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Escape Apple’s memory bug with iOS 13.3 public beta 1

Public beta testing just started for iOS 13.3, along with the iPad equivalent. This adds an important feature to Screen Time, but the main benefit of this pre-release version is it apparently fixes a

How to search scanned documents in your Notes app

In iOS 13, the Notes app can scan documents, and lets you search any text it finds. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Servant trailer looks creepier than a fake baby everyone pretends is real

The first full trailer for Servant, M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming Apple TV+ show, kicks the nightmare nanny storyline up a notch. This twisted-looking series — with its tagline, “Doubt what you

Apple Watch calls cops for unconscious driver after car crash

Police in England responded to a car accident after an Apple Watch on the wrist of an unconscious man sent a request for help. Details on the crash, including the victim’s condition, were not

Snobby critics hate Apple TV+ but viewers can’t get enough

Want to hear a secret about Apple TV+? Don’t tell the critics but … Apple’s TV shows are actually pretty good! From The Morning Show to See, the general public seems to agree with me. But you wouldn’t

Apple brings Health Records to all US veterans with an iPhone

Apple and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs today confirmed the availability of Health Records on iPhone for veterans across the United States and surrounding territories. The feature promises

FCPX Summit promises ‘surprises from Apple product team’

This year’s Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) Creative Summit is right around the corner, and you might just want to keep an eye on it. Its description promises “some surprises from the Apple product team.” Is

Apple spills some of its secrets in new privacy white papers

Apple has updated its privacy pages for the fourth year running, continuing to emphasize its focus on user privacy. For the first time, Apple has also released white papers on Safari, Photos, Location

Get caught up with hundreds of books in just 12 minutes each [Deals]

You’ll find some of the most interesting, important and entertaining information in books. But with all the books out there, and all the things vying for your attention and time, it can be hard to get

Apple-backed startup fund loses $8.9 billion in 3 months

A $100 billion SoftBank Vision Fund that Apple invested in has published a quarterly loss of $8.9 billion. The fund backs promising (or seemingly promising) startups. SoftBank Group founder, chairman

Amazon tests workout-tracking earbuds, but Apple’s could be better

Amazon is reportedly testing workout-tracking software for its Amazon Echo Buds. While this feature is seemingly still in its early testing phase, fitness-measuring earbuds could be a massive deal.

Tennessee police release surveillance tape of $9,000 Apple store theft

Police in Franklin, Tennessee, are looking for three snatch-and-grab suspects in an Apple store theft. They stole 17 Apple Watches, worth $9,000. Surveillance footage released by the police shows the

Apple and TikTok both absent from congressional hearing about tech in China

Apple and Chinese music video app TikToks were the two holdouts at a U.S. congressional hearing Tuesday regarding the tech industry and China. Both were represented by empty seats. Republican senator

Apple’s outside ad agency cuts 50 jobs

The outside ad agency dedicated to Apple marketing was hit with a big round of layoffs this week. Media Arts Lab cut about 50 employees across multiple divisions of the company. Owned by Apple’s

iOS 13.3 finally lets parents set limits on texting, FaceTime and more

Parents will soon be able to limit when their children use an iPhone or iPad to talk to their friends, thanks to a long-awaited new Screen Time feature. Communication Limits were supposed to come

Use the ‘Two-Face Mullet Strategy’ with your Apple Watch

Too many Apple Watch faces? Never find the one you're looking for? Then you need the 'Two-Face Mullet Strategy.' It will change your life. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Xiaomi’s new phone packs an insane 108MP camera

Notorious Apple copycat Xiaomi is ready to up the ante on the iPhone 11 Pro Max with its newest phone that packs not three, not four, but five camera lenses on the back. The CC9 Pro from Xiaomi isn’t

Pebbled leather iPhone case offers stylish protection with a vintage vibe [Review]

Sorry, cows: I love leather iPhone cases. They add a layer of warmth on top of the iPhone’s cold metal-and-glass construction that can’t be beat. And, unlike most thermoplastic polyurethane cases, a

Jamf Now helps keep your organization’s devices secure through macOS Catalina and iOS 13 updates

This OS updates and security post is presented by Jamf Now. Apple’s new operating systems, macOS Catalina and iOS 13, bring innovative capabilities to organizations using them. A streamlined approach

Here’s hoping first iOS 13.3 beta fixes that huge memory bug

Apple has just begun beta testing the next updates for iPhone and iPad. It’s not known yet if iOS 13.3 and iPadOS 13.3 fix the serious memory management problem introduced in the previous version,