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Thinner, lighter 2019 iPhone will be made possible by Samsung

A 2019 iPhone model reportedly will sport a display made by Samsung that has the touch panel integrated into the OLED, rather than layered on top. If true, the technology will make one of next year’s

Apple poaches new head of casting from Sony

Apple’s TV team just hired seasoned Hollywood executive to lead its casting efforts for its many TV shows currently in development. Tamara Hunter, the vice president of casting at Sony Pictures

Atlanta could get super-sized flagship Apple Store

The Apple Store in Atlanta’s Lenox Mall is apparently getting a big upgrade. An illustration of a new store coming to this high-end mall has surfaced, and while it doesn’t yet have an Apple logo, the

iCareFone: Make your backup, restore, transfer easier than ever

This post is presented by Tenorshare. Using iTunes to manage your data is not the best part of owning an iPhone or iPad. Spend time with Cupertino’s flagship app, and you realize it’s tough to

Ungodly mashup merges iPhone with Apple Watch

A customer brought an idea to his iPhone provider in Russia: What if you could make the iPhone and Apple Watch into one device? The client now has his iPhone-watch mashup and you can, too, for

Job listing hints at Apple-made modems coming to iPhone

Qualcomm and Intel could both soon lose out on Apple’s wireless chip business completely. After switching from Qualcomm modems to Intel modems (and causing a huge legal war in the process), Apple is

Scoshe’s iPad Pro charger is better than Apple’s [Review]

Before Apple started selling the 2018 iPad Pro USB-C power charger as a stand-alone product, Scosche introduced one that’s slightly more expensive but offers significant advantages. In addition,

iPhone suppliers could leave China if trade tariff hits 25%

iPhone suppliers will reportedly consider moving away from China is U.S. trade tariffs hit 25 percent. Sources say they will remain even if the U.S. introduces a 10 percent tax on smartphones, but

Apple could launch paid Apple News tier as soon as spring 2019

Apple is planning to launch its own paid magazine and newspaper subscription service, which will serve as a premium part of the existing Apple News app. It is based on Texture, the $9.99 a month

Fortnite’s new Infinity Blade causes chaos and Epic must take note

Infinity Blade is back just days after being pulled from the App Store — but not as you might have expected. It’s now a crazy sword that can be found inside Fortnite Battle Royale. The limited-time

Apple Music subscribers get holiday discount on HomePod

Apple is offering promo codes to Apple Music customers, giving them money off the HomePod smart speaker in time for the holidays. So far, users in the U.K. have reported receiving the offer for 50

Build beautiful websites without writing a single line of code [Deals]

There are plenty of reasons to build a website. Maybe you’ve got a personal brand to grow, products to sell, or just need a place to show off your ideas. But if you can’t code, don’t worry, you can

Google CEO has to tell Congressman who makes the iPhone

This year’s Facebook congressional hearing highlighted just how little many lawmakers know about the technology which dominates our lives. That seemingly didn’t change during yesterday’s House

European regulators are keeping a close eye on Apple Pay

Tim Cook has admitted that Apple Pay hasn’t taken off quite as quickly as he would like. But that’s not stopping the European Commission from threatening that Apple’s mobile payments service could

SEO matters, so track your site’s web ranking with this pro tool [Deals]

About 83 percent of big-time digital marketing companies responding to a Clutch survey said they think they’re doing a good job reaching their marketing goals. Yet, 44 percent said SEO was their

Apple Watch ECG already finding stealth heart problems

Ed Dentel has become the poster child for the new ECG function of the Apple Watch. He installed the recent update that allowed this wearable to check the electrical activity of his heart and it

How to stop apps from tracking your location

Your iPhone apps may be tracking you and selling your location data to anyone who will pay. Here’s how to stop that happening, and keep your day-to-day movements private. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and

First public betas of iOS 12.1.2, macOS Mojave 10.14.3 squash some bugs

There’s always another version of iOS in the pipeline. Just a few days after iOS 12.1.1 brought improvements to FaceTime and Face ID, the public can now download the first beta of the upcoming

Top iPhone suppliers give Apple investors good news

A pair of companies critical in producing the iPhone enjoyed very strong sales in November. While not definite, this is a clear hint that the recent pessimism about sales of Apple’s handsets is

Mojave update hints at new AMD Vega GPUs coming to Mac

The most recent macOS Mojave update suggests we’ll soon see new AMD Vega GPUs coming to the Mac. Apple recently introduced a refreshed MacBook Pro with faster Vega graphics chips, and it seems those