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Access your desktop apps and files from your iPhone with Parallels [Deals]

If you’ve tried a desktop client for your mobile device, it was probably not the most streamlined affair. Many remote desktop apps don’t emphasize mobile interactions, after all. So they require lots

You’ll be able to enable Apple Watch 4’s ECG outside the U.S.

Apple Watch Series 4’s best feature isn’t available yet, and when it finally arrives later this year, it will officially be exclusive to users in the U.S. But with a simple trick, you should be able

Versace could bring back 1990s Apple sneakers

These days, the term “Apple wearable” immediately makes you think of the Apple Watch. But back in the 1990s, Apple created sneakers that carried the company’s rainbow-colored logo. Jump forward a

iOS 12.1 user guide confirms Group FaceTime, Dual SIM support

Apple has published an updated iPhone User Guide for iOS 12.1 ahead of its public release. The document confirms a number of new features are on the way in this update, including Group FaceTime and

Qualcomm claims Apple owes $7 billion for royalty payments

Qualcomm has told a federal court in San Diego that Apple is $7 billion behind in its royalty patents to the firm for technology which uses Qualcomm licenses. Apple, which has been locked in a battle

iPhone XR review: Why buy anything else?

The iPhone XR is typical Apple. It’s an entry-level phone with a bunch of premium features. Jony Ive just cannot cut corners, even if he wanted to. This is no plasticky, cut-rate phone built to meet a

iOS 12 icon essentially confirms iPad Pro redesign

If anyone still needs to be convinced that the iPad Pro series is about to undergo a major facelift, the most compelling evidence yet has come to light. An icon that clearly shows the look of Apple’s

Why it’s time for Apple to pull the plug on Lightning cables [Opinion]

On Tuesday, Apple is almost certainly going to unveil the first iPad with a USB-C port. This could easily mark the beginning of the end for the Lightning connector across all iOS devices. USB is a

Linea Go, Loopesque 8, Leica Fotos, and other amazing apps of the week

This week we use our iPhones to replace the missing screen on an $8k camera, sketch with Linea Go, and finally replace that terrifying new Tweetbot 5 app icon. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs’ yacht launches — without Steve

October 28, 2012: More than a year after Steve Jobs’ death, the luxury yacht he commissioned is finally shown off for the first time, launched from a shipyard in North Holland. Called Venus, the

Wirelessly charge your iPhone at home or in the car [Deals]

Wireless charging is one of the coolest features of today’s smartphones. But depending on where you are, it can be more or less convenient. So we’ve rounded up a pair of wireless chargers for

iPhone XR boasts bigger battery than Apple’s flagship phone

The first teardowns of the iPhone XR reveal a surprising fact: it has a larger battery than virtually all previous iOS smartphones, even the iPhone XS. Reviews of the iPhone XR indicate it lasts a

We’ve got serious iPhone XR envy! [Cult of Mac Magazine]

The world can’t stop raving about the iPhone XR, Apple’s reasonably priced underdog. Sure, it’s not exactly cheap. And it doesn’t pack all the features of the iPhone XS and XS Max. However, it does

Today in Apple history: Dell PCs overtake Macs in education market

October 27, 1999: Dell Computer overtakes Apple in the educational market, stealing Cupertino’s crown as the top company selling computers to U.S. schools. Steve Jobs, who is still in the process of

Gear up and upgrade your health routine [Deals]

The more technology enters our lives, the harder it can be to stay physically active. So, to help keep healthy, we’ve rounded up some of the best tech for staying fit. We’ve got workout-ready

Halloween spooktacular sale! Get two cool and colorful NATO Apple Watch bands for $65!

Halloween is right around the corner and to celebrate this spooky holiday, Nyloon is offering a limited-time deal through the Cult of Mac Watch Store on their top-notch NATO-style bands. Starting

iPhone XR first look: So awesome we’re giving it away!

After unboxing the brand new iPhone XR, I can confidently say that this is a fantastic phone. Apple cut very few corners. The iPhone XR is beautifully designed, with a great big, edge-to-edge display.

Apple bars Bloomberg from iPad event as payback for spy chip story

Apple and Amazon are already starting to make retaliatory moves on Bloomberg Businessweek for its claims that the two companies’ servers were hacked by China. Amazon pulled its Q4 ads from Bloomberg’s

Koss headphones commercial gets the iPhone XS Max treatment

Filmmakers generally overpack, carrying loads of gear for every possible need on the set of a commercial. One week after an iPhone XS Max, Director Martin Moore christened it by filming a 54-second

Apple Watches across Europe could crash this weekend

Daylight Saving Time comes to an end in Europe early Sunday morning, and this could cause problems for Apple Watch Series 4 owners. There could be a repeat of what happened in Australia earlier this