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Apple Watch’s next Activity challenge will have you exercising on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great time to sit around with family and chow down on delicious food. But you should still remember to get your exercise in during the holiday. To give a bit of added incentive,

Win this sweet accessory pack from the Cult of Mac Store [Giveaway]

Elago Treat your favorite Apple devices to some of the sweetest accessories money can buy. Our latest giveaway offers up an awesome Elago bundle for iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch. Three lucky

Before the MacBook’s fall: The greatest laptops Apple ever built

The current MacBook Pro is the worst thing since unsliced bread — at least if you believe my colleague Charlie “glass is half empty” Sorrel. But while people might be happy to dump on Cupertino’s

Ex head of HBO might bring the next Game of Thrones to Apple TV+

Richard Plepler, who led HBO for almost three decades, is reportedly teaming up with Apple. He’s not joining the iPhone maker, but his production company will create content for Apple TV+. If a deal

Dongle-tangling: Use dark chaotic forces and never lose your headphone adapter again

Got a late-model iPhone or iPad and wired headphones? Never lose your headphone adapter again with this one weird dongle-tangling trick. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Ghostwriter featurette shines spotlight on Apple TV+ spooky kids show

Grownup shows drew most of the attention during the launch of Apple TV+, but children’s programming debuted as well, including Ghostwriter. Not to be overlooked, an extended trailer out today puts

Why Apple needs outside help to create hit products [Opinion]

Recent rumors suggest that Apple is leaning on another company to help develop its highly anticipated augmented reality headset. At first, I thought that sounded crazy. Apple Glasses look set to be

iOS 13.3 takes another step toward release

The beta process for iOS 13.3 and its iPad equivalent is moving along. Apple just seeded the second beta of each to developers. The final version, when it’s released to the general public, will help

Sell your old Apple devices now for bargain Black Friday upgrades

Retailers have already started slashing prices on some of Apple’s hottest products ahead of Black Friday. And Cult of Mac can help make your next upgrade even more affordable. Simply sell your old

How to share an Apple TV+ subscription with your family

Sharing your Apple TV+ subscription with family members is as easy as checking a box. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Mac makes IBM employees more productive and happier

Research by IBM found that its employees who use a Mac are more likely to exceed expectations on performance reviews than co-workers with PCs. Mac’s users also make larger high-value sales deals.

Apple TV+ exec leaves less than two weeks after launch

Apple TV+ has lost its head of current scripted and unscripted programming less than two weeks after it made its big debut. Kim Rozenfeld will continue working alongside Cupertino through his own

Why ‘sexist’ Apple Card is Cupertino’s worst nightmare

Cupertino pitched Apple Card as the greatest credit card in history. Instead, the card generated negative PR based on accusations that the algorithm used to decide credit limits is discriminatory.

Google Chrome could start shaming slow websites

Google Chrome may soon start giving slow websites a badge of shame. The move, which will also “reward” sites that load quickly, is aimed at encouraging developers to deliver a high-quality experience

Take a sneak peek at upcoming Apple Lisa documentary

A forthcoming documentary will tell the story of the Apple Lisa, quite possibly the most important “flop” in the company’s history. Before Macintosh: The Apple Lisa is planned for release in early

These Go-Tough power accessories will probably outlast your iPhone [Deals]

We rely on our digital gear for almost every aspect of everyday life, and our devices rely on power. So if there’s a break in the chain, whether a dead battery or a bad cable, it can create a cascade

Facebook ‘secretly’ uses your iPhone camera for no good reason

Facebook is quietly using your iPhone’s camera in the background while you scroll through your news feed. The issue is believed to be a bug that affects devices running certain versions of iOS. It has

Truth Be Told premieres ahead of Apple TV+ debut next month

A brand-new Apple original this week premiered in Los Angeles, California, ahead of its Apple TV+ debut. Truth Be Told starring Octavia Spencer will be available for streaming on December 6. The

Disney+ is live and ready to download from the App Store

The Disney+ app is officially available to download through the App Store. The subscription service features an extensive back catalog plus new shows, including the Star Wars spinoff The Mandalorian.

New 3D sensor in 2020 iPad Pro could accelerate Apple AR

An iPad Pro in development for next year will be the first with a 3D scanner capable of creating digital representations of real-world objects, according to an unconfirmed report. This will supposedly