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See Ullu’s colorful leather cases for iPhone XS and XS Max

We know and love Ullu’s leather straps for Apple Watch, so much so that they are best-sellers in Cult of Mac’s Watch Store. The company’s bread and butter, however, is its popular iPhone cases. Check

Face ID fails to recognize difference between twins

Apple’s foolproof Face ID system looks like it has met its match. Even though Face ID is supposed to faster on the iPhone XS and XS Max, it appears that the security system can be completely fooled by

CultCast fans, this is the Siri Shortcut you need

Siri Shortcuts are proving to be one of the most useful new additions in iOS 12. If you’re a fan of Cult of Mac‘s weekly podcast, The CultCast, we’ve got the perfect shortcut that’ll ensure you never

Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac brings loads of new features

Microsoft Office for Mac just got its first major update in years. Previews of the 2019 edition have been appearing for months, but the wait for the full version is over. It brings loads of new

Waze’s next-gen navigation cruises onto CarPlay

For too many years, the only navigation application for CarPlay users was Apple Maps. But iOS 12 changed that. Last week, CarPlay users got access to Google Maps. And now the rival Waze is an option.

iPhone XS Max whips Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in speed tests

Both Samsung and Apple offer really large smartphones fo those who want to carry a miniature tablet around with them everywhere. Anyone trying to decide between the iPhone XS Max and the Galaxy Note 9

iPhone XS Max boasts the best smartphone display ever

Apple knocked it out of the park with the new OLED display on the iPhone XS Max. Reviews have been glowing about the huge new screen ever since it came out last week and now one of the most objective

Everything you need to know about macOS Mojave

Everything we've written about macOS Mojave, all in one comfortable, safe welcoming space. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple Park gets bricked in amazing Lego replica

As architecture to behold, the Apple Park “spaceship” campus has received the ultimate validation — as a Lego model. The iconic ring, the circular Steve Jobs Theater, the fitness center, and even the

How to prepare your Mac for macOS Mojave

Is you Mac ready for Mojave? Get ready for the free macOS Mojave upgrade with these tips for backing up and organizing your Mac. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

iPhone XS Max vastly outsells smaller XS

When it comes to iPhones, it appears bigger is much better. The iPhone XS series debuted on Friday, and a respected analyst reports the larger of the two is selling far, far better than its smaller

Apple Watch fall detection disabled by default … unless you’re old

Don’t just assume your new Apple Watch Series 4 will be there to help you when you drunkenly fall into a neighbor’s flowerbed on your way home from the bar. If you’re under 65, fall detection is

Sirius XM plans to buy Pandora for $3.5 billion

Two of the biggest companies in the music business are teaming up to try to better take on Spotify and Apple Music. Sirius XM revealed today that it plans to acquire the music streaming service

This Siri shortcut keeps an eye on police during a traffic stop

The smartphone has become a useful tool in shining a light on police abuse and overreach. Now, there’s a Siri shortcut that quickly readies your iPhone to record your experience with police during a

Teardown reveals beautiful guts inside Apple Watch Series 4

Steve Jobs famously adopted a “paint the back of the fence” approach when it came to design, making sure that the parts of his computers people didn’t see were every bit as attractive as those they

Apple finalizes Shazam acquisition and vows to remove ads

Apple has confirmed its acquisition of Shazam is now complete, nine months after it was first announced. The company’s first move will be to rid the music service, which is used more than 20 million

Don’t be fooled: iPhone XS is not a boring ‘S’ upgrade [Review]

If you ever watched schlocky ’70s sci-fi show The Six Million Dollar Man, you probably remember the opening sequence, during which a faceless narrator describes building a man who is “better than he

Learn to build awesome iOS 12 apps [Deals]

iOS 12 has finally landed, bringing with it a whole raft of new features and updates like Siri Shortcuts and enhanced AR. It offers plenty of opportunity for developers to innovate and build awesome

Apple teams up with Salesforce to deliver better business apps for iOS

Apple has entered into a new partnership with Salesforce to deliver new iOS apps focused on business. Salesforce is redesigning its app and adding exclusive new features as part of the deal, while

Storage is cheaper than ever, but iPhone customers don’t benefit

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Apple doesn’t go out of its way to pass savings on to to customers. According to a new report, despite the cost of NAND flash memory halving in price over the past year, Apple