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Tumblr back in App Store after banning all porn

Tumblr’s exile from the iOS App Store is over, but the company behind it had to kick all forms of pornography off the platform to be allowed to return. While that decision is controversial, it did

This app reinvents how lighting works in iPhone photos

This post is presented by Indice, maker of the Apollo app. The photos you take are only as good as the lighting. That’s true no matter whether you’re using a top-of-the-line DSLR or an iPhone. The

Proposed privacy legislation outlaws some Google business practices

The Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) published a draft privacy bill this morning that proposes making it harder for companies to track people’s location or collect biometric information about

How I record podcasts on iPad only

Recording a podcast over FaceTime or Skype on the iPad is easy, but you need to use your iPhone for the call itself. Fortunately, the setup is easy, if a little ridiculous. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and

Jennifer Garner will star in new J.J. Abrams series for Apple

Jennifer Garner and J.J. Abrams are finally getting back together to create an all-new TV show. The duo rose to stardom in the early 2000s with Abram’s TV show Alias that starred Garner as a double

Create an on-the-go office with this rugged iPad Pro case

Urban Armor Gear created its new Metropolis case for people who take the 2018 iPad Pro to more than offices and coffee shops. This rugged case protects the tablet from drops and impacts, plus it

Quick! Trade in your old Apple devices before the holidays

If you’re going to become the proud owner of a brand new Apple device over the holidays, it’s time to start thinking about what you should do with your old ones. Don’t let them sit around, collecting

Apple caps off ‘amazing’ year with more advertising honors

Apple marketing set an even higher bar in the advertising industry this year and is closing out 2018 with three commercials in Adweek’s Top 25 Best Ads of the Year. Adweek listed “Welcome Home,”

PDFelement 6 Pro for Mac: An easy-to-use PDF editor for Mac [Exclusive discount]

This post is presented by PDFelement. PDFs are an increasingly common way to share documents of all kinds. From resumes to photo albums or even entire e-books, PDFs are as universally recognized as

U.S. iPhone ban isn’t out of the question in Qualcomm battle

Certain iPhone models have been barred for sale in China, but a similar ban in the U.S. isn’t totally out of the question. The U.S. International Trade Commission has said that it plans to review a

Tynker Junior teaches kids to code before they can read

The ability to code is becoming an increasingly important skill, and the sooner you start learning, the better. That’s why you should introduce your little ones to Tynker Junior, the app that teaches

Become a certified master of Microsoft Office [Deals]

There aren’t many applications more widely used than Microsoft Office. No matter where you work, you’ll encounter Office, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and the rest. So no matter where you work, it’s

Apple’s Services growth could be about to slow down

iPhone sales may be slowing down, but investors have held onto promising data points like Apple’s impressively growing Services division. According to some, this burgeoning part of Apple’s business

Take the fight to other trainers in Pokémon Go battles

Pokémon Go has finally added Trainer Battles, giving players the opportunity to fight against their friends. Developer Niantic first made battles available to level 40 players, but they are now

Apple to open $1 billion campus in Austin, Texas

Apple will open a new 133-acre campus in Austin, Texas — approximately 1,500 miles from its Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino. The $1 billion headquarters will initially house 5,000 employees,

This mini iPhone concept is as cute as a button

It’s been an unmistakable trend for the past five years: iPhones are getting physically larger. Given the popularity of “phablets,” that makes perfect sense — but it’s not for everyone. One of those

Fortnite was one of America’s top searches in 2018

It looks like my Cult of Mac colleague Killian’s endless hours spent feverishly Googling the word “Fortnite” like a battle royale-loving version of The Shining‘s Jack Torrance have paid off. That’s

Don’t be scared of animation. Even you can do it. Here’s how to get started. [Deals]

Incredibles 2, Hotel Transylvania 3 and The Grinch are three of the top-15-grossing movies for all of 2018. And with its stellar reviews and big word-of-mouth buzz, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Easily add mobile credits to phones in more than 140 countries

This post is presented by MobileRecharge. If you travel frequently or you’ve got family abroad, there’s a good chance you use pay-as-you-go mobile accounts to stay in touch. As if regular phone bills

How to use your iPad Pro as a display for your Mac mini

You can totally use your iPad as the only display for your Mac mini, which also adds a touchscreen to your Mac. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)