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Why creative pros can’t rely on iPad Pro [Opinion]

Since the new iPad Pro’s launch, debate about the powerful devices has become increasingly polarized into two opposing camps: futurists and realists. The futurists argue that the iPad is the future

Screen Time flaw lets kids use Safari without limitations

iOS 12’s Screen Time feature is a great way of making sure that people, particularly children, don’t spend too long using their iOS devices. That’s an important goal, whether you’re worried about the

Pick up a new language with this interactive iPhone app [Deals]

The benefits of learning a second language are endless. Get fluent, and you can cruise around like a local during trips abroad, expand your business to overseas markets or simply keep your brain

Goldman Sachs worries that iPhone demand is ‘deteriorating’

Goldman Sachs has added its name to the list of financial institutions worried about stagnating iPhone sales. “We are concerned that end demand for new iPhone models is deteriorating,” Goldman Sachs

Some users mysteriously locked out of Apple accounts

Multiple users have reported being locked out of their Apple devices, receiving messages stating that: “Your Apple ID has been locked for security reasons. To unlock it, you must verify your

Netflix update adds support for 2018 iPad Pro lineup

The Netflix app is now fully compatible with the new iPad Pro. It takes full advantage of the space offered by the latest Liquid Retina displays, which are the first iPad screens with rounded corners

Apple lost $190 billion in value over the past 5 weeks

Some Apple stats are pretty mind-boggling to get your head around, such as the fact that a modern midrange iMac Pro boasts 11x as many bytes of memory as every combined unit of the Apple II ever sold.

Apple confirms T2 chip will block certain third-party repairs

Apple has confirmed that certain repairs for its new Macs, sporting the T2 chip, can only be carried out by officially sanctioned Apple repair shops. That’s because it contains software locks which

5G iPhone probably can’t launch before 2020

The estimated release date for Intel’s first 5G modem makes it very unlikely a 5G iPhone will be released before 2020. Android devices with this speedy new cellular-wireless technology are expected a

Enable this great Shoot Mode with Siri Shortcuts to take pictures in peace

This Shoot Mode shortcut suppresses notifications and launches the Camera app, ready for some uninterrupted photo-shooting. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Optimistic analyst gets gloomy about iPhone XR

Ming-Chi Kuo just lowered his estimates for the number of iPhone XR units that will sell over the next year. That’s a real turnaround, as this analyst had previously been bullish on Apple’s latest

Is the 2018 iPad Pro Smart Folio Cover really worth $99? [Review]

The new iPad Pro 2018 Smart Folio Cover is outrageously priced, but it is also an excellent companion for your iPad. It's better than the old Smart Cover in most ways. But should you buy one? (via

Free app boosts iPhone internet speed and privacy

A new application has the potential to speed up internet access on your iPhone. And Cloudflare’s app certainly makes everything you do online more private. What it’s doing is a bit technical,

Jony Ive’s $250,000 ring dazzles with a unibody diamond

Want to show your Apple-loving significant other that you really care about them? If so — and you happen to have $150,000-$250,000 at your disposal — you might want to participate in a new Sotheby’s

Score top-rated VPN protection for 1/3 the usual price [Deals]

If you’re traveling this holiday season, you’ll encounter more bugs than the cold or flu. Using public WiFi is a prime way to face malware, identity theft, and other online threats. So you’ll want to

Citibank is worried about weak iPhone XR sales

Financial services group Citibank has concerns about iPhone XR demand — and it’s worried that this will affect chip stocks. In a new note to clients, Citi analyst Atif Malik downgraded Skyworks

2018 iPad Pro teardown reveals a bunch of big improvements

iFixit has finally gotten around to tearing apart the 2018 iPad Pro. Unsurprisingly, it has discovered lots of big improvements under the hood of Apple’s latest tablet, and more chips than you can

iPhone triumphs over local rivals on record Chinese shopping day

The iPhone outsold Chinese rivals on Alibaba platforms during China’s Singles Day on November 11. Singles’ Day is a holiday in which people not in a relationship buy themselves gifts. Alibaba, the

Fortnite is firing a mounted turret into Battle Royale

This week’s Fortnite update will bring a mounted turret to Battle Royale. The new weapon will need to be fixed to the ground and is likely to pack a ton of power — but you’ll need to watch how you use

Broadway ditches heavy production books for iPads

Broadway producers are ditching the heavy, 10-pound production books they currently use for shows in favor of iPads. These books contain details — swapped out for each new production — about script