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Target stores now accept Apple Pay in the U.S.

Target has started rolling out Apple Pay support at all its stores across the United States. The stores’ upgraded NFC-enabled payment terminals mean that the retail giant now accepts Apple’s mobile

Fortnite is getting bottle rockets and a big earthquake event

This week’s Fortnite update will bring brand new bottle rockets to Battle Royale. Epic Games has started teasing the item in-game ahead of its arrival. Meanwhile, new files discovered in Fortnite’s

Apple Watch wearer saved by fall detection in Norway

The ECG on the Apple Watch Series 4 has made a lot of news for alerting some wearers to potentially fatal heart problems. Now, the watch’s fall detection feature grabs its own hero headline. A

Apple will reward teen who discovered FaceTime bug

The 14-year-old kid who accidentally discovered the recent FaceTime eavesdropping bug has been told by Apple that he will be eligible for the company’s bug bounty program. Apple set up its bug bounty

Spend just minutes a day to finally learn a foreign language [Deals]

Making the resolution to learn a new language is easy. Like any commitment, seeing it through is harder. So unless you’re surrounded by native speakers, you’ll need to find another way to carve out

WhatsApp can now be protected by Face ID or Touch ID on iPhone

Your WhatsApp conversations can now be protected by Face ID or Touch ID on iPhone. The latest update to the world’s most popular messaging app lets users take advantage of the iPhone’s biometric

Take a peek at the concept art behind Apple’s iconic 1984 ad

Apple’s “1984” Macintosh commercial isn’t just the most iconic Apple ad in history, but one of the greatest advertisements ever created anywhere. Now, three-and-a-half decades after the ad aired, the

Microsoft is bringing Xbox Live to Android and iOS

Microsoft is gearing up to release a software development kit (SDK) that will allow Android and iOS developers to integrate Xbox Live features into their games. The SDK, which will be officially

Amazon Prime Video’s X-Ray feature comes to Apple TV

Apple TV now supports the X-Ray feature for Amazon Prime Video. X-Ray provides additional information on the movies and TV shows you’re watching by giving extra details on the cast, characters, and

Morgan Stanley thinks Services will help Apple hit $1 trillion again

Apple shares have rebounded some from the company’s holiday season slump, but its $787.6 billion market cap has a way to go before it’s back at the $1 trillion level it hit last summer. Analysts at

AirBuddy, Pen2Bow, Outlook and other amazing apps of the week

This week we use AirBuddy to bring iOS-like AirPod integrations to the Mac, we play the amazing Synth One on our iPhones, and use the Apple Pencil to play music. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

Learn to retain and read more with this speed-reading software [Deals]

Reading is a skill, and to get the most out of what you read takes practice. But there’s no gym for the eyeballs and brain, so besides reading more, where do you go? You can’t do much better than this

Siri seeks supervisor after SVP shakes up staffing

In a move to (hopefully) improve Siri, Bill Stasior, the head of the Siri team at Apple, is taking leave to another department within the company. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

What Apple’s past says about its future [Cult of Mac Magazine No. 282]

After enduring a rough quarter, Apple tells the world what went wrong. But even more interesting is what went right — and what that means for Apple’s future. Get our take on what you really need to

Forget about passcodes with this Wi-Fi-enabled smart safe [Deals]

Everyone owns valuables they want to keep safe, from jewelry to passports to medication. But keeping the stuff we need on a daily basis in a traditional metal safe just isn’t practical. Ever tried to

How to search Google like a boss

These simple search operators let you focus, narrow, and direct your Google searches just by adding a secret code word to your enquiry. Check them out. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

Brilliant concept brings 7-inch display to iPod Touch 7

The iPod Touch might make a comeback in 2019 now thanks to some new renders we’ve got a glimpse of what it might look like. Apple hasn’t released a new iPod Touch since 2015. Rumors indicate that an

After Trump call, Foxconn recommits to Wisconsin factory

How a Foxconn factory in Wisconsin takes shape depends on what day of the week it is. Today, company CEO Terry Gou is committing to a “Gen 6 fab facility” in the dairy state after having a “personal

Apple caves to Kremlin pressure to store iCloud data in Russia

Apple will comply with a Russian law that could force them to decrypt data on Russian customers at the government’s request. The law took effect last year and requires the tech giant to store data on

Apple staffing up its streaming video service

Apple is hiring in its media group devoted to audiovisual media. After digging through the company’s job openings in recent months, an analyst believes these new employees are for the anticipated