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Apple adds new actors to cast of morning TV news show

The full cast of Apple’s morning TV show comedy is starting to take shape after two more actors have signed onto the project. Billy Crudup and Gugu Mbatha-Raw have joined the cast for the untitled

Xiaomi kills the notch with its new bezel-free smartphone

One of the biggest Apple copycats finally found a way to bring some innovation of its own to the smartphone game. Xiaomi unveiled its new Mi Mix 3 phone today that ditches the camera notch Apple

Linea Go, the iPad’s best drawing app, is now on iPhone

Linea Go is the little sister of Linea, perhaps the best pick-up-and-go drawing app on the iPad. And unlike the iPad, where there are a ton of really top-end drawing and painting apps, the iPhone has

Spike Jonze’s stunning HomePod ad dances away with more awards

“Welcome Home,” a television commercial for the Apple HomePod directed by Spike Jonze, welcomed another slew of advertising awards today. Apple took home two first-place honors in the prestigious

New Pokémon Go feature makes exercise enticing

Playing Pokémon GO requires you to get off the couch and explore the world. The game now takes that idea and runs with it (pun intended) by rewarding you for exercising even when not hunting virtual

Twitterrific for Mac gets share extensions, big improvements

Twitterrific, one of the best third-party Twitter clients still standing, just got a nice new update on macOS. The latest version of the app finally brings support for share extensions, and some

Fill the style deficit with Rilee & Lo’s stainless-steel, stretch-link Apple Watch bands

Dress up your dashing new Apple Watch with a smart, stainless-steel watch band from Rilee & Lo — maker of highly stylish stretch-link Apple Watch bands. Apple Watches are functional, fun and

Why Apple News relies on human curation, not algorithms

Apple products have changed the way we live. Can it save journalism? If the Apple News app is part of the solution, Apple will be one tech company curating the stories and information the old

Apple wants you to be able to use your iPhone when it’s wet

Apple has done a great job of making the iPhone more water-resistant over the years, but one thing you still can’t do particularly well is to use your iPhone when it’s wet. That’s something that Apple

Spotify Premium subscriptions grow after family plan crackdown

Spotify has seen a rise in Premium subscriptions after the music streaming service started cracking down on family plan subscribers who aren’t really family. New data reveals 38 percent of Spotify

Score top-rated VPN protection for a third the usual price [Deals]

Online life is risky, with countless threats to our identity and data security. That’s why we’re big advocates of connecting to the internet via a virtual private network, or VPN. So we’re excited to

China tells Trump to ditch his iPhone for a Huawei

A representative for China’s Foreign Ministry says a report in The New York Times about the country possibly eavesdropping on President Donald Trump’s personal iPhone is “fake news.” Spokesperson Hua

Apple’s first Thailand store looks absolutely stunning

Apple has confirmed that its first retail store in Thailand will open next month in Bangkok — and it looks absolutely spectacular. If Apple’s goal was to make a strong impression from day one, we can

Today in Apple history: OS X Panther claws its way onto Macs

October 25, 2003: Mac OS X Panther arrives on Macintosh computers, bringing a number of useful new features. Exposé lets users instantly view all open windows at once. The new iChat AV allows people

Trent Reznor says working at Apple made him feel ‘guilty’

Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor says he quit his job at Apple because he felt “guilty” over abandoning his work as an artist in favor of a product design and marketing job. “I have a mixed set

Apple TV’s Events app updated for next week’s special event

As it always does prior to a new keynote event, Apple has updated its Apple Events app for Apple TV. If you want to watch the October 30 New York media event from the extreme comfort of your couch,

Trump’s iPhone could be a threat to national security

President Donald Trump has a serious iPhone problem, and it could be huge issue for U.S. national security. Despite being warned by security advisers, Trump continues to use an unsecured iPhone to

Buyers might not be ready for bright iPhone XR colors

A survey done in some of the largest smartphone markets found that most people prefer very traditional colors for their mobile devices, although their tastes are starting to widen. It’s not clear what

Apple employees think they make the world a better place

A majority of Apple employees believe their company is making the world a better place, according to a survey by the anonymous workplace app Bind. Blind sent its base a single True-False question – I

Google makes it way easier to delete your search history

Your iPhone does everything it can to protect your privacy, but using Google’s services punches a gaping hole in that protection. Google took a small step toward increasing user privacy by making it