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Epic will let Fortnite players merge multiple accounts

Epic Games is giving Fortnite players a new tool that will allow them to merge multiple accounts. The merge will combine all item purchases, V-Bucks, game stats, and Save the World campaign access.

UK hip-hop DJ Charlie Sloth leaves BBC for Apple Music

Following in the footsteps of fellow ex-BBC presenter Zane Lowe and others, UK-based hip-hop DJ Charlie Sloth will be leaving his job presenting on the BBC to join Apple Music. Sloth is a presenter on

Apple tops Best Global Brands list for 6th consecutive year

Apple has topped Interbrand’s annual list of the Best Global Brands for the sixth consecutive year. The iPhone-maker, which has seen its brand value increase 16 percent this year, ranked highly in

Turn your phone into a tool for relieving stress [Deals]

For all their many uses, let’s face it: our smartphones are a major source of distraction. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, with the right app, your phone can actually help you regain

Facebook ‘borrows’ from Snapchat for updated Nearby Friends feature

Facebook is taking another crack at providing a way to help us meet up with friends offline. Having seen its “Facebook Nearby Friends” feature fail to gain much traction, the social media giant is now

Apple denies its server hardware was infected by Chinese spy chips [Updated]

Update: Apple and Amazon both issued lengthy statements Thursday concerning the Chinese spy chip allegations. We updated this post to include those statements. Apple denies that Chinese spy chips

‘Patent troll’ sues Apple over AirDrop technology

Apple introduced its super useful AirDrop file transfer feature way back in 2011. However, a patent licensing company called Uniloc — sometimes referred to as a “patent troll” by critics — claims that

Today in Apple history: Siri debuts on iPhone 4s

October 4, 2011: With the unveiling of the new iPhone 4s, Apple introduces the world to Siri. A groundbreaking example of AI in action, Siri’s debut fulfills a long-term dream at Apple. The company

Apple hires police to watch over its Apple Stores in Sacramento

Police might have cracked the crime ring behind the spate of snatch-and-grab robberies in Apple Stores across California, but Apple’s taking no chances. According to a new report, it has contracted

Civilization VI marches onto iPhone

There are some technological feats that just hammer home how far we’ve come in a few short years. One of those is the fact that, through what we can only presume is the software engineering version of

People love declining phone calls on their Apple Watches

Apple made a big deal of people being able to make and receive phone calls with your Apple Watch, but you know what it turns out people prefer doing to answering calls with their Cupertino smartwatch?

Google Translate for iOS can speak in Australian, Indian, Spanish accents

The days are over when Google Translate could only provide spoken translations with an American accent. The latest iOS version adds regional accents from the former British Empire. And it goes beyond

LG’s horrible hybrid watch shows how bad Apple’s competition is

Apple has quickly become the world’s biggest watch company and based on its latest competition from Android smartwatch maker LG, the company’s not in danger of losing its title anytime soon. LG’s new

Apple cuts price of BeatsX headphones

The good news is that Apple just significantly cut the official price of BeatsX wireless headphones. The bad news is that half the color options also just went away. These in-ear headphones compete

iPhone XS first week sales solidly outpace iPhone 8

The iPhone XS and XS Max debuted last month, and some versions sold out almost immediately. But that doesn’t automatically mean they’re a huge hit. Still there’s new evideance that sales are strong.

Wi-Fi version names finally make sense

802.11ax will soon get a public release, but you won’t be left trying to remember if it’s better than 802.11ac or 802.11n. That’s because every version of Wi-Fi is getting renamed with a simple system

Cult of Mac’s 50 Essential iOS Apps [The complete list, sorted!]

After testing hundreds of iOS apps in a variety of categories, here is our complete (and sorted) list of our 50 essential apps for your iPhone or iPad, as well as some reader suggested alternatives.

iPhone XS Max camera takes second place in DxOMark rankings

The iPhone XS Max camera is one of the best mobile cameras ever tested by the digital camera testing lab DxOMark. It’s just not as good as Huawei’s triple-camera P20 Pro, the tests show. The XS Max

Hundreds of people are dying from selfies

Think twice before you take your next selfie because it could be your last. Selfie-related deaths are on the rise, according to a new study that found there were over 250 reported deaths from October

Everyone can get the latest iOS 12.1, macOS, watchOS, tvOS betas

Apple isn’t wasting time getting out the next versions of all its operating systems. Yesterday, it introduced fresh betas of iOS 12.1, macOS 10.14.1, watchOS 5.1, and tvOS 12.1 just for developers,