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Apple employee spotted walking streets wearing giant backpack with sensors

Apple’s mapping fleet is moving on two feet to get a closer look at your local streets. We’ve seen Apple’s mapping vans roaming the U.S. for years now, but this week an Apple employee was spotted

Face off! Developers cook up custom Apple Watch faces

The pressure is building on Apple to finally add third-party watch faces to the Apple Watch after a couple of developers have shown how easily they can be made. Custom watch faces have been the

Use Shortcuts to share a beautiful grid of your photos

This shortcut makes a beautiful photo grid from your day's pictures, perfect for sharing or printing. It's also really fun to make. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple Phone concept brings new twist to iPhone’s iconic notch

Apple’s iconic notch on the iPhone X and iPhone XS has already spawned a number of Android imitators, but concept designer Antonio De Rosa has an idea that could throw a curveball at the competition:

Your new iPhone deserves a minimalist case that lets it shine

This post is presented by Totallee. Apple devices are appealing for many reasons, and chief among them is their exacting design. The in-hand feel of an iPhone is as key to owning one as any other

How to check if your Facebook account was hacked

30 million accounts on Facebook were recently hacked with attackers gaining access to highly sensitive personal information. The FBI is investigating the hacking an has asked the company not to reveal

Instagram wants to tap out on infinite scrolling

The days of scrolling through your entire Instagram feed may soon be coming to an end. Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature that would allow users to move through posts by tapping on the

Taking the new Apple Watch Series 4 on vacation [Review]

In 2015, I purchased my wife a stainless steel Apple Watch (series 0) for her birthday. Since then, she’s used it track hundreds of workouts, reply to thousands of texts, and triage countless

New Apple case shows iPhone XR’s true colors

Apple didn’t make a big thing about iPhone XR accessories that will be available when the less-expensive device launches later this month. However, an eagle-eyed iPhone XR fan (try saying that several

Even surge protectors are getting smart [Deals]

Just a couple years ago, few imagined owning a HomePod or Echo, but now we’re shouting to one from the kitchen asking for recipes. Everything’s going smart these days, from refrigerators to light

You can now use Apple Pay at CVS

CVS Pharmacy has finally completed its Apple Pay rollout in stores across the U.S. It slowly started adding support a few weeks ago, but customers should now be able to enjoy it at all locations

Is Apple prepping big Mac updates for an October event? Catch our discussion on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: Is Apple preparing to dump a bunch of much-needed Mac updates on us? We discuss. Plus: Something very strange is going on with the Mac — we fill you in. And is MacBook Pro’s

Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost is killing it on mobile

Dragalia Lost, the latest mobile game from Nintendo, has been killing it during its first two weeks of availability — despite being available only in a handful of markets. New data reveals the action

Today in Apple history: iCloud takes our files and photos to the sky

October 12, 2011: Apple launches iCloud, a service that lets users automatically and wirelessly store content and push it to their various devices. iCloud’s arrival marks the end of Apple’s “digital

TMSC will be Apple’s exclusive manufacturer for next year’s A13 chips

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has been the exclusive manufacturer of Apple’s A-series mobile chips since 2016, and it appears that this arrangement will continue on into 2019.

Photo shows what may be Thailand’s first Apple Store

We may well have confirmation of the opening of the first Apple Store in Thailand, thanks to an image shared on social media. While it doesn’t reveal the retail store in all its completed grandeur, it

Apple wants your iPhone to warn you of spoofed calls

Everyone loathes telemarketers, but phone scammers are much worse. Spoofers are people who trick the phone system into mis-identifying the number they are calling from. This causes people to believe

Kanye surprises Apple store with bizarre tabletop ‘keynote’

Customers at the Apple store in Washington D.C. we’re taken by surprise this afternoon by an impromptu keynote hosted by Kanye West. After telling Trump this morning that Apple should make the

Over 50% of iPhones and iPads now run iOS 12

iOS 12 is now officially the most popular version of iOS in existence, according to the latest adoption numbers from Apple. After being released to the public less than a month ago, Apple is reporting

Facebook turns iPhone bokeh images into 3D Photos

Bokeh images look sort of three dimensional, with their subjects in focus and their backgrounds blurry. Facebook took this idea and ran with it. The social networking service created tech to turn