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How to give away your old AirPods

Unpairing AirPods from your devices is almost as easy as pairing them. Here's how to do it, and how to clean AirPods before giving them away. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple completely reimagines the iPhone case

Apple engineers dreamed up an iPhone case that’s also a stand and a handle. And maybe a keyboard. It’s surprisingly simple, but also a dramatic departure from typical cases. And it’s possible the

The first film Apple bought finally gets its first trailer

Apple’s coming-of-age drama about a Pakistani American teenager will land on Apple TV+ and in theaters just in time for award season. Hala, the first narrative feature film Apple bought, will premiere

How to use running cadence on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch running cadence setting arrived in watchOS 5, but if you didn’t notice, you’re not alone. It tends to get buried in the myriad stats Cupertino provides for runners. Plus, there’s a lot

Florida man murdered for not unlocking his iPhone

An off-duty firefighter in Florida was shot to death after refusing to give robbers the passcode to his iPhone. The killers had spared Chris Randazzo his life after robbing him of his iPhone and other

Xiaomi’s Apple Watch clone packs some impressive features for just $185

Xiaomi today showed off its new Mi Watch wearable — and, as predicted, it looks pretty much exactly like Apple Watch. Only it costs a whole lot less. The device, which starts at $185, runs a skinned

Speak up to 33 new languages with this highly reviewed language learning app [Deals]

Learning languages is a lifelong endeavor, and there’s no single way to do it. Many language-learning apps revolve around one concept or approach, so they’ll limit the amount of progress you can make.

Fortnite pro banned for life after public cheating

Professional Fortnite player FaZe Jarvis has been permanently banned from the game for using hacks. The 17-year-old uploaded videos of himself using an “aimbot.” Jarvis claims he cheated only to

Sacré bleu! Mario Kart Tour will take players to Paris next

Mario Kart Tour‘s world tour has so far taken players to New York, Tokyo and, err, Halloween. Now it’s headed to Paris, France for its next location. Starting tomorrow, players logging into the game

Chinese smartphone CEO who made his name dissing Apple declared a ‘deadbeat’

The founder of a Chinese smartphone company which has been a vocal critic of Apple has landed on China’s official list of deadbeats. This is a national database held by China’s Supreme Court which can

Microsoft prepares huge Outlook improvements for macOS

Microsoft is preparing to make its Outlook app for macOS better than ever. An overhaul will introduce new sync technology and big performance improvements, as well as welcome design tweaks. Here’s

Apple TV+ blesses us with highest-quality 4K streams

If you’ve been enjoying Apple TV+ and wondering why your vision is suddenly better, it’s not that you’re getting younger. It’s that Apple’s new service streams the highest-quality 4K content yet.

Bernie Sanders has a big problem with Apple’s $2.5 billion housing crisis fund

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is less than impressed by Apple’s pledge of $2.5 billion to help support affordable housing in California. Apple pledged the money Monday, saying it

Apple TV is far more popular than you realize

Apple TV owners, you are not alone. In fact, almost of a quarter of Apple’s US customers own one of its set-top boxes boxes, according to a new survey. They’re actually more widely used than Apple

Get the best from hundreds of business bestsellers in just 12 minutes each [Deals]

The world moves at lightning speed. There’s more content created now than at any other point in human history. Valuable information whizzes past so quickly it’s nearly impossible to even identify it

Adobe Aero lets creatives make AR scenes without coding

Artists can combine 3D models and 2D images to create augmented reality experiences with Adobe Aero, which launched today for iOS and iPadOS. This free software was developed to make AR easier for

Adobe Illustrator joining Photoshop on iPad in 2020

Adobe plans to launch a version of Illustrator for Apple’s tablets next year. But this won‘t be a straight port — the user interface will be changed substantially to run on a touchscreen with a

How to play relaxing, ambient sounds with your HomePod

In iOS 13.2, HomePod Ambient Sounds bring relaxing soundscapes. You can even fall asleep to the sound of the ocean with a sleep timer. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Dropbox Transfer makes sharing huge files from your iPad a snap

iPhone and iPad can now take advantage of Dropbox Transfer, which allows users to more easily send and receive up to 100 GB of files. It doesn’t have the size restrictions of email, and is simpler

The Banker shows how black businessmen challenged racist real estate laws

The first trailer for Apple original film The Banker showcases the shrewd financial moves of two black entrepreneurs who took on racist real estate laws in the Jim Crow era. Based on a true story, the