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5 reasons Apple’s stock price is tanking right now

Struggling to understand how Apple stock erased more value in the last six weeks than it made in its first quarter-century? It’s bloody complicated, but these five reasons help explain Apple’s

Chinese translation app censors words – but not on iPhone

A translation app widely used in China appears to censor politically touchy terms, such as “Tiananmen” or “ Taiwan independence.” It even refuses the name of Chinese President Xi Jinping. However, the

Apple Watch Series 4 will get ECG with watchOS 5.1.2

Apple Watch Series 4’s biggest feature is finally on the way. The new ECG app that allows users to monitor their heart rhythm will be introduced with the next watchOS 5.2.1 update, which is now in

Fortnite trials gifting for one week only

If you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to send friends outfits and other items in Fortnite Battle Royale, we have good news. Epic Games is now trialling a new gifting feature inside the game

iPhone needs either a price cut or a big redesign, analyst argues

Earlier this year, Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives proclaimed 2018 the year of the iPhone super cycle. Jump forward in time, and he’s lowered his price target on Apple, following the “horror show [of] the

Give your iPhone camera an instant, massive upgrade [Deals]

The iPhone comes with a crazy good camera. But at the end of the day, any camera is only as good as its lenses. So if you want to get better or more diverse kinds of photos from your iPhone, you’ll

Data recovery firm helps anyone hack locked iPhones

Even the FBI struggled a few years back when it tried to get Apple to unlock the iPhone belonging to the suspect in a shooting case. But data recovery firm DriveSavers claims that it has developed a

iCloud now syncs with Windows 10 again

Apple has updated its iCloud client for Windows to restore syncing with the Windows 10 October 2018 update. Microsoft’s most recent release prevented iCloud for Windows from being installed or syncing

You can now use Siri to check up on your package deliveries

Package-tracking app Deliveries has long been one of our favorite iOS apps, consolidating info on all our various package deliveries into one easy-to-use tool. Thanks to a new update, it just got even

Once you go to iOS 12.1 you’ll never go back

If you’ve moved to iOS 12.1, it’s no longer possible to go back to any previous version. Not that there’s much reason to. As of today, you can’t install iOS 12.0.1 or earlier on an iPhone or iPad.

Protesters bash iPads during Tim Cook school visit

Apple CEO Tim Cook and presidential adviser Ivanka Trump were greeted by happy students with iPads as the two visited Wilder Elementary School in Idaho today. But not everyone is happy with the iPads

Tim Cook starts his morning reading comments from Apple customers

If you’ve ever wondered if anyone at Apple ever sees the online comments people post about iPhone, Mac, etc., you can rest easy: No less a person than CEO Tim Cook reads them every day. And you might

5 reasons I regret getting a 2018 iPad Pro [Review]

The latest iPad Pro includes the most significant changes Apple has made to its tablets in years. There’s USB-C instead of Lightning, Face ID instead of Touch ID, and the device is more portable. In

Fortnite now runs at 60fps on iPhone XR, XS and XS Max

Fortnite players on iPhone just scored a huge advantage over their adversaries on Android and Nintendo Switch. Epic Games has optimized the iOS version of Fortnite in its latest patch so that it runs

Apple dangles extra $100 trade-in for iPhone XS/XR buyers

Getting your hands on the newest iPhones just got a little bit cheaper. Apple hasn’t knocked the price down on the iPhone XS or iPhone XR yet, but the company is offering a limited-time promotion that

YouTube matches Apple Music’s discounted student rate

Students can now subscribe to YouTube Music and YouTube Premium at a discounted rate. Just like Apple Music for students, the price is cut by 50 percent. However, you can save even more if you sign up

Apple Pay goes live in Belgium and Kazakhstan

Apple Pay has gone live in Belgium. It is supported by BNP Paribas, Belgium’s most popular major bank, and its brands Fintro and Hello Bank. Online services and apps such as Deliveroo, and

Tim Cook will tour Idaho schools with Ivanka Trump

Apple CEO Tim Cook will join Ivanka Trump today to visit schools in Idaho to observe how they use technology for workforce development and STEM initiatives. The meet-up with Ivanka Trump will come

IBM CEO agrees with Tim Cook on regulating tech giants

The CEO of IBM — once Apple’s biggest rival — agrees with Tim Cook about regulating tech giants who gobble up massive amounts of user data for what amounts to surveillance on users. Echoing Cooks’s

Apple’s new Entrepreneur Camp helps women in tech

Apple is launching a new Entrepreneur Camp that’s specifically designed to help app-driven organizations founded and led by women. The two-week technology lab, which takes place in Apple’s home town