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Apple Watch will be king until at least 2022

Apple is likely to remain the biggest player in the smartwatch category, a new report from analysts at IDC suggests. The firm suggests that the overall wearables category is set to reach 125.3 million

Apple’s humpbacked Smart Case is coming for iPhone XS and XS Max

The much-maligned Smart Battery case for the iPhone looks like it will be making a return — only this time for the iPhone XS and XS Max. In leaked images found in a merchandise guide for Apple

Fortnite 7.10 brings festive event, big improvements

Fortnite’s weekly update is out with a new seasonal event that gives players the opportunity to enjoy different game modes every day and to unlock festive rewards. The version 7.10 release also

New ‘how to’ videos will help you get to grips with Apple Watch

Want to know how to locate your iPhone using your Apple Watch? What about customizing your workouts, or viewing your Activity Rings? If you’re an Apple Watch newbie, Apple wants to help you get to

Qualcomm isn’t happy that Apple is still selling iPhones in China

Apple and Qualcomm have found yet another thing to disagree over in their long-running feud. A court in China recently issued an order banning Apple from selling several older iPhone models. Apple

Instagram continues to boom. Make money at it with this master class [Deals]

Sure, it’s nice to have a gaggle of Instagram followers to like your pics. But building an audience on the world’s fastest-growing social media platform is more than just a vanity project. When Kylie

iOS 12.1.2 possibly resolves iPhone sales ban in China

Apple has rushed out iOS 12.1.2 after a single round of beta testing. This highly unusual move could be part of the company’s response to a recent ban on iPhone sales in China. The release notes on

Even Apple thought combining Touch ID with Face ID was smarter

An Apple patent filing is basically a white paper on the advantages of using dual biometric security systems. This makes it clear the company nearly made a device that offered facial recognition and a

How to record podcasts on iPad part II: The apps

Today we learn how to use AUM, AudioShare, and other great iOS apps to record a high-quality podcast on the iPad Pro. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Fast and Furious director signs TV deal with Apple

Apple’s TV team is revving into full gear heading into 2019 as it just inked a deal with one of the hottest directors in Hollywood. Fast and Furious director Justin Lin has reportedly signed on to

Apple found not at fault for fatal FaceTime car crash

It isn’t Apple’s responsibility to prevent you from doing dangerous things with your iPhone. That’s the decision of an appeals court in California this morning in a case related to a man who crashed

Gutted iPhone 4 turned into a work of art

We watch with both horror and fascination those videos where someone rips apart the latest Apple gadget to see how it is built. But one member of the r/iPhone thread on Reddit took the dismantling of

2018 was a wild ride for Apple [Year in Review]

2018 was a rollercoaster year for Apple — with incredible highs, massive dips, and probably an executive or two throwing up along the way. Apple became the first $1 trillion public company in U.S.

Kiwi for Gmail finally makes email manageable on the Mac [Review]

Kiwi for Gmail add a layer of convenience and intelligence to managing your email on the desktop, while offering the familiarity and comfort of Google’s web app. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

Enter to win a trio of super sleek iPhone XS Max cases

We know what you’re thinking, “Another Instagram giveaway already?!” The answer is, “Shh, yes we do love our readers and followers that much.” In fact, we appreciate you all so much, this is round

Apple Music gets the (unofficial) web player it needs

Currently, there’s no officially sanctioned Apple way to play Apple Music in your web browser. Enterprising software engineer Naveed Golafshani (a.k.a. Reddit user NaveedGol) has sprang to the rescue

Apple accused of misleading iPhone users over screen size

The “notch” on Apple’s iPhone X, XS and XS Max devices is causing more problems — and this time could even land Apple in court. A new lawsuit filed against Apple late last week alleges that Apple has

Practice mindfulness with the help of your smartphone [Deals]

It can be hard to find the time to stop and breathe, let alone meditate. With the right app though, you can get regular reminders to check in with the present moment. That’s not what most people think

Apple offers free audiobooks narrated by celebrities

Apple is offering a bunch of free audiobooks narrated by celebrities, including Kate Beckinsale and Kelsey Grammer. The giveaway is an effort to promote Apple Books, which saw a big overhaul with iOS

These are the 10 highest-grossing iOS apps this year

Netflix was the biggest earner in non-game apps in the App Store this year. According to data from app analytics company Sensor Tower, the streaming-video powerhouse raked in a massive $790.2 million