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Cheap accessories that make iPad Pro a productivity powerhouse

Is the iPad Pro a laptop replacement? Despite what you might think, and what many reviewers will tell you, it can be for a lot of professionals. But not by itself. If you’re going to use your iPad to

Concept iPhone case makes true wireless charging a reality

The era of using cables to charge your iPhone may finally be coming to an end. During CES 2019, Ossia, a company that specializes in creating truly wireless charging solutions, debuted its first case

Truck with secret Apple payload crashes, killing security guard

A box truck, featuring armed guards reportedly looking after a “special load” for Apple, was tragically involved in a fatal crash this week. The incident took place Wednesday on Highway 101 in San

Create cashflow from your keyboard by learning copywriting skills [Deals]

Anyone who thinks the written word is suffering hasn’t spent much time on the internet. There is massive demand for compelling copy, whether to promote brands or advance an important message. If

iSenberg? Breaking Bad game coming to iOS

Breaking Bad is coming to iOS. No, we’re not talking about Aaron “Jesse Pinkman” Paul signing up for one of Apple’s original TV shows, but rather a new Breaking Bad game coming to mobile devices. The

Popular VLC video player is getting AirPlay support

Popular open-source video player VLC is getting AirPlay support “in about a month.” VideoLan, the team behind it, also plans to make it easier for users to switch to VLC from iTunes. The confirmation

Finally! Apple’s bringing HomeKit to your favorite TVs and gadgets, this week on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: Smart window blinds, smart plugs, smart lights, smart locks and now … the best televisions on the market. Apple just revealed big moves to bring HomeKit to all your favorite

Former CEO John Sculley thinks Apple will disrupt healthcare

Former Apple CEO John Sculley agrees with Tim Cook that healthcare is a great area for Apple to move into. It may even, he suggests, “be the great legacy that [Cook is] talking about.” Tim Cook

Online retailers start cutting iPhone prices in China

As expected, Apple resellers have started cutting the price of the iPhone in China. Today, popular e-commerce platforms and Suning reduced the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone XR’s asking

2019 iPhones’ big feature will be an extra camera lens

Expect to see an extra lens for each of the 2019 iPhone models, claims a new report from the Wall Street Journal. In the case of the iPhone XS and XS Max sequel, this will mean jumping from two to

Lady Gaga removes R. Kelly collab from Apple Music and iTunes

Lady Gaga has taken the step of removing a single track from her 2013 album Artpop from both Apple Music and iTunes — with other streaming music services to follow. The reason? Because the song, “Do

Mac shipments fell last year but PC shipments dropped too

Shipments of Mac laptops and desktops declined last year. Not surprisingly, they were also down last quarter. Still, it wasn’t just Apple; the entire PC industry contracted slightly in 2018. And it

Weak Chinese economy is dragging down iPhone, Fed says

Sales of iPhones seem to be weaker than in previous years, and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve has an explanation: a drop in consumer spending in China. The implication is that the slowdown in

Vintage manual shows how Apple got dealers psyched to sell

If you wait long enough to clean out a junk drawer or filing cabinet, you’re liable to find something historic. In the case of graphic designer Greg Bridges of Sydney Australia, an old three-ring

Future Apple Watch bands could change colors to match your outfit

Buying multiple Apple Watch bands may soon become as outdated as mechanical watches. Apple recently patented a brilliant idea for a chameleon-like Apple Watch band that can change colors to match what

How to search for songs by lyrics in Apple Music

Apple Music now lets you find songs by searching for their lyrics. Here’s how it works. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple whips out second iOS and macOS ‘bug fix’ betas this week

After seeding new beta versions of iOS and macOS on Monday, there are already replacements. The team at Apple responsible for updating iPhone, iPad, and Mac clearly started the year off in high gear.

Government shutdown stops some CES gadgets from launching

You’ll have to wait until the government shutdown is over to get your hands on many of the products unveiled at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show. Without FCC approval, they can’t go up for sale.

Two months with iPad Pro and USB-C [Opinion]

I’ve been using the iPadPro with USB-C accessories for the past two months, and frankly, they suck. Hubs just don't work right, and the world still runs on USB-A. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

Handy graphic shows every Apple product ever

Before Apple’s magical product pipeline pops out a plethora of new goodies this year, it might be good to take a minute to appreciate the insane number of products the iPhone-maker has come out with