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Get $10 off Just Mobile’s new AluBase and Gum Slim [Watch Store]

What’s better than trying something new? Trying something new and saving money. Our friends at Just Mobile recently introduced the AluBase Wireless Charger and Gum Slim Hybrid Battery, and in

Shazam now shows you when you first discovered your favorite tracks

The latest Shazam update is out now on iOS, giving users the ability to see exactly when they last searched for a certain song. Simply scroll through your history of Shazams and you’ll find a date and

iPhone turned into dust in the name of science

Want to see what happens when an iPhone is placed into a high powered blender? No, it’s not the kind of mindless destruction porn that often pops up on YouTube. Instead, it’s a serious scientific

Add an anti-theft alarm system to your MacBook [Deals]

If you use a laptop, you probably bring it to public places like coffee shops or libraries. So when you go to get a refill or use the bathroom, the move is usually to ask your neighbor to make sure no

Opulent custom iPhone XS Max boasts its own mechanical watch

If you thought the iPhone XS Max was pricey, you probably should shield your eyes to avoid the sheer indulgent offensiveness of Caviar’s new Grand Complications Skeleton Tourbillon. Most iPhone cases

Apple has plans for boosting iPhone sales in world’s second biggest market

Apple is trying a new strategy to boost struggling iPhone sales in India, the world’s second largest country by population. Unfortunately, it’s one that’s going to make the base model iPhones even

Mass production ‘gearing up’ for new iPads, AirPods

New AirPods and iPads are coming — and we just got the latest bit of evidence to support that. According to a new report, four Apple suppliers are gearing up for mass production of both new products.

Apple says Qualcomm lawsuit was kickstarted by Intel envy

Apple claims that Qualcomm’s motivation for taking Apple to court is because it was upset that Apple had switched to using Intel chips in iPhones. Prior to 2016, Qualcomm had enjoyed five years of

Tiny chargers show the big advantages of gallium nitride [Review]

Chargers are transitioning from silicon transistors to gallium nitride (GaN), enabling these irritatingly bulky accessories to shrink in size. Anker and RavPower both make power adapters that put out

Laserlike acquisition boosts Apple’s AI capabilities

Apple bought a small startup that created an app that used machine learning to auotomically find news articles users would be interested in. The acquisition of Laserlike is expected to bolster Apple’s

AirPods art challenge turns classic works on their ears

Vincent Van Gogh might have been kinder to his ear if only AirPods were around when he was alive and painting. Art already gives us so much to ponder. As does Twitter, which a New York City creative

Enso is the best looper app for iOS

Enso is an amazing looper app for iOS and Mac. Record, play, loop, mangle, and otherwise create/destroy your sounds. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Stream Apple Music on Amazon Fire TV starting today

In what would have been radical change a few years ago, your Amazon Fire TV can now stream songs from the Apple Music service. This is the latest move from the iPhone maker to allow users to access

What to expect from Apple’s ‘show time’ event on March 25

The first Apple event of 2019 is nearly here. Tim Cook and friends are set to take the stage at the Steve Jobs Theater on March 25 to unveil the company’s newest goodies, only instead of unveiling

Verizon 5G ramps up for April launch

Well behind arch-rival AT&T, Verizon will begin rolling out its 5G wireless network in two cities early in April. This is the carrier’s first step in having this faster replacement for LTE

Make your own iPhone Safari download manager with Shortcuts

Downloading files in Mobile Safari is basic, even primitive. With shortcuts, you can rename files and automatically save them to your Dropbox or iCloud Drive. Here’s how. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and

Leaked ‘iPad mini 5’ case reinforces our worst fears

An apparent “iPad mini 5” case corroborates rumors that this year’s much-anticipated refresh won’t bring a spectacular new design to Apple’s smallest tablet. The case also dashes hopes that the new

2019 iPad lineup might get even more confusing

Apple’s iPad lineup is about to get more crowded and confusing than ever in 2019. With the company’s big March 25 event looming on the horizon, a new rumor claims Apple is planning to release not one

Apple rushes to add HBO and Showtime to streaming service

Apple has created numerous shows for its streaming TV service, but is reportedly also negotiating deals to bring in content from other sources, including HBO and Showtime. This should help the Apple

iPhone stops arrow en route to user’s head

The iPhone has made news for stopping bullets. A man in Australia discovered his iPhone was durable enough to stop an arrow aimed at his head. The man was under attack in his driveway by an