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Apple Watch gets 7 new complications in watchOS 5.1.1

Apple rolled out a watchOS 5.1.1 update this week to address an issue that caused some Series 4 devices to enter a boot loop when upgrading to watchOS 5.1. And that’s not all the update delivered;

Not so fast: Maybe new AirPods are coming soon!

There’s still a slight chance Apple could release updated AirPods before the end of the 2018 holiday season. A newly granted Bluetooth SIG certification indicates that new wireless earpods are in the

How to zip and unzip files on iPhone with Shortcuts

Shortcuts is great for adding Mac-like features to the iPhone. Today we’ll make a zip/unzip shortcut for iPhone. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

olloclip’s new Pro lenses make iPhone cameras even better

olloclip, one of the best brands in smartphone lens attachments, today rolled out a new line of Pro and intro lenses that will expand the view of the iPhone’s native camera. The new lenses, which

Here’s what the 2018 iPad Pro still can’t do [Opinion]

The iPad Pro might be the best, most powerful iPad ever, but it still has some ridiculous blind spots, like a Daley that can’t climb stairs. Let’s check them out. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

watchOS 5.1.1 is out with crucial fix for Apple Watch

Apple Watch owners can finally take advantage of the 70 new emoji Apple already added to iPhone, iPad and Mac last week. After pulling watchOS 5.1 last week because it bricked some watches, Apple has

Grab Apple’s artsy 2018 iPad Pro wallpapers

With every new Apple device comes a fresh collection of wallpapers. The recently-announced iPad Pro models are no exception. And you don’t have to buy a new tablet to get these images for your device

Fortnite is getting real NFL jerseys and new emotes

Football fans will soon be able to fight for victory wearing their favorite NFL jersey in Fortnite Battle Royale. Starting Friday, November 9, you’ll be able to purchase team outfits from the in-game

iPhone XS cellular is twice as fast as iPhone XR

The iPhone XR costs 25 percent less than the iPhone XS, but in many ways is just as good. However, there’s a notable exception: The pricier model offers a cellular data connection that’s nearly twice

Apple Pay is about to go live in Germany

Apple Pay is finally about to land in Germany. Local banks like HVB and Bunq have today begun emailing customers to announce the mobile payments service is on the way, but none have confirmed an exact

iPhone XR production could be slowing amidst weak demand

The three Asian companies that assemble the iPhone XR have reportedly reduced production. Apple is ordering fewer units because sales of this smartphone haven’t lived up to expectations. However, the

Edit PDFs as easily as regular Word documents [Deals]

In most digital workplaces, PDFs are a regular part of daily life. It makes sense, too – they’re a great way to read all kinds of documents on almost any device. But if you need to edit one, good luck

First USB-C hub for iPad Pro boasts ports for video, headphones, more

Accessory-maker Hyper just unveiled a six-port USB-C hub for the new iPad Pro. The HyperDrive for iPad Pro allows every type of wired accessory supported by the new tablets to be plugged in. Ports of

2018 iPad Pro review roundup: The best tablet money can buy

Apple’s exciting new iPad Pro lineup goes on sale Wednesday, and according to the reviews so far, you should absolutely be rushing out to get one. The iPad Pro was already the best tablet money could

mophie Powerstation XXL keeps your iPhone going all week [Review]

Travelers who don’t want to worry about finding electrical sockets for their iPhone or iPad should look no farther than the mophie Powerstation XXL. This external battery is relatively portable but

HomeRun, Name Skillz, Digital D1, and other amazing apps of the week

Halide has added yet another awesome new feature to the iPhone’s best cameras app, AudioKit has busted out yet another amazing synthesizer, and that HomeRun has controls HomeKit from Apple Watch. (via

Save big: Refurbished iPhone 8 lands on Apple store

Last year’s iPhone 8 normally starts $599 but you can now get a refurbished unit directly from Apple for $100 less. Apple carefully checks over these units, replaces some of the components that wear

Diablo Immortal will be one hell of blast on iPhone and iPad

For the first time ever, Diablo fans will be able to answer the call to battle on their iPhone. Blizzard Entertainment is producing Diablo Immortal, a massively multiplayer online (MMO) action

Apple’s 2018 hardware blitz! [Cult of Mac Magazine]

This week was one heckuva wild ride for Apple fans. First we got new MacBook Airs, iPad Pros, Mac minis and Apple Pencils. Then Apple threw Wall Street a curveball during yet another surprising (and

Save big on pocket-sized gear and gadgets [Deals]

Some of the coolest tech gear is also the smallest, and the same goes for the price tag. So we’ve rounded up some of the biggest deals on the most compact gear and gadgets in the Cult of Mac Store.