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Beautygate: Apple might ‘fix’ iPhone XS selfie camera

The selfie camera on the iPhone XS may soon return your sudden good looks back to your old face. Apple is reportedly working to dial back some of the effects from its front-facing camera after several

Appeals court reverses $234 million patent-infringement ruling against Apple

An appeals court just reversed the 2015 decision against Apple made in a patent-infringement lawsuit brought by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The original court ruled that the iPhone-maker owed

Spotify asks family plan subscribers to prove they are family

Spotify’s family plan makes it cheaper for multiple users to enjoy its premium music streaming service. But don’t try sharing it with friends. Spotify is now asking family plan subscribers to prove

Ex-Apple engineer wants a piece of Find My iPhone

The former Apple engineer who worked on Apple’s “Find my iPhone” feature is suing the company to get them to acknowledge his role as inventor, and to compensate him for unfair dismissal. Engineer

Apple hires more series regular for its Dickinson TV show

Apple continues to pad out the cast for its Dickinson series, a comedic look at the world of 19th century poet Emily Dickinson. Joining current cast members Hailee Steinfeld and Jane Krakowski will be

Score 5,000 vector icons perfect for all kinds of design projects [Deals]

Whether you’re building an app or designing a site, icons are key to creating a clear interface. Unless you’re a graphic designer, you’ll have to hire one or get access to an asset library. Either

Catch our first-week impressions of Apple Watch 4 and iPhone XS Max, this week on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: Beautygate — what it is, and why it’s undoubtedly the dumbest “gate” in the history of iPhone! Plus: How have we liked our first week with Apple Watch 4 and iPhone XS? We

17 people now in custody for Apple Store robberies

The number of people arrested for playing a part in the spate of snatch-and-grab Apple Store robberies throughout California has risen to 17. Investigators claim that a crime ring was responsible for

Fortnite challenge guide for season 6, week 1

Fortnite season six kicked off on Thursday with massive changes, including new areas to explore across the Battle Royale map, new items, and more than 100 new rewards. To earn those rewards faster,

Today in Apple history: ‘Here’s to the crazy ones’ who ‘think different’

September 28, 1997: Apple debuts its iconic “Think different” television commercial, aligning the troubled computer company with some of history’s most celebrated freethinking rebels. The most famous

Addictive new iOS game is all about … throwing strips of bacon?

A game where you flip bacon through the air doesn’t sound, on paper, like it should be a winner. But when it comes from Philipp Stollenmayer, the app developer who previously created the brilliant

Android app maker upset at Apple over its use of ‘Memoji’ name

iOS 12’s Memojis — Animoji-style avatars which look like the user, rather than talking poop emojis or animals — are a cool feature that sets Apple apart from some of its Android rivals. But according

watchOS 5.0.1 kills Apple Watch charging bug

Apple Watch just got a major operating system upgrade last week and there’s already a “bug fix” update. Most of the issues watchOS 5.0.1 deals with seem fairly minor, but at least one of them is

Steve Jobs’ ad guru calls iPhone names ‘a war against common sense’

Apple’s decision to name its new flagship product the “iPhone XS Max” has drawn criticism. But none so harsh as from Ken Segall, who worked closely with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs on marketing for

Group FaceTime returns in first macOS 10.14.1 public beta

macOS 10.14 Mojave is still very new, but Apple isn’t resting on its laurels. It has already released the first public beta of a significant update. Version 10.14.1 isn’t just bug fixes; it’s the

iPhone XR gets go-ahead for October launch

The iPhone XR has been cleared for takeoff by the FCC. Apple’s budget-friendly phone received the FCC’s official stamp of approval this morning, allowing the company to go-ahead with its plans to

How to create your first Siri Shortcut

Shortcuts is a powerful and amazing way to automate almost anything on your iPhone. It's also a little confusing to get started. Here's how to use it. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

Totallee’s thin, clear cases are the perfect match for iPhone XS Max, XS and XR

This post is presented by Totallee. Ready to snag one of the new iPhones that Apple just unveiled? The new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR are sleek, sexy and pricey, so you’re going to want to

Logic Pro X and MainStage 3 get updated with tons of new tweaks

Apple’s professional audio editing software, Logic Pro X, got a sizeable update today, bringing a host of new features to make editing and mixing music even easier. Logic Pro X version 10.4.2 now

Shocker! Clever kids find ways around Screen Time restrictions

iOS 12’s Screen Time feature lets parents monitor and limit how much time their children spend on their iPhone and iPad. It should surprise no one that smart kids with lots of free time have found