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Apple floods the streets with color in new iPhone XR ad

There are only a few days left in 2018 but Apple just dropped one of its best ads of the year to promote the iPhone XR. The new ad, titled “Color Flood,” featured a motley gang of hundreds of parkour

Larry Ellison, one of Steve Jobs’ best friends, is joining Tesla’s board

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, the close friend of Steve Jobs who Jobs’ kids called “our rich friend,” has joined Tesla as a member of its board. Ellison was the first person Jobs sought to join Apple’s

Here’s a home smart lock that’s 10 times stronger than your deadbolt [Deals]

For decades, a strong, well-made deadbolt was the standout method of securing a door against intruders. Yet even in the age of smart-enabled door locks, keypads and other high-tech security

Carjacking victim uses ‘Find my iPhone’ to get back stolen vehicle

There’s no shortage of people getting stolen iPhones back, courtesy of Apple’s “Find my iPhone” feature. However, a person from Nashville, Tennessee recently improved on this — by using the

Apple interested in Sony’s next-gen 3D sensors for 2019 iPhone

Apple is reportedly interested in next-generation 3D sensor manufactured by Sony. These chips will power the next generation of front and rear-facing 3D cameras in multiple phones launching in 2019.

Siri’s Hebrew voice is suing Apple

The female broadcaster and voice artist whose voice is used for the Hebrew version of Siri is reportedly suing Apple. Galit Gura-Eini, who has also provided the local voice for Waze, claims that Apple

Fortnite dev pulled in reported $3 billion profit in 2018

Fortnite may be free-to-play, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a well-oiled money-printing machine. According to a new report, developer Epic Games raked in an incredible $3 billion in profit

Replace your home-screen app icons with actions

Today we see how to add actions to your iPad’s home screen, instead of useless app icons. Creat new text files, add reminders, and create emails, all right there on the home screen, using

iPhone photos got better in 2018 thanks to these gadgets

Apple’s camera team set the bar higher still with three new iPhones in 2018. But even Apple’s best gets better if paired with good mobile photography accessories. The brands devoted to smartphone

How to cancel iOS app subscriptions

Canceling App Store subscriptions is easy. So easy that you never need to be afraid of subscriptions ever again. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Ranking all the major hardware Apple released in 2018 [Year in Review]

It’s been one heck of a busy year for Apple, and we’ve got the devices to prove it! Truth be told, despite Apple’s shrinking share price, this has been one of the company’s best years in a while for

Apple’s former marketing director says he returned a bent iPad

Apple’s former Senior Marketing Director Michael Gartenberg has chimed in on the company’s latest “bendgate,” this time related to its iPad Pro. In a recent tweet, Gartenberg said that he returned his

For $34.99, you’ll have complete VPN protection for life [Deals]

Why do you need a virtual private network (VPN)? Most shoppers would tell you for security and peace of mind. Others want to get around international geoblocking restrictions. The truth is that most

A fake Alexa app is scoring thousands of downloads in the App Store

Compared to the lawless wilderness that is certain other app stores, Apple’s App Store is a well-regulated place, free from dodgy fake apps masquerading as the real thing. Clearly someone in Cupertino

Foxconn will start building flagship iPhones in India in 2019

Apple is expanding iPhone manufacturing in India, including building its flagship handsets, a new report claims. This will supposedly be carried out at a Foxconn plant in the southern state of Tamil

New app lets you revisit your year in Apple Music listening

Want a summary of your year in Apple Music listening? A new app will help with that — although it’s not one that’s made by Apple. Mimicking the concept behind Spotify’s yearly “Wrapped” feature, the

AAPL experiences massive share price rise

Apple got a late Christmas gift on Wednesday, when its AAPL stock experienced the stock’s biggest rise in five years. While AAPL is still down considerably from the $1 trillion+ high point it hit

Amazon now carries the thinnest iPhone cases we’ve seen

This post is presented by Totallee. For many Apple fans, the holidays mean giving or receiving a nice new iPhone. That’s a gift worth protecting, but with the care put into even the smallest design

iPhone XR is Apple’s biggest lure for Android lovers

The iPhone XR got off to a fairly strong start. In November, this just-launched model made up 30 percent of Apple’s U.S. sales, slightly higher than the iPhone X in Nov. 2017. But the standout aspect

The one and only security app you need for your new iPhone, iPad or Mac

This post is presented by Dashlane. Nothing feels quite as nice as booting up a brand new device for the first time. But opening up a new iPhone or Mac means reconnecting a lot of sensitive accounts