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Samsung offers $550 off a Galaxy S10 when you trade in your iPhone

Samsung has already started taking reservations for the Galaxy S10 — a week ahead of its official unveiling. It’s also offering a big discount if you switch from iPhone. The South Korean company will

How iOS makes it easier to manage your subscriptions

Unlike some companies, Apple doesn’t want to sucker you into subscriptions by making it really hard to cancel them. In fact, the latest iOS update makes it easier than ever to manage your recurring

Pixelmator update adds support for 2018 iPad Pro, Apple Pencil 2

Pixelmator for iOS, everyone’s favorite Photoshop alternative, has finally been updated to support the newest lineup of iPad Pros and Apple Pencil 2. The update, version 2.4.4, also brings a whole

GTA: Vice City looks better than ever on iPhone and iPad Pro

Amazingly, it’s more than 16 years since the legendary Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas landed on PlayStation 2. (That’s the same length of time that had elapsed, on its launch in 2002, since the game’s

Turn your phone into a tool for mindfulness [Deals]

We don’t usually think of our phones as being helpful for staying in touch with the moment. But our phones are central to daily life, so why shouldn’t they serve as a reminder to stop, breathe and be

Boost your connectivity and elevate your screen all at once [Deals]

We’re always looking for ways to expand the utility and convenience of our tech. So this 6-in-1 stand for laptops and monitors has our attention. The ProBASE X Laptop and Monitor Stand doesn’t just

Apple will investigate Saudi app that let men track wives and daughters

Tim Cook says he will investigate a Saudi government app that lets men receive updates on the location of their wives and daughters. Speaking on National Public Radio, Cook said he was not personally

Apple products have a repair shop problem in India

Apple has another potential problem in India: the sub-par repair options available for its products. According to a new report, Apple’s authorized repair shops in the country are disappointing to say

Apple Store celebrates Heart Month with new health events

Select Apple Stores around the United States are hosting new health events throughout February to celebrate American Heart Month. The first took place at Apple Union Square in San Francisco on Monday

Apple’s self-driving car project isn’t quite ready for prime time

Apple’s autonomous car project is certainly exciting for Apple fans. It’s likely to be a while longer before the company is ready to officially launch what it’s been working on, however. That’s

Nearly 1 in 4 young adults in U.S. now own a smartwatch

Among the all-important 18-34 year old age demographic, almost one quarter of U.S. adults reportedly own a smartwatch. And the Apple Watch is likely to be the device they own. According to The NPD

Apple may show off its new subscription services March 25

The first big Apple media event of 2019 has supposedly gotten an official date. Apple reportedly scheduled a keynote at Steve Jobs Theater for the end of March, but don’t expect to see any major

Apple soaks Google to sit in Safari’s sweet spot

With sales of iPhones plateauing, money from its Services sector is playing an increasing role in Apple’s bottom line. There’s a significant source of this type of revenue many might not expect:

This cheap Lightning-to-USB-C cable is better than Apple’s [Review]

Anker is taking pre-orders for a Lightning-to-USB-C cable that costs much less than Apple’s version. We tested this new accessory to see how quickly it can charge an iPhone to be sure it’s a

Apple’s greedy terms for new service reportedly spook publishers

Apple is reportedly taking a hard line with publishers during its negotiations for a proposed news subscription service. Aiming to become the “Netflix of news,” Apple’s as-yet-unannounced service

How to delete unwanted music downloads on iPhone

IPhone or iPad full of music downloads? No problem. There’s a quick and easy way to browse and remove downloaded songs and albums, right there in the Settings app. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

Apple takes heat over Saudi app that tracks women

A U.S. senator is asking Apple and Google to pull an app in Saudi Arabia that men use to track and restrict the movements of women. Sen. Ron Wyden wrote a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google boss

Why Dashlane is the first app you should install on a new iPhone [Video]

What’s the very first app you should download onto a brand new iPhone? The first app you get should be Dashlane, a rock-solid, easy-to-use password manager that is Cult of Mac’s official security app.

Porn, gambling apps abuse Apple’s developer program to sneak onto iPhones

It turns out Facebook and Google aren‘t the only companies misusing the system Apple created to allow companies to share internal iOS apps with their workers. Software with hardcore pornography and

Halide adds a color histogram and even smarter Smart RAW

The best non-Apple camera app just got even better. Halide now has a color histogram, and even smarter Smart RAW. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)