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AAPL experiences massive share price rise

Apple got a late Christmas gift on Wednesday, when its AAPL stock experienced the stock’s biggest rise in five years. While AAPL is still down considerably from the $1 trillion+ high point it hit

Amazon now carries the thinnest iPhone cases we’ve seen

This post is presented by Totallee. For many Apple fans, the holidays mean giving or receiving a nice new iPhone. That’s a gift worth protecting, but with the care put into even the smallest design

iPhone XR is Apple’s biggest lure for Android lovers

The iPhone XR got off to a fairly strong start. In November, this just-launched model made up 30 percent of Apple’s U.S. sales, slightly higher than the iPhone X in Nov. 2017. But the standout aspect

The one and only security app you need for your new iPhone, iPad or Mac

This post is presented by Dashlane. Nothing feels quite as nice as booting up a brand new device for the first time. But opening up a new iPhone or Mac means reconnecting a lot of sensitive accounts

The best Mac apps of 2018 [Year in Review]

The Mac be way older than the iPhone and iPad, but it still has some tricks. 2018 saw some fine updates to some of our favorite apps, as well as some amazing new apps that have migrated across from

Turn YouTube into your personal promotion platform [Deals]

There are few more powerful platforms than YouTube for connecting with an audience and building a brand. It’s basically the new TV, with mind-boggling numbers of daily engagement. That’s a lot of

The best iOS games of 2018 [Year in Review]

The iPhone and iPad have become insanely powerful devices, with new A-series chips delivering even faster performance every year. That means mobile gaming keeps getting better and better, and 2018 had

Best apps to download now for your new Mac

The Mac App Store is fine, but there are a lot of incredible, essential apps available elsewhere. If you have a new Mac, you could do a lot worse than to check out our five essential apps for new

Best apps to download now for your new iPhone

Got a new iPhone? Then get started with these five amazing apps for your new device. Whether you’re taking photos, listening to podcasts, making notes, or just out taking a walk, we’ve got you

Best apps to download now for your new iPad

The iPad is great for reading, writing, making music, watching and making movies, and playing games. The iPad is pretty much the ultimate creative tool, but that doesn't mean that you can’t sit back

Best apps to download now for your new Apple Watch

Your new Apple Watch can roam independent of your iPhone, or it can hook up and make both of them better. Either way, you should check out these amazing apps for your new Apple Watch. (via Cult of Mac

The best iOS apps of 2018 [Year in Review]

There are almost 2 million apps available on iOS today, and yet in 2018, 10 years after the App Store opened its doors, developers continue to deliver new and unique titles that blow us away. We’ve

Female rapper pulls off the most accurate Siri impersonation ever

A Baltimore-based rapper named HAZMATCAZ has taken the internet by storm. No, it’s not her ability to spit sick bars, but rather her astonishingly on-point Siri impression. Check it out below. SHE

Chinese companies boycott Apple to support Huawei

A number of Chinese companies are reportedly boycotting Apple as a show of support for Huawei Technologies. The Chinese Huawei brand overtook Apple in smartphone shipments this year. Recently, its

There’s only one more week of Apple’s $29 iPhone battery offer

Amidst all the holiday festivities, don’t forget that Apple’s $29 battery replacement offering is coming to an end one week from now. The special offer was announced by Apple as an apology this time

Hilarious ‘Bad Lip Reading’ video interprets Apple keynotes

Whether it’s songs or compilations of all the superlatives thrown around, Apple keynotes are frequently the inspiration for some pretty darn hilarious and creative parodies. Now the folks from the

Apple removes alleged gay conversion therapy app from App Store

Apple has removed a free religious app from the App Store reportedly promoting so-called conversion therapy. The app was created by Living Hope Ministries, a religious group based in Arlington, Texas.

Darkroom for iPad, Audiobus, Filmic Pro, and other great apps of the week

If you only use Darkroom to browse your photo library, it’s worth the download. Also check out Audiobus’ new MIDI learn, Filmic Pro’s crazy, storage-filling new high-bitrate option, and Agenda’s image

Slay your next screenplay with this powerhouse screenwriting app [Deals]

Just like all writing, penning screenplays can be a lonely and painstaking process. That makes this collaborative screenwriting tool a must for anyone writing for TV or film. And right now, you can

How to fix your parents’ messed-up computers when home for the holidays [Cult of Mac Magazine No. 276]

Christmas time means packing up your daily troubles, forgetting work for a week, and heading home to … troubleshoot your parents’ broken computers and gadgets? Oh man, is it that time of year again