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Apple kicks hundreds more apps out of China’s App store

Apple continues to remove third-party applications from the Chinese version of the App Store for violating its terms of service. It reportedly removed 718 apps this week. This isn’t the first time

How to learn to draw with the iPad Pro

The iPad and the Apple Pencil are an amazing combo for sketching and painting, but the real work goes on inside your head. Here’s how to learn to draw in any medium, with some extra iPad-only

Apple’s Product(RED) contributes over $200 million to fight AIDS

iPhones, cases and other products in Apple’s Product(RED) line are more than just colorful; they’ve so far been responsible for $200 million going to pay for HIV/AIDS counseling, testing and

It only costs $5 to game Apple’s Podcast charts

Scoring a top spot on Apple’s podcast charts is a lot easier — and a lot cheaper — than most listeners probably realize. Many podcast fans use Apple’s charts on iTunes and its iOS app to find new

Are Mac users jealous of the iPad Pro? [Opinion]

They do so many Mac users insist that Apple has to turn the iPad into a Mac to make it successful? Is it a mixture of jealousy and laziness? Maybe! (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

Elvis is in the building for hilarious Apple FaceTime ad

Apple gives us the gift we really want: more Elvis. Specifically, a collection of Elvis impersonators scattered around the world using Group FaceTime to share their love of the King of Rock and Roll.

This unique subscription plan gives you 4 top-rated apps for the price of one [Deals]

There is no shortage of hazards and hassles in the digital day-to-day. From forgotten passwords and identity theft to malware, viruses and plain old inadequate storage, you’ll want pro tools to help

Instagram uses AI to make app accessible to visually impaired users

Instagram will be more accessible to the visually impaired thanks to new changes the photo-sharing platform launched today. “With more than 285 million people in the world who have visual impairments,

Sixth-gen iPad now available through Apple’s refurb store

Looking for a new iPad for the holidays, but not quite ready to splash out on Apple’s high end iPad Pro models? No problem: Apple’s refurb store just picked up the sixth-gen 9.7-inch iPad, with prices

This $43,000 Apple Watch will appeal to your inner oligarch

Caviar, a Russian company that tricks out iPhones in gold and precious gems, has an Apple Watch Series 4 “for those who cannot be surprised easily.” So let’s see if that’s you. How does $43,850 strike

Give big love and soul to your Apple Watch with these rustic, hand-crafted bands

Sourcing the best Apple Watch bands and accessories for Cult of Mac readers is a huge priority for our Watch Store. We hit the mark with Strapley’s distressed-leather bands for Apple Watch, available

Apple rolls out fourth macOS 10.14.2 beta

Registered developers can now get their hands on Apple’s fourth macOS 10.14.2 beta. It comes just two weeks after the release of the third beta, and it focuses on bug fixes and performance

Star Wars drones will blow your nerdy mind [Deals]

Any Star Wars fan can relate to the dream of taking off in an X-wing. The best we could do in the old days was to play video games or mouth engine noises while running around the living room a toy

75 percent of users have upgraded to iOS 12

Three-quarters of iOS users have upgraded to iOS 12, data released by analytics firm Mixpanel suggests. According to the firm’s records, around 75 percent of users have upgraded to iOS 12, around 20

Shine: Journey of Light looks and plays like a dream

From Monument Valley to Alto’s Odyssey, there are some truly jaw-droppingly beautiful games on iOS. Eager to add its name to this list is Shine: Journey of Light, a refreshingly calming take on the

Lack of in-built dust filters damages Macs, claims class action suit

A growing class action lawsuit is seeking more plaintiffs to take Apple to court over its iMacs and MacBooks. The accusation? That by selling computers without dust filters, Apple is willfully

Qualcomm CEO says battle with Apple is nearing its end

Apple’s battle with Qualcomm has been raging on for the past two years, but an end could finally be in sight. Possibly. In an interview with CNBC‘s Jim Cramer, Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf said that

iPhone XR isn’t a dud. It’s Apple’s best-selling model.

In a change for Apple, its best-selling model isn’t its most expensive. A company VP says the iPhone XR has outsold the iPhone XS series since the cheaper device came out last month. Perhaps this will

Apple Watch discounts motivate people to move

John Hancock gives its life insurance customers an Apple Watch for only $25, but they have to earn it by exercising. A new study shows that this program is very successful. Participants increased

DJI’s Osmo Pocket is a tiny gimbal that shoots 4K video

The biggest drone company in the world just came out with the world’s tiniest gimbal and it could be a total game changer. DJI hosted an event in New York City today where the drone-maker unleashed