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Is iPhone in danger of losing its photography crown? [Opinion]

On Sunday, Nokia quietly launched a first-of-its-kind smartphone called PureView with an array of five main cameras on its backplate. Apple set a high bar just two years ago with the dual-camera

Sprint’s 5G network goes live in U.S. cities this May

Sprint plans to launch its 5G network in select U.S. cities this May. Customers with compatible devices, such as the new Galaxy S10 5G, will initially get to enjoy faster data in Chicago, Atlanta,

Apple credit card may not be a massive hit for company

Apple’s rumored credit card with Goldman Sachs may be attention-grabbing news, but it may not have a huge impact on the company’s bottom line. In a note to investors, analysts at Bernstein write that

Warren Buffett isn’t rushing to stock up on Apple shares

Warren Buffett has been one of Apple’s biggest investor cheerleaders. However, the 88-year-old super investor says that he’s not going to be adding to his holdings unless prices go down. “If it were

You can do better than the standard Mac dock [Deals]

If you’re using a Mac, you’re probably accessing apps through the Dock. You might not think about it much, but the Dock could become a much more useful tool. That is, if you replace it. ActiveDock is

Apple’s privacy beliefs may be hitting publishers in the wallet

Some publishers are not impressed by the ad revenue they’re receiving from Apple News. Ad rates from the platform can reportedly be shockingly low — with one publication earning “low five-figures” per

Apple ‘very aware’ of concerns over iPhone’s high prices

Apple COO Jeff Williams says the company is “very aware” of concerns over the rising cost of the iPhone and Mac computers. Williams, who delivered a brief speech at Elon University on Friday, also

Yes, Tim Cook does read your ‘Dear Tim’ emails

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook reads what customers say in their emails to him — and sometimes their suggestions do trigger actual change in products. That’s according to a new report which notes that these

Handsome co-worker gets bokeh’d in Apple’s latest ad

Apple continued its run of bokeh-related iPhone ads over the weekend. In its new “Depth Control” ad, a jealous partner blurs a handsome male co-worker out of a photo of his girlfriend/wife, using the

Luxurious leather case gives iPad Pro with Apple keyboard the protection they need [Review]

Picaso Lab hand makes a professional-looking leather sleeve that goes around both the latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the Smart Folio Keyboard. It offers much more protection to the tablet than just

$2,600 Huawei folding phone makes Samsung’s look cheap

When jaws dropped at the $1,980 price of Samsung’s first folding phone, Huawei said “Hold my beer.” The Chinese company just took the wraps of its own flexible handset that will go for a mind-blowing

Bleass Delay, Tabs to Links, PolyPhase and other amazing apps of the week

This week we mangle music with Bleass Delay, take notes from our wrists with Google Keep, and quickly save all our Safari tabs to links. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

This Shark Tank product reimagines the record player for 2019 [Deals]

Vinyl is back in vogue, but that doesn’t mean you have to go vintage. Like all other areas of music, even vinyl records benefit from some high-tech innovation. Modern music is portable, and with

Get a crash course in Adobe Creative Cloud [Deals]

Graphic design spans many industries. So no matter your line of work, the apps in Adobe’s Creative Cloud are probably worth knowing. The Graphic Design and Adobe CC Certification School offers a

Don’t give up hope for a 5G iPhone this fall

Intel says its 5G modem won’t be used in any phones until next year. This is Apple’s preferred modem maker but not it’s only option. The company is reportedly considering other sources to provide the

Tiny iPhone and iPad charger will surprise you with its power [Review]

Aukey has a USB-C charger that’s about as small at the standard 5W iPhone charger but boasts 18W of power. It can quickly charge an Apple phone or tablet, as well as other devices. In addition, Aukey

How gesture controls could bring multi-touch to Mac [Cult of Mac Magazine No. 285]

With gesture controls apparently about to become a thing, it’s time to look at how they could work on future iPhones and Macs. In this week’s issue of Cult of Mac Magazine, we show how gesture

Score a great deal on these refurbished iPhones [Deals]

Need a new iPhone? Are you currently… an Android user? (What are you doing here? Oh, right! Reevaluating your smartphone choices!) It just so happens right now is a great time to be in the market for

Some of your favorite iOS apps are feeding your data to Facebook

Deleting your Facebook account isn’t enough to stop some apps from sending deeply personal information about you to the social network. The Wall Street Journal found a wide range of apps that send

How gesture controls could replace 3D Touch and bring multi-touch to the Mac [Opinion]

Next week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, LG looks set to unveil a revolutionary new smartphone with gesture controls. In a brief teaser video, the South Korean tech giant boldly promises the