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Wynd Plus desktop air purifier filters out the nasty stuff

Looking for a smart air purifier you can control using your iPhone? If so, Apple has just the product for you — with the Wynd Plus Smart Air Purifier intelligent personal air quality system. The size

How to win Apple Watch Activity Competitions every time

Apple Watch Activity Competitions are a perfect way to fall out with friends and colleagues. Simply send a challenge via the Activity app on your watch and, if they accept, a seven-day grudge match

Apple starts purging VoIP duplicates from the App Store

Apple has started removing duplicate VoIP apps from the App Store. The purge comes after a report highlighted a shady practice some developers have been using to game App Store search results. Plenty

Save some money on an Apple Watch Series 3 [Deals]

If you don’t need all the bells and whistles of Apple Watch Series 4, it’s a good time to grab Cupertino’s previous-generation smartwatch — and save a little cash in the process. Series 3 Apple

Happy birthday, Jony Ive: Apple’s design genius turns 52

Today marks the 52nd birthday of Jony Ive, Apple’s much-admired chief design officer. As the shaper of products including, well, virtually everything that Apple builds, Ive has been a central

Hulu cuts price of ad-supported service, but Live TV costs more

Hulu has slashed the price of its ad-supported plan, making the service more accessible to budget-conscious consumers. It’s not all good news, however: Hulu’s Live TV plan, which offers access to more

Apple Music may not be coming to Google Home after all

It seems that rumors about Apple Music making its way onto Google Home may have been premature. After Apple Music showed up as a listening option in the Google Home app, Google has issued a statement

Lawsuit takes aim at Apple’s cellular devices

Apple is on the receiving end of a new lawsuit, claiming that it is infringing more than seven patents relating to LTE cellular standards. The lawsuit potentially affects devices including the iPhone,

Americans are far more interested in buying iPhone than Android

Americans about to purchase a handset are far more interested in an iPhone than in devices running the rival Android OS, according to a survey done by an industry analysis firm. But the news isn’t all

USB 3.2 update gets faster and maybe less confusing

The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) today released a description of the next version of USB. This brings welcome improvements in data transfer speeds, and USB 3.2 also attempts to remedy some of the

Want a Galaxy S10? Sell your old iPhone for upgrade cash today

So, you’ve decided you just have to have Samsung’s brand new Galaxy S10. Or maybe even the exciting new Galaxy Fold. But how are you going to pay for your shiny new upgrade? It certainly won’t be

This ridiculous bendable smartphone doubles as a watch

Bendable displays are all the rage at MWC 2019 and one company took the idea to the extreme with a new phone that wraps around your wrist. Nubia revealed its Alpha Wearable Smartphone that blurs the

How to find your iPhone when it’s muted

Lost iPhone? Ringer switched off? Do Not Disturb enabled? Don’t worry. You can use Find My iPhone to force it to play a sound. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Steve Wozniak wants a folding iPhone even if you don’t

The co-founder of Apple, and its original tech guru, can’t wait to get his hands on a folding iPhone. The first generation of folding devices from Samsung, Huawei, and others have met with skepticism

Year’s best ‘Shot on iPhone’ pix will take your breath away

A stunning edit of 10 photos will soon adorn billboards around the world to advertise the iPhone’s camera capabilities after Apple today announced the winners of the Shot on iPhone Challenge. The

How to finally get iMessages on Android

Android-lovers can finally bust out of the green bubble life without owning an iPhone. Thanks to a new app that brings iMessage to Android, you can now enjoy one of Apple’s best features even if you

Energizer’s thick new phone packs an insanely huge battery

There are people who say they want a phone with the biggest battery they can get, but Energizer proves them wrong. Its latest device sports over 6 times the battery capacity of the iPhone XS Max, but

Nobody wants a folding phone anyway. But folding iPads? [Opinion]

Folding phones are doomed. They bring nothing anyone wants, and they have many disadvantages. But a folding iPad could be bigger, more portable, and handy even when folded. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and

Treat yourself to a stylish Apple Watch band [Watch Store]

Let’s face it: Simpler isn’t always better. Sometimes a watch band is just a watch band, but sometimes you’d rather it be a fashion statement. If you want understated elegance, there’s classic black

Apple considered a stackable Mac Pro way back in 1984

Apple is rumored to be using a stackable, modular design for its next Mac Pro, allowing components to be easily swapped in and out. It’s an innovative concept — but it’s not new. In fact, Apple worked