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Foundation show runner steps down from Apple’s TV adaptation

Apple’s TV series adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s epic sci-fi novel Foundation has already experienced its first major shakeup. Josh Friedman, who was originally tapped to lead the show alongside David

Slope makes iPad a sleek second screen for Mac [10% discount]

Slope, a beautifully designed minimalist tablet stand, transforms your iPad into a second Mac screen or even a mini iMac. Whether you’re pairing iPad with Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard, or using it as

Samsung Galaxy Fold reviews: Awesome idea, crap execution

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the first mass-market phone with a foldable screen, something a future iPhone might someday have as well. Reviews of this handset are starting to come in and they have a

The Clever Dripper might be the best (and easiest) way to make coffee, ever

The Clever Dripper is just about the easiest, most failsafe way to get fantastic coffee every time. Even when you're still half asleep. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple and Amazon could hook up for health care

Apple has made it clear it sees health monitoring as an important part of its business. And now analysts from Morgan Stanley are urging the company combine its efforts with Haven, a partnership of

Filmmaker’s iPhone XS passes the shark bite test

Even on video, our eyes get big when we see the open mouth of a shark. But what’s the appropriate response when you see an iPhone XS between the shark’s teeth? This was the most interesting scene in a

Geeky shoes salute rare Apple sneakers from the ‘90s

The Apple-branded sneakers given to employees in the early 1990s have become collectors’ items priced well out of the range of ordinary consumers. But two companies known for making cutting-edge

Netflix tests ‘Random Episode’ button for finding what to watch

Figuring out what to watch from Netflix’s massive catalog of shows might soon be as easy as tapping one button. Netflix is currently testing two new tweaks that give users the ability to watch a

Coming soon to Mac: Siri Shortcuts and other great iOS features

Some of the best new iOS 12 features should come to the Mac later this year. Apple reportedly plans to make iOS and macOS much more alike, and macOS 10.15 supposedly will add Siri Shortcuts, Screen

Foxconn promises it’s committed to Wisconsin factory

Foxconn swears its committed to bringing 13,000 jobs to Wisconsin just two days after the state’s governor said it wants out from its deal with the Taiwanese company. Wisconsin governor Tony Evers,

The key to nailing that big job interview is proper preparation [Deals]

So you’ve lined up that big job interview … what now? Maybe you’ll do dry runs with friends, look up examples of other interviews online, or read up on the company and the people you’ll be speaking

Instagram might kill the like count on photos

Instagrammers’ obsession with likes might be coming to an abrupt end. The photo sharing social network revealed today that it is looking into ways to alleviate pressure on its app. One of the proposed

Apple Music faces fresh competition from Amazon’s new free option

Amazon just launched a free streaming music service for its smart speakers. This is further competition for Apple Music and Spotify, who are battling it out in the paid music subscription business.

OtterBox launches handsome textured cases for 2018 iPhone models

While OtterBox is best known for big, massively protective cases, it also offers ones for people looking for something more fashionable. Today it introduced four new cases with a range of textures and

Concept iPhone packs giant virtual display and keyboard

A new concept iPhone explores the possibility of pico projectors creating a full-size external display and keyboard, essentially turning the handset into a mobile desktop. Watch a video of this

How to sanitize your Safari history on iOS

Safari can delete just the last hour of your browsing history, or the last day or two. Here's how to clear Safari history the right way. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

macOS 10.15 will bring better integration with Apple Watch

Apple Watch might get some new Mac-related powered when macOS 10.15 is unveiled at WWDC 2019. Mac users can currently use the Apple Watch to unlock their Mac, but a new report claims Apple is planning

Will Chris Hemsworth’s new fitness app get you ripped like Thor? [Review]

I’m a big Chris Hemsworth fan. The guy is walking workout inspiration. I spend hours at the gym hoping that one day I’ll achieve Thor-style arms. But so far, no luck. That’s why Centr, Hemsworth’s new

Apple likely paid $6 billion in Qualcomm settlement

Qualcomm probably didn’t get the full $7 billion payment it was hoping to score from Apple as a result of the two companies’ wide-ranging legal battle. Full details of the settlement between Apple and

Take your fitness and training to the next level with ActionSleeve

Apple Watch is the new paradigm of health and fitness in tech. It’s a powerful workout companion and has revolutionized the way we calculate fitness goals and monitor health stats. For those of us who