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Apple seeks tariff waivers for key product lines

Apple requested exemptions for the import taxes it must pay when bringing many of its products from China. Currently, the Trump administration levies these on Apple Watch, AirPods, iMac and more.

The new AirPods Pro are fandabbydosey [An appreciation]

Hot dang, Apple’s still got it. The new AirPods Pro are fantastic. They’re truly great headphones, and every major new feature improves on the old AirPods in big and significant ways. The sound is

What a shocker: Huawei tablet looks just like iPad Pro

Huawei has often been guilty of introducing products “inspired” by Apple designers, and it’s apparently doing so again with an upcoming tablet. Leaked images of the Huawei MatePad Pro show it looks

Top free personal finance Mac apps get your financial life (securely) in order

This personal finance app post is presented by Dashlane. Is this the year you pledged to get your financial life in order like a properly functioning adult? If so, there’s still time. Or, you can

Want AirPods Pro? Sell your old buds for upgrade cash today!

Lusting after Apple’s brilliant new AirPods Pro? Sell your old ones to Cult of Mac today and that sweet, sweet upgrade will be more affordable than you think. We buy original and second-generation

This is the affordable Apple Pencil rival you’ve been looking for [Review]

Adonit Note+ is a pressure-sensitive iPad stylus that stands up well in a head-to-head competition with Apple Pencil, and even beats it in some areas. There’s tilt detection and pressure sensitivity,

Adobe brings 17,000 fonts to iOS 13

Adobe’s massive catalog of fonts is now available on iOS for the first time. You can use them inside any app that supports custom font APIs — so long as you’re running iOS 13.1. Get started by

Latest Apple Arcade additions go from gritty to silly

Two just-released Apple Arcade titles demonstrate the wide variety offerings in this gaming service. The Mosaic is about escaping the dreadful loneliness of modern life, while Monomals features silly

Apple pulls off ingenious trick with AirPods Pro billboards

Question: How do you get billboards for a new product up as quickly as possible after launch, without spoiling Apple’s perfectly orchestrated unveiling? Answer: You put up the billboard, then add the

Google splashes $2.1 billion on Fitbit to fight Apple Watch

Google has confirmed plans to buy Fitbit as it looks to step up its fight against Apple Watch. The deal, worth approximately $2.1 billion, will bring new Made by Google wearables to market. “Together,

Here is what’s on Apple TV+ right now

Apple TV+ launched this morning. Costing $4.99 per month (or free to anyone who buys a new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac), the subscription service brings Apple’s eagerly anticipated original TV shows

Learn 6 ways to read faster and retain more [Deals]

Reading is the road to greater understanding of the world and ourselves. For many of us, though, it can be a slower road than we’d like. But reading is a skill like any other, so you can improve with

Mario Kart Tour picks up multiplayer next month — with a catch

Mario Kart Tour on mobile will finally get its much-anticipated multiplayer mode next month. It will initially arrive in beta, giving players the opportunity to compete online for the first time. But

AirPods Pro! We got ’em, and we discuss their pros and cons, on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: AirPod Pros! You want them, we got them. We’ll tell you what’s new, what’s good, what’s not, and how they compare to the regular AirPods. We’ve got lots to say…. Plus: The

Apple adds 5 new vice presidents to its executive lineup

Apple has upgraded five executives to Vice President status. This includes one returning early iPhone executive, a report from Bloomberg notes. Paul Meade is the new VP of hardware engineering, Jon

Apple TV+ is live. Here’s how to sign up.

Apple TV+ is now available on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac and more. Here’s how to sign up for Apple TV+ and watch the new shows. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

The Morning Show is a timely, smart winner for Apple TV+ [Review]

Apple TV+ service launched this morning. And, with it, The Morning Show, Apple’s star-studded drama about the goings-on at a morning news show. It stars Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve

Protect your precious Apple Watch with this tough bumper

Don’t let your precious (and pricey) Apple Watch fend for itself in harsh environments. Pick up this tough Quattro Bumper Case from Elkson for essential protection against scuffs and shattered

Mac Pro will get black and silver accessory options

Everyone who was busy ogling the “cheesegrater” design of the 2019 Mac Pro can be forgiven for not paying attention to the keyboard. But Apple is prepping multiple keyboards that match the

iPhone shipments slip as Samsung surges

Apple’s two largest competitors enjoyed growth in smartphone sales last quarter, with both Samsung and Huawei up. iPhone sales dropped, however. The market analysts at Canalys credited the decline to