for how hard it is to work on. Special tools are required and everything is glued together. Replacing your own screen or battery is

Get educated on what running an online business takes [Deals]

The internet is a boon for business, but only if you know how to use it. So we’ve rounded up four courses covering the how’s and why’s of marketing online. Courses cover the basics of e-commerce and

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs leaves and rejoins Apple

September 16, 1985 and 1997: Twice on this day, Steve Jobs makes significant moves with regard to his career at Apple. In 1985, he quits the company he co-founded. Then, a decade and a half later, he

iPhone XS Dual SIM won’t come until later this year

Apple touted support for using multiple SIM cards at once in its new top-tier iPhones during their announcement. But there’s a problem the company “forgot” to mention: this feature won’t be available

These Beats-style noise-canceling headphones won’t break the bank [Deals]

We’ve all been conditioned to look with envy at a set of Beats headphones. But that’s mostly marketing, and the allure of expensive toys. Turns out it’s possible to get comparable sound quality for a