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Will Chris Hemsworth’s new fitness app get you ripped like Thor? [Review]

I’m a big Chris Hemsworth fan. The guy is walking workout inspiration. I spend hours at the gym hoping that one day I’ll achieve Thor-style arms. But so far, no luck. That’s why Centr, Hemsworth’s new

Apple likely paid $6 billion in Qualcomm settlement

Qualcomm probably didn’t get the full $7 billion payment it was hoping to score from Apple as a result of the two companies’ wide-ranging legal battle. Full details of the settlement between Apple and

Take your fitness and training to the next level with ActionSleeve

Apple Watch is the new paradigm of health and fitness in tech. It’s a powerful workout companion and has revolutionized the way we calculate fitness goals and monitor health stats. For those of us who

Apple massively expands its global recycling programs

Apple’s efforts to be the greenest company in tech continue with a major expansion to its global recycling programs. It will be easier than ever for customers to send old iPhone units off for

2019 iPhone could bring hidden 12MP selfie cameras

Apple’s next-generation iPhone lineup could feature 12-megapixel front-facing cameras for even sharper selfies, according to one reliable analyst. Apple is also expected to use a new coating that will

Samsung will ‘thoroughly inspect’ broken Galaxy Fold handsets

Samsung has vowed to “thoroughly inspect” Galaxy Fold handsets that suffered failures just days after making their way into the hands of reviewers. The South Korean company hasn’t offered an

Apple wants to put some more marketing muscle behind Apple News

Apple is looking to beef up its Apple News team, according to new job listings the company has recently posted on LinkedIn. Among other positions, Apple is looking to hire a new growth marketing

Save 97% on a lifetime of powerful VPN protection [Deals]

At this point, if you’re not going online through a VPN, you’re doing it wrong. The threats to security and privacy are growing, so the time is now to protect your digital life. And this deal offers

Beyoncé’s Lemonade album finally lands on Apple Music

Update: Beyoncé’s acclaimed Lemonade album finally arrived on Apple Music — three years after its debut. Originally dropped on April 23, 2016, Lemonade is the singer’s sixth studio album and second

Apple highlights accessories in its 2019 Mother’s Day gift guide

Sunday May 12 is Mother’s Day in the United States — meaning that you’ve got got just under one month to pick your mom up something that lets you know how much you appreciate her. While flowers or

Pair of lawsuits claim Apple mislead investors on falling iPhone sales

Did Apple mislead investors by not coming clean sooner about the drop in iPhone sales? That’s what a pair of new class action lawsuits suggest. The suits were filed by City of Roseville employees’

Wisconsin wants out of its $4 billion Foxconn deal

The governor of Wisconsin wants to renegotiate the deal in which iPhone-assembler Foxconn would have received $4 billion in subsidies and infrastructure spending in exchange for employing 13,000

Crazy ‘iPhone Z’ concept takes folding phones to a new level

Caviar, the Russian company behind some of the craziest iPhone mods we’ve ever seen, has come out with its first folding iPhone concept design video today and as you’d expect, it’s absolutely wild.

These bone-conduction smart glasses make headphones unnecessary [Review]

Headphones are so ubiquitous we often don’t think about their disadvantages. Lucyd created a pair of smart glasses that let you listen to music or podcasts while still allowing you to hear what’s

FCC wants to ban China Mobile from US

The largest mobile phone network operator in the world will likely be banned from doing business in the USA. China Mobile, which has over 900 million subscribers in mainland China, has been blocked

Facebook Assistant is taking on Siri and Alexa [Updated]

Facebook is going into the voice-driven digital assistant race. Its AI tech will go into the line of Facebook Messenger-driven smart displays this social networking/advertising company launched last

How to find that great song you heard on TV last night

Ever wake up with a tune from last night's TV show in your head? Use Tunefind to track down the song and add it to your music library. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Samsung’s folding smartphones break on Day 1

Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold smartphone has a serious problem with its folding display. Multiple early reviewers are reporting that the display has broken after just one or two days of use. It appears

Microsoft unveils monstrously expensive Surface Hub 2S

Microsoft unveiled its vision for the future of collaborative computing today and if your business wants in on the action, it won’t be cheap. The Windows-maker’s newest PC is giant touchscreen that

You can now use Apple Pay inside Uber Eats

It’s now easier than ever to pay for Uber Eats orders, thanks to the arrival of Apple Pay. The food delivery service has finally adopted Apple’s mobile payments platform in almost 20 countries. It